So I ask for 'greek' hazing horror stories...Myths...Legends but I could never find the right place to post em.... and I also get quite a few submissions (such as the ones proclaiming how 'large' members, no pun intended, of certain frats are) that are more like commentary than a 'spin' greek name. So I decided to make a whole page devoted to that. Here ya go, chose your house from the pull down menu, type in your comment, myth, legend, story, etc, and add it. I'd suggest specifying what college you're talking about, but that's up to you. If the house you want to comment for is not in the list, then please select the 'TBD' option from the pull-down and just include the name of your house in the comment and I will update it as soon as I can...Enjoy

In case you didn't see it on the greek page, here are links to a couple of most amusing articles written ABOUT sorority chicks BY one of them herself.
Thanks again Hadley
No one's innocent: Even Sorority Girls
No one's innocent : Even sorority girls ... part II

Alpha Chi Omega - Just wanna make it snow

Delta Chi - make pledges work at mcdonalds so the fat actives get free food

Sigma Phi Epsilon - were im a fag shirt instead of letter

Sigma Nu - kiss each other naked

Phi Sigma Sigma - best sorority EVER

Kappa Alpha - Omaha- All pledgtes must have a circle jerk!

Tau Kappa Epsilon - Their pledges would be blind folded and dropped off somewhere and they have to find their way back to campus

Kappa Alpha Theta - classiest and most respected women...

Lambda Chi - Florida State Univ. Best Frat on campus!!!

Psi Upsilon - Union College - Jump into a cold bath and when they get out girls from a sorority come and measure also known for making them eat everything and anything including dip spit

TBD - Acacia Fraternity - Univ. of Central Oklahoma - Babysit a cockroach for 2 weeks, after which the roach is eaten.

Beta Theta Pi - Oklahom State - Have intercourse with a hole cut into the house for this specific purpose.

Alpha Tau Omega - 5 guys jerk off on a cookie and the last one to cum, has to eat it

Gamma Phi Beta - UCLA - Got kicked off campus for having a meth lab in the basement

Chi Omega - UCLA- Puts you in a coffin where you are born again a Chi O

Sigma Phi Epsilon - Cornell University, had to hug trees in the nude night before initiation and not let go

Kappa Alpha Theta - Date-A-Theta

Delta Delta Delta - Delta Delta Delta...Can I help ya help ya help ya

Alpha Phi - A*Phizzle

Sigma Delta Tau - At U of Wisc, does line-ups and circles any fat with a black marker

Gamma Phi Beta - UCLA - Got kicked off campus for having a meth lab in the basement

Sigma Phi Epsilon - whiny girls

Tau Kappa Epsilon - They tie their Membership Educator to a bench and take off their boxers, and throw anything nasty on their cock, i.e. ice water, rotten milk, honey, oil, hot water, get the point

Sigma Phi Epsilon - Clean Naked!!

Delta Upsilon - laugh at the rest of the fag houses. frats are gay

Delta Gamma - animal sex. enough said.

Sigma Delta Tau - have to get on your knees, blindfolded, and suck the penises of ALL members and you must swallow all the semen (i threw up after seven and they wouldn't have me, it was humiliating)

Pi Beta Phi - They are put into a coffin a then emerge as Pi Phi Angels

Phi Gamma Delta - The do an Elephant Walk

Delta Kappa Epsilon - Control the world. (See Presidents Hayes, Roosevelt, Ford, Bush, Bush)

Chi Omega - Best sorority!!! No coffins anyone who says that is stupid!

Alpha Epsilon Pi - Nothing bad

Delta Gamma - Never hazes- we're too hott for that

Phi Delta Theta - Centre: Pledges watch porn naked. The first to get an erection has to put a donut on his dick. The last to get an erection has to eat the donut off the first guy's dick.

Beta Theta Pi - Centre: Can't shower during hell week. Also, they fuck sheep.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - Centre: Daniel Strobel has to jerk off every pledge.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - Pledges Streak Harvard Square in November

Beta Theta Pi - Pledges play musical chairs to skip house duty, winner surprised to learn he must wear a dildo around his neck for a week.

Phi Sigma Sigma - At Delaware make frat guys circle fat on naked pledges

Chi Omega - Best and Biggest Sorority in the Nation!

Sigma Tau Gamma - A match is lit, you must rattle off greek alphabet, local founders, and national founders before a match burns a member's fingers and you have to assume the pledge position for two hours which involves holding up body weight with only elbows and toes

Phi Gamma Delta - Got let into the dorms by a guy who worked for maintenance and kidnapped a pledge. The kicker is after charges were brought up they still were able to stay on campus and won fraternity of the year. What the fuck

Gamma Phi Beta - UCLA - kicked off campus because all the girls had eating disorders (meth lab was SAE)

Kappa Kappa Gamma - UCLA - ugly rich whores

Pi Beta Phi - UCLA - coke much?

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - UCLA - There is a couple in the house

Kappa Alpha Theta - UCLA - Draws circles around pledge fat

Sigma Chi - UCLA - Used to line up naked pledges outside

Theta Xi - suck each other off

Phi Kappa Psi - -Loyola New Orleans- They jog, around the block. Wooo.

Pi Beta Phi - That's crazy, there are no coffins, at least not at ucla

Pi Beta Phi - are the sexiest girls on any ro!! You'd be lucky to date one! They don't need to haze because everyone wants to be one!

Alpha Chi Omega - Password to get into meetings is eryl. Lyre backwards.

Alpha Delta Phi - Jamie Postlewait, the national prez, was once a stripper.

