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For the record, I am not going to say whether I was in a sorority, if members of my family were in a house, or my friends....cause it would defeat the purpose of this page...The reason for this page is because I find the 'fake' names for sororities and fraternities thoroughly entertaining, especially seeing as how on different campuses they have different names, but in any case, I think they are funny, and I wish I knew all of them, so here is the list of what I know......please, please, submit any for me to add to the list!
(Sororities in PURPLE,  Frats in BLUE,  Honor Societies in GOLD ) BOLD indicates new additions. Anything with a # indicates that a school was specified, scroll down to view the legend...if you go to this school and are in this house and you are insulted by the name, may I suggest deactivating, or, um, something...

I recently received an email alerting me to a couple of articles written on the subject of sororities and more importantly, the sister's of them. They make a nice addition to this here web page so I'm gonna link to 'em. They're good reads and written in my style so enjoy :) Thanks Hadley
No one's innocent: Even Sorority Girls
No one's innocent : Even sorority girls ... part II

For more Greek fun be sure and check out the greekstuff page for hazing stories and the like-and submit your own.

Symbols 'Real' Names 'Spin' Names
Alpha Gamma Delta Alpha Gamma Delta All Go Down
Any Guy's Dick
aids god dammit
Alpha Grabba Doughnut 39
Wham, Bam, Thank-You 'Gam
Alpha Gamma Dogs
All God's Dogs
Alpha Grabba Ho
Always Gettin' Drunk
Alpha Grabba Dick
Always Going Down
Athens Guard Dogs 96
Always Going for Doughnuts
Alpha Glam 66
Alpha Slam 66
All Gobble Dicks 96
All Grenade Danger 49
Alpha Gamma Diva
Squirrels like nuts
Alpha Delta Pi Alpha Delta Pi Shady Pi
Ade A Pie 82
Alabama Dog Pound 86
Ass Pie 82
Eighty pound thighs 139
ADPie Pie? Pie? Who said pie? 132
80 Pies
After Dinner Peices of pie
Always Down to Party 132
alpha delta cutie pi
AD Crossed eye 79
Always Devouring Pie 130
Arizona Dog Pound 87
ADPi...did you say pie? 132
Always Doin' Pikes 76
easy as pie 89
Ass Dick Pussy
80 proof 105
Arkansas Dog Pound 88
ADGuy 107
80 pound thighs
At a lot of Pie 76
Alpha Epsilon Phi Alpha Epsilon Phi A E High
Always Eating Food
A E Fat
A E Thigh
Alaph Betsilon Phi 95
Ate a Pie 35
Alpha Kappa Delta Phi Alpha Kappa Delta Phi Me Sooooo Horny 80
Shady Phis, Spreads their thighs
KDPhis spread them thighs for them lambda guys 80
Alpha Xi Delta Alpha Xi Delta All Zippers Down 62
Alpha Sleeze
Easy D's
Alpha Disease
Chubbie Fuzzies
A Z Drunk 56
Alpha Omicron Pi Alpha Omicron Pi Apes On Parade
Army of Pigs
Amimals On Parade
AO Piggies
Always Open Thighs
Ate a Whole Pie 23 146
AO Fat Thigh 79
Eat a Pie
A O Poop 39
Yayo Pi 71
Always Open Pussies 36
A O WHY???  101
Animals On Parade 23
Hey Hoe Pie 23
A O Ate a Pie 32
AO-Cutie-Pi 2
A O piggie pie  7
AOParty  147
A HO Pies 156
Alpha O 40
Alpha Pi Sigma Alpha Pi Sigma APES 83
Alpha Sigma Alpha Alpha Sigma Alpha A S Gay 133
almost (a) sorority... almost 133
always sucking ass 133
Alcoholic Sisters Anonymous
Alcoholic Sluts Anonymous
Always Sleeping Around
Any Sister Anytime
All Super Awkward 156
Alpha Sigma Rho Alpha Sigma Rho Asian and Stuckup Richgirls 125
The nerds 125
All Science-major Republicans 125
White washed asian girls 125
Alpha Sigma Tau Alpha Sigma Tau Can't spell nASTy without AST 144
nASTy 144
Nothing goes down faster than an anchor.
Alpha Phi Alpha Phi All For Free 146
Alpha Phis do it on their knees
Jersey Chasers 110
Alpha Flea
A Fatso
Alpha Fats 79
Alpha Feed Me
Fuck an A Phi, Marry a Phi Mu 14
Alpha Phi - Get HPV 66
Alpha Fat
Alpha Phellatio 105
If it burns when u pee its from an Alpha Phi 117
Alpha Phiyotch
Alpha Feces 117
Alpha Phrat
Awful Fellatio 93
Alchy Phis 97
HIV 107
alpha phine 86
Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Chi Omega A Chi Ho 8079
Alpha Christ 86
Alchy O's
Aching Holes
Almost Chi O 33
Alpha to Omega 54
Alcoholic Chi O's 5
Moo Cows 26
A Chi Orexic 79
Beginning to End through Christ
Alpha Chi O'Model 101
A Chi Blow
A Chi Snow
Alphaholics 95
all cunts open
all clearly hoes
A Chi Holics
Gamma Gamma Delta Gamma Gamma Delta Gotta Grab a Donut
Gamma Phi Beta Gamma Phi Beta Jamma Vi-brator 53
Can't Get a Date-a 82
Gamma High
Gotta use a Vibrata' 132
Gamma High Beta (4:20) 82
Gamma Phi Busted
Gamma Phi Bitches 146
Rob's Ribs
Grabba Thigh Beta
Gamma Vibrator
Wish I Was a Theta 130
Slamma Phi Beta 107
Delta Gamma Delta Gamma Dirty Girls
Dick Grabbers 12767 81
Daughters of Christ
DGs go down faster than their anchors
Can't spell "dog" without "dg"
Dick Garage 79
Daughters of God
Delta Glamour 136
Damn Gorgeous 136
Hot Damn Delta Gam 143
Delta Grande 43
Discharge Guzzlers
Drama Gamma
dyke girls 82
delta gorilla 52
Drunk Girls 81
Dumb Girls
Douch Gobblers
anchors pull them down to their knees 132
STDg 67
Nothing goes down faster than an anchor
They go down faster than their anchor 2
Dumped Girl
Dirty Gramma 79
Don't waste your timma 79
Delta Gamarexic
Delta Drama 79
Daddy Gimme 42
Dick Garages 80
Dirty Gs 136
Nothing Goes down quicker than an anchor
DeltaGrab a Pi Kapp's Dick 123
Donut Grabbers
You can't spell dog without D-G 1
Daddy's Girls 107
Burns when you pee, it's a Delta G 155
Delta Delta Delta Delta Delta Delta Tri Delt...We Have!
If you can't get a date by 8 try delt!
Tri Delts, Everyone else has
Tri delt tried them all 95
"Do the Dirty Dance"
Fly High on a Tridelts Thigh
Triple Nipples 97
Tri Delt --- Who hasn't? 124
3 times better with just one letter 79
Father, Son, Holy Ghost 124
STD Slutty Tri Delts
If you can't get laid, tri-Delt 105
Dumb Dirty Dogs
Stepford Wives
don't try the others, try delt
tri delt, or don't try at all
Coke Snorters 26
TriDelt Or Don't Tri At All
Deltalicious 79
DDD-Cup Size 79
Fuck a DG, date a phi, marry a DDD 79
have you "felta delta" 87
Darling Dancing Divas
Drug Dealing DramaQueen 91
can I help ya help ya help ya 88
Tri Delta into Oblivion
Dogs, Dorks, and Dykes 79
TriDelta, Greek for TriUgly 79
Dorks, Dogs and Disease 79
have you tried a tri-delt? 105
Try Delta! Everybody else has... 127 4
Life is better in 3D
Tri-Fecta of Doom 53
frat frat frat 132
thigh felt
Drum Sticks Doritos & Doughnuts
Triple Chins
If you don\'t wan try, tri-delt 146
Delta Zeta Delta Zeta Easy DZs 94 146