Sigma Alpha Mu - pulls the hottest girls in New York

Kappa Delta - GORGEOUS

Sigma Chi - Univ. of Florida - Pledges are forced to live in house for hell week w/out sleeping, showering, and only get one meal a day

TBD - Theta Chi- Chico St- Hard hazers but good fratters.

Pi Beta Phi - At the Univ. of Minnesota they line up their pledges naked and circle their fat; HAZING!

Chi Phi - We make our pledges get naked and bend over in front of each other and watch gay porn and whoever gets a boner we beat his asss cuz we had faggots in chi phi

Delta Gamma - we make our girls lick each others asshole after they take a shit to clean it off cuz thats what sister hoods all about

Pi Kappa Phi - Bows And Toes for half an hour in a meat locker on four upside-down bottlecaps while water is thrown in them instead of violating christian manhood

Kappa Alpha - Texas-All pledges have to wear only soccer short(no shirt or underwear) and keep erection at all time even go to school

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - Central FL-Make pledges drink lysol during their "Hell Week"

Sigma Chi - Central FL- We beat pledges in teh face with a paddle 55 times per pledge, since we were founded in 1855

Tau Kappa Epsilon - Has to suck on a dick while playing video games

Lambda Chi - every pledge jerks off, collects the semen, turn it green, then drink it and say im a real Lambda Chi Now!!

Delta Upsilon - They lie tell their pledges and tell them they are a real fraternity

Phi Delta Theta - Fuck all the soririty bitches

Lambda Chi - Central FL-Abducts pledges in the middle of the night, drops them off somewhere in Orlando and amkes them run back to campus (also reffered to as midnight runs)

Delta Upsilon - laughs while all the other fraternities suck each others dicks for membership

TBD - It's the other abbreviation for STD.

Kappa Sigma - Have their pledges sign their name on their big brother's dick

Lambda Phi Epsilon - Makes you kill 12 children, I got caught after my third one :(

Beta Theta Pi - nicest guys you'll ever meet

Phi Gamma Delta - Elephant Walk

Phi Kappa Psi - Gunnun' chicks and drinkin' beers. -CJL

Kappa Kappa Gamma - amazing sisterhood for hot rich girls. no hazing

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - Denver: elephant walk, circle jerk, just about every gay thing you could imagine

Sigma Phi Epsilon - gay fraternity

Sigma Pi - SDSU- Pull all the girls in san diego and have huge drunken orgies

Sigma Chi - elephant walk

Beta Theta Pi - Elephant walk across campus

Sigma Chi - "Introspection Week"

Delta Kappa Epsilon - Forced sex with goat, those who f it are out

Kappa Sigma - Death threats with sword across stomach, legs -- then shown human bones (skull, cross)

Beta Theta Pi - Dropped off (naked) in the middle of nowhere, tied up with quarter taped to forehead

Kappa Sigma - Death threats

Kappa Sigma - wannabee masons, ripped off rituals

Kappa Kappa Gamma - Hook all the pledges up with coke, make grand speeches about God

Sigma Pi - They have to jerk each other off

Sigma Kappa - sigman cattle university of tenn.

Sigma Phi Epsilon - Valparaiso U. -- They like eachother, alot.

Beta Theta Pi - At THE Ohio State University, these chaches threw condiments and other foods on Delta Gamma's pledges and then proceeded to mark on those girls where they needed to improve on their bodies.

Delta Gamma - Finger eatch other

Delta Kappa Epsilon - animal blood and Brother Rho wears a lion's head

Lambda Chi - All pledges are made to strip naked in the basement then walk upstairs to the main floor and then bend over and are paddled. Then are made to jack off in front of each other and the other members, after cumming on themselves have to hug each.

Delta Delta Delta - No hazing we love our gitls and we are so lucky to have them because we are the best of the best!

Delta Upsilon - sdsu - used to go off.. 50 keggers and 2000 people.. then booted off, shame

Zeta Beta Tau - Fat chicks get their assholes eaten

Phi Gamma Delta - Purdue-Elephant walks and popped collars

Phi Kappa Psi - UCLA - just grillin and ho's

Delta Gamma - fat asses

Sigma Kappa - all frats are gay

Kappa Kappa Gamma - During rush they ask "What does your dad do for a living?" or "How much does your father make?" No joke they asked my friend that

Kappa Alpha Theta - The hottest, best sorority ever!!!

Chi Omega - Chier Othelemus

Delta Gamma - excellent girls

Kappa Kappa Gamma - fat nasty rich girls

Alpha Delta Phi - Frat guys r the hottest....would love to rape every one of your guys with my fat 8 inch cock!!!

Kappa Kappa Gamma - I just think this is ridiculous!! Whoever invented this site obviously has no clue about sororities or fraternities!! Get a life! Really!!!!

Delta Chi - Purdue-The nicest and most fun guys on campus

Sigma Phi Epsilon - Purdue-SHITTY ...but still hot!

Alpha Gamma Delta - The most awesome girls EVER

TBD - Seriously, dumbest site on earth

TBD - can someone say lible?

Pi Beta Phi - So I'm a Pi Phi and I have definitely never heard of anybody being put in a coffin.

Pi Beta Phi - So I'm a Pi Phi and I have definitely never heard of anybody being put in a coffin.

TBD - gay sex on their back porch.............three days a week

Alpha Delta Pi - UCLA-girl tried to kill herself in the house winter 05 because they all hate each other with a passion

Kappa Kappa Gamma - UCLA- only invite you back on the first day of rush if you're wearing tiffany's

Gamma Phi Beta - UCLA- seem "innocent studious girl next door" but are reefers

Delta Gamma - UCLA- social probation all year for serious rush one whores

Alpha Phi - UCLA- have no money cause they're bad liars

Alpha Delta Phi - UCLA- throw pledges in showers in their whites for initiation

Alpha Delta Pi - UCLA- um, they're the pledges one

Sigma Pi - Sigma Pi, Puttin the Pi in PIMP!

Sigma Kappa - hot house but haze their pledges- only take blondes

Delta Delta Delta - easy, slutty

Delta Gamma - stands for daughters of god

Alpha Tau Omega - makes you stand naked with thumb in ass and other thumb in mouth. then you are asked quesitons if you get a question wrong you must put the thumb that was in the ass in the mouth and the one that was in the mouth in the ass.

Kappa Delta - are fat ass ugly bitches who still all the alcohol in the house and try to hook up with pledges. dumb ass bitches

Delta Gamma - Hottest, most AMAZING girls you will ever meet. You'd be lucky to date one... :)

Alpha Chi Omega - Best sorority in the nation. By the way, this website is ridiculous! Really, get a life.

Alpha Tau Omega - This site is so gay, but it's entertaining.

Delta Delta Delta - No Hazing here (WSU) our girls are our friends, why would anyone want to hurt their sisters???

Phi Delta Theta - Chug a bottle of their big brothers semen.

Kappa Kappa Gamma - Pepperdine- almost all drive BMW's, hottt girls, but some random fattys

Kappa Kappa Gamma - known as the hottest sorority. on any campus

Beta Theta Pi - hottest guys ever

Kappa Sigma - large trash can in middle of room then each pledge is given shots of straight everclear until trash can is somewhat full of puke. actives then do pretty much they can go anywhere from here.

Delta Chi - No assholes allowed to join

Tau Kappa Epsilon - Whatever girl has to come on this site and say their hot probably ugly

Alpha Delta Pi - You have to come to your initiation ceramony in all white and wearing no make-up. You also take a fake blood convenent.

Sigma Kappa - prettiest house on University of Washington campus, referred to as "the castle"

Alpha Phi - Makes their pledges suck frat guys dicks... and also have cliques within their houses

Alpha Omicron Pi - CSUN - Seriously we have the hottest, nicest, most real girls in our sorority. No fake, slutty bitches like some we know on campus.

Alpha Omicron Pi - We don't haze, bcuz we love our sisters. How the hell can you haze someone and then call them your sister or brother, that's bullshit.

Pi Beta Phi - the McDonalds of Sororities- same everywhere- all beautiful, rich, blondes

Kappa Kappa Gamma - Waaayy Over-Inflated Opinon of Themselves

Kappa Alpha Theta - Theta Legacy, Theta Pledge

Pi Beta Phi - "Holy Trinity" = Pi Phi, Kappa, Theta

Delta Delta Delta - Delta bad hand, face, and body (poker reference)


Chi Omega - tennessee - put into coffin with dead owls and reborn a chi omega

Delta Gamma - have to go to initation without make up and forced sex with the oldest member - tennessee

Delta Delta Delta - tennessee - strip down and circle fat with perm. marker and it has to be there still to get initation

Tau Kappa Epsilon - the best!

Tau Kappa Epsilon - Fraternity of only GAY MEN

Kappa Delta - has anal sex with the men of alpha phi alpha

Chi Omega - UCSD-only take BIGGER girls and make you get into a coffin, reborn a chi omega in your underware.

Alpha Delta Pi - In initiation, must repeat statement that if you tell any outsiders the ritual, "may my traitorous lips wither to dust."

Alpha Delta Phi - Auburn- We have the best girls ever- We don't haze!

Alpha Delta Pi - Auburn- Scratch the one above this! WE have the best girls ever and don't haze!

Kappa Kappa Gamma - best sorority on campus- hardest to get into

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - Sigma Alpha Excellent

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - Alabama: We sacrifice a pledge.

Delta Zeta - Best and largest sorority in the nation!!!

Delta Zeta - HOT HOT HOT

Sigma Nu - yea i dont think sigma nu gets enough random guys to pledge

Alpha Chi Omega - secret password is AL-Chi-Ga

Alpha Delta Pi - Kappa Kappa Gamma & Alpha Delta Pi have same secret password: Adelphae. It means sister

Chi Omega - Does not use a coffin anymore. Pledges lie down and are covered with a fake "grass" carpet to symbolize death and rebirth in to the light of Chi Omega. GM stands for Grand Mystygogue. The officers wear BEAUTIFUL robes.

Chi Omega - Miami of Ohio - Stupid blonde bimbos who don't give a shit about sisterhood but joined just for the letters.

Alpha Delta Pi - The best girls. Really smart. Always no.1 in grades

Kappa Alpha - at hampden-sydney, we beat our pledges with mag lights!

Alpha Omicron Pi - This house thinks they are the best but in reality they are very much in denial. They are actually lame, no one wants to be an AOPi, and they are all rejects from formal rush. If you can't go greek, go AOPi

Kappa Kappa Gamma - Sketchy Sorority=Every Chapter is a Mixed Bag on every campus, some are great girls and some are mean. ugly Wildebeests!

TBD - Seems to me every guy in an American UNI is gay, and every chick is looking for a straight guy.

Sigma Kappa - UNLV-best sorority..period!

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - BIggest fags EVER

Theta Xi - we make pledges suck each other off!!! We are gay!!!