Dog Zone
Date Zone
Drama Zeta
Discovery Zone
Sleazy DZs 146
Daughters of Zio 95
Daughters of Zion 124
DZ Turtles once on their back their Fucked
Show 'em the green, they show you the pink 42
DZ, Do Me Please 136
EZ-DZ 56
Greek Goddesses
Daughters of Zeus 41
Darling Zeta
Sweet DZ
Its not easy being a dz 72
Slamma gamma, date a dz 72
DZ's on the kneesies 156
Delta Phi Epsilon Delta Phi Epsilon Daddy Pays For Everything
The Dog Pound
Drama Phi Epsilon
Dogs, Pigs, and Elephants 105
Reefer Deephers 95
Delta Phi Hairsalon 95
Donkey Fucked an Elephant 105
Delta Fly Sexilon 60
Deeper deephers
D Phi Sleez
Queefers 32
Zeta Tau Alpha Zeta Tau Alpha Zits, Tits, and Ass 120
Zeus the Almighty 48
zits, tits, & armpits
hold my crown while i go down 136 153 34
Zoo Trained Animals
Queens of Greeks Zippers To Ankles
Daddy's little princess 153
Theta Kappa Chi Theta Kappa Chi theta kappa crazy 50
theta kappa line 50
Kappa Alpha Theta Kappa Alpha Theta thick theta 9
Fat Kats 40
Gotta Date-A Theta
Kappa All-Pathetic 40
Katcha AIDS Then-Die-Ah 101
Krappa Alfalfa Theta
I think I'd rather masturbata 57
Thetah Potatah
Kappa Overrated 55
KAT Kites And Trolls
Theta Grata Your Nerves 82
Kappa Wanna Kill Them 101
Can't Get a Key? Go for a Kite.
Love to Lay-a Theta 107
Pledge Theta? Forgeta!!!
Kappa Alpha Trolls 53
stepford wives 132
Kappa Alpha Hateya 107
Kappa Delta Kappa Delta Keg Drainers 107
Killer Dogs 82
Kampus Dogs 63127
KD definetly not for me 34
Kappa Dyke 99
King's Daughters 124127
kampus drunks 43
KD Ladies
fuck a Phi, date a DG, mary a KD
Kum Dumpsters 57
Klans Daughters 96
Katherine's Daughters
Klan's Dogs
Koke Dealers 91
Kookies and Doughnuts 127
Cracka Delta 101
KD Cows 34
Kitchen Deltas 123
Kum Dumpsters
Kattle Drive 40
Krappa Delta 99
Kum Dumpster 139
Kappa Drunks
Kappa Kappa Gamma Kappa Kappa Gamma Kappa Kappa Gucci
Visa Visa Mastercard 132
Katcha Katcha Gonorrhea
Kappa Kappa Grandma
Cutta Cutta Gramma 96
Daddy Daddy Please 59
Killa Killa Gorillas 136
Ku Klux Girls
Kappa Kappa Gimmie 53
Krappa Krappa Cramma
kappa kappa Tiffany's 126
Krispy Kream Grabbers 33
Kappa Half-a Gram-a 79
Quadruple Size Me 80
Krispy Kream Kappa 80
Keys to the Kingdom of God 124
Kappa Kappa Slammin! 134
Kappa Kappa Coke-ah
Kappa Kappa Cow
Pi Phi n' Theta Wannabes 82
Kappa Kappa Cattle
Klappa Klappa Gonorrhea
Cocaine On a Key
Daddy Daddy Buy Me
Can't be a DG? Settle for KKG
KKG- goes down on their knees
Can't get a kite or arrow, #3 get a key
Kuppa Kuppa Granola 93
Klassy Klassy Girls 136
Fuck a DPhiE, Date an ADPi, Marry a KappaFuc
Hot damn, Kappa Gamm
Cattle Cattle Comming
Kappa Kramma Cupcakes
KappaGam, Thank you, Ma'm
Kappa - Greek for "fat "
KKG Ugly
Greek for "Big Piggies "
Coke whores with keys
Koka koka whores on their knees
Greek for Makka Meaa Pukka
Katty Katty Goober
Killa Killa Godzilla
Kappa Keeping Eating
Kappa Kappa Gobble Gooble
kkg always on their knees
Kappa Kappa Gorillas 136
Krispy Kreme Gorillas 136
Keepa Fatta Girls
Kappa Kappa Gross
Kappa Kappa Damma I pledged the wrong house
Kappa Kramma Gravy with a key
Kappa Notta Quota 53
Kappa Kappa Fugly
Kappa Sucka Cocka
king kong's gootch
krusty kootchie giants
Kappa Kappa Slamma 107
Kutta Kutta Grandma 78