Sigma Alpha Mu - Pat is a smelly pledge!!!!!!

Sigma Alpha Mu - Kordi is smelly pledge!!!

Sigma Alpha Mu - Chris is a fuckface smelly pledge!!!!

Sigma Alpha Mu - Sammys rule bitches!!!!

Phi Kappa Psi - We are fags!!! we dont haze because we are pussys!!!!!

Alpha Tau Omega - Excuse me, but I think my I.Q. just went down after reading this site.

Sigma Kappa - real down to earth girls, any campus

Sigma Pi - the hottest shit around

Kappa Alpha Theta - Drop ink into a glass of water during initation and say "one spot can spoil the whole thing"

Kappa Alpha Theta - Enter inish blindfolded, get spun around and after blindfold is removed you are standing in front of a door, alumna and two actives

Kappa Kappa Gamma - Raise your hand if you are dating a Kappa. If you're not, raise your standards.

Kappa Kappa Gamma - nasty cunts who think they are classy and never make quota

Kappa Kappa Gamma - Raise your hand if you are dating a Kappa, keep it raised if you need a 2nd dose of penicillin

Sigma Chi - Hottest frat on campus

Kappa Sigma - There is no brightness through obscurity when in the shadow of Kappa Sigma

Delta Delta Delta - Tri Delts are What? RED HOT!

Kappa Alpha - Red Necks re: Robert E. Lee---yeeee haw

Tau Kappa Epsilon - Make Pledges box actives

Delta Gamma - DG= Do Good

Tau Kappa Epsilon - Can't Go Greek, Go Teke

Chi Omega - Univ. Miami of Ohio....I creamed in a girl's mouth there and had the clap.

Delta Chi - Purdue University-Blackballs and pieces of shit who couldn't make it at any other house.

Kappa Alpha Theta - Screw a Zeta, marry a Theta!

Phi Kappa Psi - Drink Beer, Respect Chicks, and always sport the business caz.

Alpha Delta Phi - The hottest and coolest sorority at UNCC

Alpha Delta Pi - woops, ADPi s the hottest and coolest sorority @ UNC-Charlotte

Sigma Kappa - if you are a sister raise your hand...if not, raise your standards.

Sigma Kappa - Raise your standards ? Sigma Kappa has all the fat ass bitches a Kappa.

Delta Delta Delta - Wear diapers and keep a pacifier in mouth to a campus party

Pi Beta Phi - had a freshmen underwear food fight with Betas, and got caught when a Beta put the pictures on their website

Kappa Sigma - They rule pike, schmeggs, theta why's and pi kappa phi sex offenders and make them look like bigger bitches than anyone should ever look like

Kappa Sigma - Will rule your ass!

Kappa Sigma - dorks, seriously all the brothers look like Napoleon Dynamite characters

TBD - Pi Kappa Alpha - We had to shave our heads and pubic hair Then the brothers burned it all while we sat around naked while being told we were now "one".

Kappa Kappa Gamma - Best Damn House on any campus, hands down.

Kappa Kappa Gamma - KKG = Kappa Insecurity

Sigma Phi Epsilon - Texas Tech: Best fraternity here, best parties, sports, grades, coolest guys, most frat of course, pledgeship isn't too bad.

Kappa Sigma - Purdue self-proclaimed faggots who don't haze which basically produces pussy ass weak men.

Kappa Alpha Theta - Theta, Pi Phi, Kappa (the Elite Three) = reputations, Theta=chunky, Pi Phi=bitchy, Kappa=boring

Delta Kappa Epsilon - We're dirty sons of bitches, we'd rather fuck than fight

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - We hate Pike, they always want to beat people up

Kappa Sigma - Kappa Sigma sucks dick because we "don't haze"..code word meaning its ok if non-masculine wimpy me pledge our house b/c they were to scared to join any other ones.

Sigma Chi - we eat pooh and give each other Dirty Sanchez

Alpha Delta Phi - how many guys can fuck us in the ass before we graduate?

Alpha Delta Pi - how many guys can fuck us in the ass before we graduate?

Sigma Nu - we are fags at UCSB along with Pike,Sigma Chi,SAE,Sig Ep,FIJI and Date-a-guy

Zeta Beta Tau - got kicked off the UCLA campus for butt-raping a girl in Palm Springs

Delta Gamma - coke whores at UCSB, poor daddies don't know what monsters their girls turned into

Kappa Kappa Gamma - beautiful and smart on every campus

Delta Upsilon - are good guys actually

Pi Beta Phi - beautiful and fun on every campus

Kappa Alpha Theta - beautiful and athletic on every campus

Alpha Delta Pi - beautiful and nice on every campus

Sigma Tau Gamma - these guys are pretty hot

Kappa Sigma - get their asses fuckin hazed off

Delta Delta Delta - so hot!

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - slip roofies into girls cups of punch

Sigma Pi - This is awesome!

Sigma Phi Epsilon - LCG's: Lynchburg College Gays

Pi Beta Phi - The Core Four - Pi Phi, Theta, Tridelt, Kappa - Duke

Alpha Epsilon Phi - Shamu is skinnier!


Kappa Kappa Gamma - mostly hott blondes or indians

Chi Omega - Anyone that believes XO uses coffin's or dead owls obviously is just mad b/c they know they could never meet Chi Omega's high standards.

Kappa Sigma - IS THE SHIT

Sigma Kappa - Anywhere you go, Sigma Kappa girls are prettier, richer, and thinner than you! No other sorority can compare!