Lambda Theta Alpha Lambda Theta Alpha Lonha Torta Nu 82

Lambda Theta Nu Lambda Theta Nu Lambda Theta Nalpha 82
L T Whores 83

Lambda Sigma Gamma Lambda Sigma Gamma Las Sexy Gordas 83
Pi Beta Phi Pi Beta Phi Makes the Cum Fly
Pry Open My Thighs 132
Shoot It In Her Eye
Pry Thighs
Plump but Pretty 43
Phi Beta Spread a Thigh 27
Pi High (coke whores) 82
Unzip your fly, here comes Pi Phi
fuck a ADpi, date a DG, marry a pi phi
pi beta coke bitches
Pi Beta Fruit Fly 79
Pi Beta Rich Bitch
Pi Blonde Bitch 93
Pretty Blonde Prisses
Pi Beta Phi- Bitches till they Die
Pi Phi Princess
Pi Phi - Too Snobby to Even Try 93
Pi Beta Plastic
Pi Beta Preppy
Pi Beta Phine
Pi Beta Phi noses in the sky
Pi Beta Bulgari 82
Pi Beta Cash 125
Fry Burger Fry
Pi Beta Fat
Pi Beta Pretty
Pi Beta Phi, pleasing to the eye
All Gobble Dicks 96
Pi Beta Billions
Pi Beta Perfect
Pi Make'm Cry
Daddy bought my wings 125
Mile-Wide Thighs
Pi Beta WASP
Pi Beta Whitebread
Pi Beta Prissy
Pi Beta WASP
Pi Phis, Hi Hi "Daddy not Rich?" Bye Bye
pi fat n ugly
Pretty Bitchy Phi
Pi Beta Popular
Pi Beta Priss
Pi Beta Whitebread
Pi Beta WASP
Pi Quota High
Pi "Not Rich?" Bye 93
Pi Better Than Thy 93
Pi Beta Pearls..and rings, and things Pi Beta BMW
Pike Whores
Pi Beta Udon't Eat
Pi Buy Pearls
I Beta you get dropped
Pi Beta Beemer
Pi Beta Protestant 67
Pi Beta Prim
I Beta "Precious? 96
Pi Beta Fag-Hag 35
Pissy Bitches Forever 118
Pi Beta Prep

Sigma Alpha Zeta Sigma Alpha Zeta E-Z  83
Sigma Gamma Rho Sigma Gamma Rho Sigma Gamma Ho 29
Sigma Delta Tau Sigma Delta Tau Spend Daddies Trillions
Stumpy Dumpy Trolls
Can't spell STD without Sigma Delta Tau
Seldom Dated Twice
Suck Don't Talk
Slutty Daughters of the Torah
Sixty Dirty Twats 23
Same Damn Tramps 35
Slutty Dick Takers 35
sdt's have std's 121
JAPs 103
Secret Daughters of the Torah
Stoned Day Trippers

Sigma Kappa Sigma Kappa Sigma Cattle 8081
Sigma Kattle 81
smegma crappa
St. Katherine 18
Salvation to the Kingdom
Single Koke Whore
Enigma Kappa
Sigma Krappa 79
Stupid Kunts 35
You can't spell skank without an SK 38 150
Salvation thru the King
Servants of the King
Sisters of the King 18
Sisters in the Kingdom
Krispy Kreme Girls 81
Slutty Kappa 32
You can't spell skank without an SK 16
Snakey K 130
sex kittens
sloppy kisser
snakey kush
Skappas 148
Sigma KLappa 156

Sigma Sigma Sigma Sigma Sigma Sigma Tri Pigs 17
Try Sig everyone else has
Several Scorn Sisters
Rejected Sigma Kappa's 120
Sigma Kappa rejects!
Tri Nazi 
tri nig 116
tri stigma 116
Tri Sig Sluts

Phi Lambda Rho Phi Lambda Rho Fuck Any Bro 82

Phi Mu Phi Mu Phi-mooo 33
Father Mark
Phi Mu, Phi Mu, it's off to bed with you
I'd rather eat a Zeta than fuck a Phi Mu 124
Rattle Rattle Here Comes the Cattle 138
Phi Mutants
Phi Mu Bitches

Phi Sigma Sigma Phi Sigma Sigma Phi Piggy Piggy
Phi Stickme Stickme
Fuck, Suck, Suck
Phi Slutma Slutma
Phi *SNIFF* *SNIFF* 15
Phi Sig Sucks a lot 32
Phi Syphilis
phi syphilis syphilis 32
Phi Singa Singa 32
Phi Titty Titty
Phi Sexy Sexy
Fat Loser Loser 154

Chi Omega Chi Omega Chi Ho's
Order of Christ 82
Chi O Chi O, its off to bed we go... 95
Christ Omegas
Classy Chi-O's
cult omega 43
Cow Omega
Can eat U under the table!
Chi-o chi-o Chi-o I can blow 120
my daddy's rich and I'm a bitch, chi ho
Coffin Owners 63
marry a chi-o 43
Chi Hoe's 141
Chi in the hole  7

Alpha Gamma Rho Alpha Gamma Rho All Gay Rodeo 49
Another Gay Rodeo 49
Can't pay the big dues not the sorority 4 u.
Alpha Pigma Rho 125
Asian Sorority Rejects 125
If you're not over 5'5, then it's bye,bye. 125
We lick our plates then work off the weight 125
We maybe geeks,but we can buy all the Greeks 125

Alpha Delta Phi Alpha Delta Phi Gay D P 21
Shady Phi
Alpha Douche 23

Alpha Epsilon Pi Alpha Epsilon Pi Apes
All Eat Penis
Gay E Pi 95
A E Gay 95
Always Eating Penis
AEPhags 95
A-E Mazeltov! 80

Alpha Kappa Lambda Alpha Kappa Lambda All Kinds of Losers
Always Keep Losing
All Kampus Losers
A.K.Who? 40
Awful Krappy Laya Always Keep the Love gay 156

Alpha Sigma Phi Alpha Sigma Phi alpha nig 138 Alpha pig  7
Alpha Sig fucked a pig  7
Alpha Sig no nig  7
Alpha Sigma cry  7
Alpha Tau Omega Alpha Tau Omega Asshole Training Organization
Sensitive guys with gigantic cocks 79
Gay T O
Can't Spell "faggot" without ATO 39
ATO not the way to go 34
Alpha Snow 33
Alpha to Omega 110
Alpha Tool Omega 91
Alcohol Omega
Never ever go ATO 130
Beginning to End
All Windows Potato Gunned 105
A-T-Polo 95
A-T-M's 95
A-T-Blow 57
all together one
ATBro 107
AT Oh my god I joined the wrong fraternity! 6
ATO-No means No!! 47
A T toilet seat
Alcohol Tobacco Orgies

Alpha Chi Rho Alpha Chi Rho Alpha I'ma Hoe
Alpha Guy Blow
Gay XP

Beta Theta Pi Beta Theta Pi Beta Rape-a-date-a 82
Don't Date a Beta
Beta Theta Wanna Rape Ya 105
Beta Date-a Guy 124
Beta Theta ain't got no Pie 86
Bully The Pledges 108
Beta Date a Guy 91
Mr. Nice Guys 26
Beat off Eleven 86
Beta Theta Thug
Beta Date-a Rape-a
Bet I eat a Pi
Beta Who? 73
Beta Theater Bi
Beta Theta Hate-a-Jew 105
Beta Theta HIGH
bake potatoe pie 32
FIJI Rejects
Loser Beta's
Beta Nerds
Loves only ADPi 37
Wanna Data Guy 131
Blackout Beta 152

Gamma Beta Gamma Beta Gorgeous Boys 125
Good Boys 125
Gay Boys
Lambda Rejects
Fagga Beta
No Game-a Beta

Delta Kappa Epsilon Delta Kappa Epsilon If you can't go Greek, Go DKE 23
Dick and Kunt Everywhere
Dicks 57
Goat Fvckers 89
You can't spell "dickhead" without DKE 100
Delta Kappa Who? 79
Delta Krappa get me outta here
Dont Kiss 'Em
If you ain't DKE, you ain't SHIT 105
The Secrets 45
Delta Kappa Unda Grounda 45
MC Dekes 45

Delta Lambda Phi Delta Lambda Phi Dick Loving Phags

Delta Sigma Phi Delta Sigma Phi Delta Cigarettes
Delta Sigma Fags
Delta Sketch
Delta Sigma High 149
Dick Sucking Fags 156
Dollar Sixty Five 37