TBD - Sigma Sigma Sigma- These are girls that were kicked out of Sigma Kappa because they aren't hot enough!!

Kappa Kappa Gamma - Pledges have to get their clits pierced before they can get initiated

Beta Theta Pi - gnarled

TBD - Kappa Psi Epsilon - "House of Sick", York College, York, PA

Sigma Kappa - Best sorority !!!!

Beta Theta Pi - The leadership fraternity

Chi Omega - coffin

Chi Omega - Everybody wants to be a Chi Omega!

Chi Omega - chi hoe.

Kappa Kappa Gamma - Claim to be "Classy" drunks

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - Ole Miss--"stay true" KA sucks, SAE's are the True Gentlemen

Kappa Sigma - all pledges have to let zane herman fuck them in the ass

Alpha Omicron Pi - ARMY OF PIGS!

Delta Gamma - I heard they withhold cheesecake from the pledges for and entire WEEK. cold blooded.

Gamma Phi Beta - The best and hottest girls in the country!!!

Pi Kappa Phi - pi kappa phags

Delta Upsilon - steal peoples houses to try to become an actual fraternity

Delta Gamma - hot, smart, and just drunk enough to be fun.

Tau Kappa Epsilon - If ya can't go greek, go TKE, if ya can't go TKE, go to hell.

Sigma Chi - Sigma Cheesedicks

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - The hottest, toughest, truest fraternity on every campus. The meaning of True Gentleman

Sigma Phi Epsilon - initiation night you have to give your big brother head. he busts in your mouth. you hold it in for one minute for each pledge brother you have. then you swallow it.

Alpha Delta Phi - ew

Phi Sigma Sigma - FIU Phi Sigs don't care about sisterhood. They steal each other's boyfriends and talk shit behind each other's back. Join a different sorority. This is spoken by an ex-sister. Don't care about school or grades, just about guys.

Sigma Phi Epsilon - during hell week, before they are allowed to sleep, pledges are stripped and made to masturbate. they do this every night until they ALL ejaculate at the same exact time. the older brothers ramble about oneness while being secretly turned on.

Kappa Alpha Theta - Hottest girls at OU

Tau Kappa Epsilon - Get dropped off in random spot and forced to walk back. Nothing gay happens

Sigma Kappa - more like "sigma cattle"

Kappa Kappa Gamma - Cock sucking stuck up bitches

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - Watch Singing in the Rain OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER

Alpha Tau Omega - Piss in Pledges Hands

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - Dress up pledges as fairies and get them really drunk. Have them crawl around, with their legs tied, through their own vomit.

Phi Gamma Delta - Listen to south park's Timmy saying his name for 5 hours

Phi Sigma Sigma - Get BRUTE cologne poured all over them, then forced to got to a frat and when asked why they stink go, "I love Phi SIg SIg"

Lambda Chi - sign your bid, sign your scroll

Phi Gamma Delta - Steal Trees

Phi Gamma Delta - Paddle each other until the paddles break

Alpha Gamma Delta - Eat doughnuts while watching movies, in order to become huge fat asses.....They succeed

Sigma Phi Epsilon - Elephant walk, make pledges do their laundry, forced one pledge to get up at 3 am and get someone a spoon for his fruit cup, unsuccessfully try to steal things

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - Pledges are "Lower than shit on the social scale" until initiated; Every sunday, the "true gentlemen" discuss how many girls they banged (aka date raped) over the week

Sigma Phi Epsilon - After the elephant walk, each new member must suck the penises of their officer corps. (Nine Members)

Kappa Kappa Gamma - my girlfriend is my best friend and she is a kappa

Kappa Kappa Gamma - to whatever "sisters" have decided to post on this website, I am very disappointed that you do not cherish our mystic bond

Phi Gamma Delta - inbred

Alpha Sigma Tau - coke addicts

Kappa Kappa Gamma - Kappa girls are the best on campus, bc they are gorgeous and smart (not slutty cokeheads OR ugly sea lions)

Kappa Kappa Gamma - face it, we're the best, we're the most beautiful, most wanted, most perfect

Kappa Kappa Gamma - beautiful, classy ladies

Kappa Kappa Gamma - this site is actually kind of sad, and there are alot of mix-ups, dont get mad if you didnt get in to a certain organization and dont hate, if anything we should support each other and stop giving greek life such a bad name.

Alpha Phi - chubby sluts

Alpha Delta Phi - gorgeous ladies... best sorority ever

Kappa Kappa Gamma - this site is ridiculous... this is not what the greek community is about. calling names, making fun, spreading rumors is pathetic. people should have more respect for one another than to do things like that.

Alpha Phi - rude, cruel, dumb, sluts!

Sigma Alpha Mu - lame

Lambda Chi - tools! thats all!

Kappa Kappa Gamma - ths is ridiculous and i can't believe some of ya'll would stoop low enough to post things like this!

Beta Theta Pi - we can buy and sell anyone

Kappa Kappa Gamma - I love how everything about our "secrets" aren't true. Get your facts straight before you put it all over the internet!! :)

Sigma Phi Epsilon - Group of awesome guys

Kappa Kappa Gamma - Didnt think people could get any lower ....sad that you people on this site can post the things you do.

Kappa Kappa Gamma - this is why Greeks have a bad name. How about.. participate in all philanthropies, raise thousands of dollars yearly for Benefiting Reading is Fundamental, annual winners at Dance Marathon, big on service projects, great sisterhood :)

Kappa Kappa Gamma - number one house on our campus (and most) hot, rich, and know that girls hate us because of it and boys want us, untouchable, if you will

Kappa Kappa Gamma - The "Klassiest" sorority around, only the best of the best.