Delta Tau Delta Delta Tau Delta Down Town Drunks
Dah Tee Dah 86
Down Town Daddies 86
Dorks 'til Death 31
Drink 'Til Dawn
Deep Throat Dicks
Delta thug delta
Dudes Touching Dudes 13
Dick to Dick
Dorks That Drink 23
Dopes Taking Dope
Dicks Till Death 46
Dicks Taste Delicious
Dot to Dots 107
Dildo Taking Dudes
Dudes That Dominate
Dirty-Thinking Dicks 156
Delta Upsilon Delta Upsilon Delta Oops I Joined the Wrong Fraternity 37
Delta Oops I Bid 39
Delta Ups 131
Cant Spell Douschebag witout DU 91
Can't spell douche without DU 91
Dumb and Useless 91
Delta "ups" i lost my load 91
Delta a bid to everyone on campus 91
Douche Users 91
Delta Oops I Burnt My House Down 64
Delta "Oops I signed" 117
delta palmtree
delta oops wrong one 131
Delta Chi Delta Chi Eat A Guy
We share our girls with all the guys! 130
The Derivative House 105
Delta Psi Delta Psi Delta Spy 57
Zeta Beta Tau Zeta Beta Tau Zainey Bagel Throwers
Zero Bitches There
Zillions, Billions & Trillions 82
Zero Babes Tonight 144
Zero, But Trying 144
Zion Bank and Trust
Zizzle Bizzle Tizzle 119
Sweet Livin' 119
Zayin BaTahat (Hebrew for "dick in the ass")
your fave fraternity's fave fraternity 119
Zeroes Between the Thighs
ZBTerrible 11
Zeta Psi Zeta Psi Zeta High 100
Zeta Psycho 100
ZTA guys 116
Theta Delta Chi Theta Delta Chi Oaxaca 82
Theta Drug 23
Thumpty  23
Thick Dick Coercion 2
Theta Xi Theta Xi The Taxi 82
Theta Hi 82
They're back! 110
The Zoo 61
Theta Chi Theta Chi date a guy 129136135138
Ate-A Guy 91
Date-a-guy in Theta Chi 95
Kappa Sig Ruled your Mom Theta Chi fucks Guys 56
Rather Die than be in Theta Chi
Thats a Guy 145
Kappa Alpha Kappa Alpha Kappa Kappa Kappa 33
The Kappa Alpha Disorder 95
Knights of Alcohol 129
King Arthur
Gay A
Kill Africa
K-yAy 2
Ku Klux Kappa Alpha 107
KaKK 37
Kappa Delta Rho Kappa Delta Rho Kappa Dorka Rho
kappa Date Rape 135
You can't spell DORK without KDR
Can't Spell Drunk without KDR 62
Shady-R 41
GayDR 23
Kappa Delta gets that Hoes
Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa KKK 25
Kappa Sigma Kappa Sigma Kappa Sketch
Kappa Scum
Kappa Sexy
Kappa Schwag 39
Pack A Cig 80
Kock Suckers 80
Kappa Shwig 80
Squeeks 58
K Sig 143
Kappa Faggot 114
Kap A Nig 52
Kappa Slugga 39
Moids 137
Krappy Sigs 69
King's Sons
Tap a keg 88
Kappa Pig 88
Knights of Satan 80
Coca Sig
Tappa Keg 88
Kappa Swig 88
Take a Swig 88
fag bags
Kappa Smegma
Klansmen's sons 12
kappa nig 116
Kappa So Sick 151
Kap-a-Cig 156
Tap A Sigma 78

Lambda Phi Epsilon Lambda Phi Epsilon Lambda Phi Who Gives a Fuck 79
L phi know

Lambda Chi Lambda Chi Ramda Guy 86
Lambda AlQueda 91
Land-a-Guy 156

Lambda Chi Alpha Lambda Chi Alpha Lambda Al Queida 91
Rammed A Guy 23
Lambda Bi
Lambda Chi Losers 32
Lamb Chops 105
Lame-da Chi
Cheesedicks 77
Lamda Chi? Guy on guy! 156
Geese 75

Pi Alpha Phi Pi Alpha Phi Fruits

Pi Kappa Alpha Pi Kappa Alpha If fags you like, uh pledge pi ka 34
Princes of King Authur 19
Packers 112
Pretty Boys 112
Beat up pussy lovers 112
Date Rape Druggers 112
Pi Sucka My Alpha 112
Fuckwads 113
Fuckstains 113
Packa-ass 113
Pi Kappa Anyone 6156
Steroids, Steroids, Steroids 73
Sign your name.. your a brother 29
Principles of King Arthur 36
Kappa Sig Owns You
We lift our weights and rape our dates 69
Big Gay K 136
Pi Kapp Almost 32
Fucktards 56
Girls who like girls are dykes, boys who like boys are pike

Pi Kappa Phi Pi Kappa Phi Pi Phi for boys 79
Pi Scraps 39
Pi Phis for guys
Kappa Sig Screwed your Grandma
Pi Whack 32
Pi Phis For Guys
Pi Kock (3.14 inches) 75
Puts Kocks in Pledges
Tools 23
Fuckin' Guy Phi 107
Pi Kappa Fag 32
Queer Pack'o Guys
Pi Crap
Pi Fuck a Guy
Ping Pong 37
High Kapp 133
Pie-hole Fruits 156
pi kappa high 32

Pi Lambda Phi Pi Lambda Phi Penis Lovers 33
Pi Lame 11 guy random guy

Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Alpha Epsilon Same Assholes Everywhere 124
Sleep And Eat
Sexual Assault Expected 140 146
Sigma Phi Gravity Bong 86
SAE - Somebody, Anybody, Everybody
Shady and Easy
Sons of Adam and Eve 11
standards above excellence 102
Say Bro 79
Sex Above Everything
S - Gay - E 82
Short Assholes Everywhere
Suck ALL Erections 123
Sexually Ambiguous Entities
snort almost everything 4
Sigma Alpha Everyone 23
Someone, Anyone, Everyone! 23
Steroids and Estrogen 94
Sigma Alpha Al Qaeda 80
Cheese 80
Cheesers 80
SAE = Stupid and Egotisical
Sons of A bitchEs
Are you a douche? Rush us, dude! 24
Sigma Ass Eaters 124
Sigma Alpha Hairsalon 61,82
Stay At Edi 106
Bids for Free 145
Solely Ass Eaters 145

Sigma Alpha Mu (Sammies) Sigma Alpha Mu (Sammies) Single Asian Male 79
Somebody Accepted Me
Sigma Alpha Jew
Sigma Alpha Who?
Sammy I Gay 105
Sigma Alpha Moo! 69

Sigma Delta Alpha Sigma Delta Alpha Sex drugs and alcohol

Sigma Lambda Beta Sigma Lambda Beta Everyone's a bro

Sigma Nu Sigma Nu Sigma No No
Sigma Nerds 57
Saint Nicholas 99
SigmaNure 52
Fuckin Nuers 110
Sigma Zoo 129
Sigma Nubs 86
Snoozers 46
sigma nuisance 121
Kappa Sig's Bitches
Snookum Ninjas
Sigma Douche
Sigma Nobody
Sigma Chunt 10
Nu Money 8
Sigma Who will ever come to our parties?
Sigma who??
Sig Noodle
Nuggets 145

Sigma Pi Sigma Pi Girls Gone Bye 80
Sigma Pissed I joined this frat 65
Stigma Pi 65
Snegma Pie 76
Sigma Poor
Sigma No Money
Steak and Carrots
Shit Pi 82
Sigma Lie 3
Sigma High 3
Sigma Why 3
Sigma Poo

Sigma Tau Gamma Sigma Tau Gamma Super Tough Guys 107
Sig Tool 69
Sex To Give 42
squid tau 92
Sig-Tard 148

Sigma Phi Epsilon Sigma Phi Epsilon Sigma Phi Hair salon
Sigma Assrammers 106
Seldomly Dated Twice
Sigma Phi Everyone 78,70
Suckuh Faggots Epsilon 106
Squids 44
Spik Ep 91
The Tool House 91
Sigma Fag Epsilon
Sigma Women 97
The Women 97
Speeeeeee 124
Sig-gay 32
Sigma Fag Hair Salon 90
Sign Phucking Everyone 117
Shoulda Pledged Elsewhere

Sigma Chi Sigma Chi Sons of Christ
Fucking Machis
sig machi 43
sigma high 43 156
The Storks 43
Sig Machee 43
Orlando's Gayest 95
Sigma Coke
Cigs and Cocaine
Sig Heils
Sigma Who? 89
homo chi 20
mochi 20
moke 20
Swigma Chi 88
Eat X
Sig Nachos
Candy Chis 68
Candyass Chis 68
Sigma Die 117
Smegma Chi 130
Sigma Cry 64
Kill-a-Guy 117
Sexy Chi
Marry a Sig Chi, cheat with a Delt 156

Tau Kappa Epsilon (Teke) Tau Kappa Epsilon (Teke) If you can't go Greek, go Teke 33
Freek-a-Teek 34
Not Tekes, GEEKS! 95
Tau Kappa Everyone
Cool Tool Castle 91
Teke it in the ass
TKE it in the ass 28
Tappa Kegga Easy 91
TKE's aren't Greeks! 101
If you can't go DKE, go TKE
If you can't go Teke, go home 34
Tau Kappa Drinks-a-lot 32

Phi Alpha Gamma Phi Alpha Gamma The Fag 82

FIJI (Phi Gamma Delta) FIJI (Phi Gamma Delta) FeeeeeGeeeee
F1-J1 Experimental Fraternity
Who The Hell Cares 80
FineGuys 80
Phi Gamma Rapist 40
Phi Gamma Butt Slamma 73
Pot Heads 26
Fight Gram 86
Phi Drama Delta 79
F1J1 Wouldn't want to be one
Phi Gamma Douche-bag Beta Rejects
Just Nerds 32
Phi Gamma DateRape 117
FeeGay 37
phi gram 116
F1 J1 Just another gay one  7
Phi Gamm Butt Slam 37
Fuck I Joined It
Free Roofies 7
Phi Delta Theta Phi Delta Theta Dry-Delt 129
Try Phi Delt if have a big belt 80
High Delta 132
Phi Domino's Pizza 100
Fidelt Douchebags 91
Fag Delt
Phi-Dry  23
Phi High 86
Beta Theta Pi rejects 46
Phi Del Castro 122
Phi Douche 89
Phi Kappa Theta Phi Kappa Theta Glow Worms 37