Delta Gamma - turn in calorie sheets, hold gym and tanning hours

Chi Omega - biggest sorority in the nation -> cow-o

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - Phi Alpha, from UF

Kappa Kappa Gamma - oh please, some of you need to grow up... this is just stupid.

Sigma Chi - "a pike fucked my girlfriend last night"

Kappa Kappa Gamma - favorite food: Pike Cock

Sigma Nu - sigma WHOOOO?

Alpha Omicron Pi - sweetest girls ever!

Alpha Delta Phi - Think they're the best...when everyone actually hates them

Tau Kappa Epsilon - if you cant go greek, GO TKE!

Kappa Alpha Theta - wow, and this is why greeks are looked down upon. you people need to stop writing BS... that goes for every house.

Delta Gamma - HOT Damn Delta Gamm-- We don't Haze..

Sigma Chi - SAE is the best house at UCLA.... no contest

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - Riley Gardner is a fag............big time fag

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - we run shit=phi alpha

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - pledge instructors are in love with each other

Alpha Delta Pi - No hazing and truly classy

Alpha Delta Phi - truly beautiful girls without having to be trashy to be noticed

Sigma Chi - the best

Tau Kappa Epsilon - sucks each other's cocks with a pic of a certain former President overlooking the homosexual ritual

Sigma Phi Epsilon - brother shittler does sorority bitches in the butt

Delta Chi - eat asses with spoons... for fun.. seriously..


Delta Chi - Ashton Kutcher was a Delta Chi and even he says they're fags..

Delta Kappa Epsilon - Require initiates to drink goat blood

Alpha Delta Pi - classy

Sigma Chi - Simply the sucking dick

Kappa Alpha Theta - Delaware, hottest sorority! I want to bone all of them!

Sigma Phi Epsilon - LSU - Crazy Hazing!

Sigma Chi - I heard at Slu they have to f a goat

Kappa Delta - Alabama- We dont care what the fuck you look like as long as daddy is a millionaire

Sigma Phi Epsilon - best fraternity in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alpha Sigma Tau - 1) Can't spell nasty without ast 2) It's funny that they do circle of fat for pledging, cus a lot of them are fat as hell

TBD - something

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - Sexual Assult Expected

Delta Zeta - Easy DZ

Delta Zeta - U of Florida: we may have a nice house but we're still ugly as shit

Delta Gamma - The DEFINITION of CLASSY. DG girls ROCK!

Alpha Phi - Superficial whores.

Alpha Delta Pi - First. Finest. Forever. And ALWAYS Classy!!!

Alpha Gamma Delta - Alpha Grabba Doughnut

Alpha Kappa Lambda - Also Known as Gay-K-L.

Chi Omega - Chi Hoe, Chi Hoe, It's off to bed we go... with the delta chis between our thighs in tow, chi hoe, chi hoe

Zeta Beta Tau - ZB-Heebes!!

Delta Gamma - DG's... always on their knees!! And dick garages, dumpster sluts, dumb girls, etc.

Sigma Chi - assholes, mean to girls, take advantage of girls (at SLU)

Alpha Delta Pi - the airhead sorority at SLU

Gamma Phi Beta - attractive girls and also VERY whorey/slutty girls at SLU

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - men with quirky sense of humor, love drugs, cool party people (at SLU)

Kappa Delta - richest / hottest / smartest / most hard to get into sorority at SLU

Sigma Kappa - the dorky/ugly sorority at SLU but nice girls

Delta Gamma - fat ugly BITCHES at SLU

Tau Kappa Epsilon - honkin nerds at SLU

Sigma Phi Epsilon - proclaimed "pussies"/fags at SLU

Sigma Phi Epsilon - Openly gay at UCI

Kappa Kappa Gamma - Someone who has to shout that they are the best, the most beautiful, the smartest, the most elite.......isn't

Kappa Kappa Gamma - Amen, if Kappas have to constantly say, they are the hardest house to get into, shows their insecurity and inferiority. At my school, they are definitely NOT the most desirable, either for dates or membership, actually at the bottom of the mix.

Kappa Kappa Gamma - Yeah, these clucking chicks are not in the league of the quality Pi Phis and Thetas

Kappa Kappa Gamma - Sweet girls who know how to have a good time. Lots of blonde, but plenty of other colors in the mix as well

Delta Gamma - Beautiful, smart, classy, athletic, girly, laid-back- they've got it all

Kappa Alpha Theta - USC- Smart, laid-back, fun girls.

Sigma Chi - USC- Half the guys look like A&F models and most of them have nice beach volleyball bodies...Then again, there is a court in their backyard.

Chi Omega - they are the biggest sluts and drunks at Wake Forest. Not classy

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - Runs The Greek System at Pitt - Will beat the shit out of any other frat on campus

Kappa Alpha Theta - The smartest, classiest, and winningest at Mizzou

Alpha Delta Pi - so sexy

Pi Beta Phi - Drops/Cuts girls REALLY early in rush

Alpha Chi Omega - Houston - hottest girls and top sorority for YEARS!

Kappa Kappa Gamma - I've never seen a trashy Kappa. They always look put-together and classy

Lambda Chi - Put it in my pooper

Alpha Tau Omega - ALL TOOL ORDER

Delta Upsilon - Delts Opps We Suck Cock

Sigma Chi - Steak and Carrots ;)

Sigma Chi - UF- pretty boy bitches

Kappa Delta - south- Klan's daughters

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - Suck each others dicks off while watching the office

Chi Omega - every girl I know that ended up in ChiO is really chunky and obnoxious... linebackers

Alpha Delta Pi - Emo chicks

Kappa Kappa Gamma - umm have to take girls who are in wheelchairs and breathe thru a tube just to get a pledge class at all

Pi Beta Phi - also desperate to make numbers... not worth the hassle of dealing with these girls

Alpha Gamma Delta - alpha-grabba-dick

Alpha Tau Omega - a-t-snow

Kappa Alpha Theta - Smartest girls alive!!!!

Delta Tau Delta - drinks woodford bourbon

Sigma Chi - i hear they b superfrat at clemson

Kappa Delta - this shit is better than greekchat!!

Delta Tau Delta - Deep Throat Daddies

Kappa Sigma - FSU - Drinks Rockstar by the Keg

Sigma Nu - Ole Miss. Run shit in the south.

Kappa Sigma - baptizes their pledges in a beer cooler named boba fett

Sigma Chi - FSU - Has a brother with a tongue ring

Alpha Delta Phi - shady pi. these girls will say anything u want to hear. they pride themselves on being decietful

Kappa Sigma - FSU- have sex with fat chicks in their buick lesabre.

Sigma Chi - Clemson- Yayyyyy!!! We frat hard!!!! Yay!!!!

Lambda Chi - Filmed in basement.

Lambda Chi - F$U - Has a brother that kissed a Sigma Chi open mouth for $20 and a cig

Delta Delta Delta - University of Miami - CHONGALICIOUS FAT WHORES

Kappa Sigma - F$U - they all have really bad acne. well one of them anyway..

Kappa Alpha - AZ- They give their pledges the option to beer bong their own piss or fuck a Great Dane

Alpha Delta Pi - AZ- they make their pledges dance around naked to phil collins and stuff their bras with big macs

Kappa Alpha Theta - Uses a crane and hoist on pledging day....(borrowed from Kappa Kappa Gamma)

Kappa Kappa Gamma - Not true, we don't lend any of our machinery until it lifts all 6 of our pledges into the house

Alpha Delta Pi - OBIC- "our blood is covenant"

Kappa Kappa Gamma - 2 Kappas pulled a "train" at a party I attended when I was going thru rush at much for classy, not trashy

Pi Beta Phi - Actually a lot of fun, good-looking girls, but others can be kinda bitchy

Pi Beta Phi - Takes a lot of the popular "Queen Bees" and beautiful "Mean Girls" from my high school

Pi Beta Phi - If they don't like you, they don't even try to pretend

Kappa Kappa Gamma - Made the news- Kappas "branded" their pledges with lit cigarettes at DePauw

Kappa Delta - each to the other true

Sigma Kappa - Beautiful, down-to-earth girls :)

Alpha Phi - Take it up the butt at Oklahoma

Pi Beta Phi - fat tattle-tales. Act like spoiled 3 year olds. Not cute

Kappa Kappa Gamma - Kappa = Greek for "pig"

Pi Beta Phi - would not touch with 10 ft pole, ugly

Delta Zeta - look the same

Kappa Kappa Gamma - not hard to get into, just study and eat ....a lot!

Kappa Kappa Gamma - vicious; from carrying all that weight around

Kappa Delta - hardest house to get into. by far.

Chi Omega - their sisterhood is a joke. the girls dont know eachothers names. how embarassing...

Delta Delta Delta - this house has gone seriously downhill in the past few years

Pi Beta Phi - pi beta fatties

Kappa Kappa Gamma - Pi Phi and Theta rejects

Pi Beta Phi - Gets catty slurs from "sister" sorority, KKG, because Kappa founders were cut by Pi Phi at Monmouth

Delta Delta Delta - going downhill---Ole Miss

Chi Omega - best house at OU!! gorgeous, classy girls!

Alpha Gamma Delta - Alabama-the best

Alpha Chi Omega - colorado jewesses

Delta Delta Delta - STILL TOPS -- ole miss

Pi Beta Phi - Colorado - rich,tall,beautiful, blondes,can be a little mean to rushees they don't like

Kappa Kappa Gamma - Hell Yes We're The Best- KKG!

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - USC- Some are Hot but most are um, arrogant.. and they know it

Alpha Epsilon Pi - USC- They def. are not the house you would think to have hot guys in, but whoa... they def. have some hot guys. Generally follow along with the AEHigh trend though

Kappa Sigma - USC- Some smart, some hot, some are kinda the class-clowns, but usually nice guys... not jerks

Sigma Chi - USC- Wow.. you just want to stare at them

Phi Kappa Psi - USC- We miss Phi Psi!

Delta Delta Delta - USC- Some nice, some bitchy... not really a "have you tried delta?" kinda house. Seem to be more with the "Conversvative" (in terms of politics) house.

Alpha Delta Pi - USC- Not sure if these girls could be sweeter. Don't let their sweetness fool you too much though, they know how to party.

Kappa Kappa Gamma - USC- Not everyone is a Visa Visa Mastercard type of girl. Generally nice girls, very very down to Earth. Lke to have fun and know how to to.

Pi Beta Phi - -USC-Beautiful, thin, rich, very selective, the usual Pi Phi stuff

Chi Omega - TU- Talk shit about the other houses too much. Two faced.

Pi Beta Phi - UKentucky. Well rounded girls. Really close to eachother, can be intimidating, party girls. all the frats try to have mixers with Pi Phis..