Phi Kappa Sigma Phi Kappa Sigma Phake Kappa Sigma
Phi Kappa Tau Phi Kappa Tau Phi Tards
Phi Tool
Fine and Tall 29
High Taus
Fellowship Knowledge Truth
ta dau 6
Phi Kappa Psi (Phi Psi) Phi Kappa Psi (Phi Psi) Fee-Cee 8055
Phi Psi Fuck-ups 132
Phi Sigma Kappa Phi Sigma Kappa Die Pig 85
Phi Smoke-a Cracka
Chi Phi Chi Phi Chi High
Chipsies 57
How High?
Psi Upsilon Psi Upsilon Psi Opps I pledged Psi Upsilon
Psi Oops I rushed the wrong frat 105
Psi Who? 89
Omega Sigma Tau Omega Sigma Tau oooEoooEooo
Omega Phi Gamma Omega Phi Gamma O Phag G 125
Original Phags and Gooks 125

ACACIA ACACIA A-gay-cia 92
a-cock-ia 23

Phi Theta Kappa Phi Theta Kappa Phi Theta Krappa 22

American University
Arizona State University
Arkansas State University
Auburn University
Baylor University
Belmont University
Bowling Green State University
Bradley University
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
10 Cal State University, LA
11 Cal State University, Fullerton
12 Cal State University, Sacramento
13 Carnegie Mellon University
14 Case Western
15 Clarkson University
16 Clemson University
17 Coastal Carolina University
18 Colby College
19 College of Charleston
20 College of William & Mary
21 Columbia University
22 Community College of Philadelphia
23 Cornell University
24 Cumberland University
25 Dartmouth College
26 Denison University
27 Dickinson College
28 Drexel University
29 East Carolina University
31 Emory University
32 Florida International University
33 Florida State University
34 Francis Marion University
35 George Washington University
36 Georgia State University
37 Georgia Tech
38 Indiana State University
39 Indiana University
40 Iowa State University
41 James Madison University
42 Kent State University
43 Louisiana State University
44 Loyola University New Orleans
45 Maryville College
46 Miami University (OH)
47 Middle Tennessee State University
48 Mississippi State University
49 Montana State University
50 Montclair State University
51 New Mexico State University
52 North Carolina State University
53 Northwestern University
54 NYU
55 Ohio State University
56 Old Dominion University
57 Ole Miss (University of Mississippi)
58 Oregon State University
59 Pepperdine University
60 Ramapo College
61 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
62 Rochester Institute of Technology
63 Sam Houston State University
64 San Jose State University
65 Santa Clara University
66 Seton Hall University
67 Southern Methodist University
68 Stanford University
69 Stephen F. Austin State University
70 Stetson University
71 Syracuse University
72 Tarleton State University
73 Tennessee Tech University
75 Texas Christian University
76 Texas Tech University
77 Truman State University
78 Tulane University
79 UC Berkeley (Cal)
80 UC Irvine

81 UC Riverside
85 University of Akron
86 University of Alabama
87 University of Arizona
88 University of Arkansas
89 University of British Columbia
90 University of Central Arkansas
91 University of Central Florida
92 University of Central Oklahoma
93 University of Colorado
94 University of Connecticut
95 University of Florida
96 University of Georgia
97 University of Illinois, Urbana/Champaign
98 University of Iowa
99 University of Kentucky
100 University of Manitoba
101 University of Maryland
102 University of Maryland, Baltimore County
103 University of Miami (FL)
105 University of Michigan
106 University of Minnesota
107 University of Missouri
108 University of Missouri, Kansas City
110 University of Nebraska
112 University of Nebraska, Omaha
113 University of Nebraska, Kearney
114 University of North Alabama
116 University of North Carolina
117 University of Oklahoma
118 University of Oregon
119 University of Pittsburgh
120 University of South Carolina
121 University of South Florida
122 University of Southern Indiana
123 University of Southern Mississippi
124 University of Tennessee
125 University of Texas
126 University of Toronto
127 University of Tulsa
128 University of Vermont
129 University of Virginia
130 University of Washington
131 University of Wisconsin
132 USC (University of Southern California)
133 Valdosta State University
134 Vanderbilt University
135 Virginia Commonwealth University
136 Virginia Tech
137 Wabash College
138 Wake Forest University
139 Washington State University
140 Washington University in St. Louis
141 West Texas A&M University
142 West Virginia University
143 Willamette University
144 York College of Pennsylvania
145 Birmingham Southern College
146 Cal State University, Long Beach
147 Cal State University, Northridge
148 Central Michigan University
149 Hawaii Pacific University
150 Illinois Wesleyan University
151 Northern Arizona University
152 Purdue University
153 Samford University
154 San Francisco State University
155 University of Houston
156 University of Northern Colorado
157 University of Texas, El Paso

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