Alpha Epsilon Phi - BEST SORORITY EVER!!! and for everyone who thinks aephi girls are fat...i guess ull just have to meet my chapter!!

Pi Beta Phi - All Coke Whores

Alpha Chi Omega - UCSD: down-to-earth, diverse, fun girls to party with

Chi Omega - sweet girls but they don't really get out there

Delta Delta Delta - UCSD: the sorority no one wants to be in

Kappa Alpha Theta - UCSD: all thetas are nice, but not really crazy

Kappa Kappa Gamma - UCSD: largest sorority on campus

Pi Beta Phi - UCSD: best looking, mostly blonde, hard to get into

TBD - Aren't we forgetting that only the best wear the crown... ZTA. 'Nuff said.

Alpha Epsilon Pi - George Washington University (Re-chartered as APE in 2005) Arrested under Washington DC "anti-gang law" for hazing rituals and drug charges. Pledge ended up in hospital during pledge process. Frat is not officially recognized by GW.

Delta Delta Delta - University of Miami-- gorgeous. Classy not trashy.

Pi Beta Phi - did someone say "coke"?

Delta Delta Delta - best sorority nationwide, hands down

Alpha Delta Pi - chubs.

Delta Phi Epsilon - god why is this sorority even recognized anymore? NEW JERSEY SLUTS

Delta Delta Delta - USC-- richest, hottest, outgoing and classy. what more could you ask for in a mrs.?

Kappa Sigma - fratacne. fuck fsu

Alpha Delta Pi - O RLY

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - bows and toes, blindfolded (potato chips not glass)

Delta Tau Delta - dicks ticks and dildos

Sigma Delta Tau - University of Miami: made pledges eat dog food off floor with leashes around their neck

Delta Gamma - University of Miami: do coke in the middle of chapter

TBD - University of Miami ZETA TAU ALPHA: Miami area chongas, crazy uptight, "Zeta Tau Emotionially Unstable"

TBD - University of Miami PIKE (Pi Kappa Alpha): killed a goat in their backyard during pledging, steroids, brosephs

Alpha Gamma Delta - NUT NUT NUT NUT! squirrels=RIDICULOUS.

Chi Omega - Chi Ho, Chi Ho, its off to bed we go! With a TKE on top of me, Chi Ho, Chi Ho Chi Ho Chi Ho.

Tau Kappa Epsilon - If you can`t go greek, go TKE. If you can`t go TKE, go home!

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - Valdosta- Nicest guys ever, the best to party with.

TBD - ZTA: Zeta Tau Alpha. Only the best get crowned!


Sigma Alpha Epsilon - Same Assholes Everywhere

Chi Omega - wonderful...duh

Kappa Delta - SORORITY EVER!!!!!!!!!! awesome girls,hott, fun, Kappa Delta Klassy...Defined!

Kappa Delta - KD's are Klassy and Kaptivating Dignified and Divine...GO KD!

Chi Omega - Slutty bitches

Chi Omega - Wonderful Everywhere.... you know you want to be one

Kappa Alpha Theta - tulsa do coke off of ritual items

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - phi alpha!

Beta Theta Pi - Wooglin for life!!!

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - USF - gel haired blowout meatheads, enjoy roids and roofies

Alpha Delta Pi - USF - Shady Pi

Alpha Epsilon Pi - USF - Nothing but outcasts dorks

Delta Chi - USF - Video gaming nerds, nothing but 2 beer queers, nintendo is part of ritual, but they have a deck

Phi Delta Theta - USF - All about going to the club and geling their hair, HGH!

Kappa Sigma - USF - Kicked off campus, half guido, half suck bag

Lambda Chi - USF - Also kicked off campus for sucking and initiating Johnny D

Sigma Phi Epsilon - USF - 4 openly gay guys. apparently if you aint sig ep you aint shit.

Sigma Nu - USF - Cargo shorts and nike shocks. protein shakes and power bars.

Zeta Beta Tau - USF - have about 4 actives

Sigma Chi - USF - boat shoe and croakie wearing croquet players

Beta Theta Pi - blow down like you throw down

Sigma Phi Epsilon - gay sex before and during initiation


Pi Kappa Phi - kicks ass

Kappa Kappa Gamma - halfa halfa gramma

Kappa Sigma - dont haze, get all the pussy they want, and masons copy'd from them

Sigma Phi Epsilon - little fagits that told me to suck their dick to get initiated, i quit...fucking fagits

Delta Gamma - UCSD: Stuck-up bitches

Kappa Kappa Gamma - UCSD: Complete sweethearts!

Alpha Epsilon Pi - UCSD: One of the craziest chapters in the country!

Sigma Chi - UCSD: Wish they were Pikes. Very Gay.

Phi Gamma Delta - UCSD: losers..Should not be on our campus

Pi Beta Phi - uci-beat down whores at uci

Alpha Gamma Delta - Top House, Top grades, Chill/Down to Earth, Pretty...the kind of ladies you take home to Mom.

Alpha Chi Omega - absolutely AMAZING at unc. prettiest, smartest, and nicest!

Pi Beta Phi - sucks at unc. they usually take whatever. frats hate mixing with these girls.

Alpha Delta Pi - pretty, nice girls at unc.

Delta Delta Delta - known for being really stupid and doing coke at unc. some are pretty but they are just really dumb.

Chi Omega - pretty, nice girls. known for doing drugs though.

Kappa Delta - a few are nice and pretty but most of the newer pledge classes suck and the older girls hate them.

Kappa Kappa Gamma - ugh absolutely sucks at unc. just sucks. no one wants to be in this one.

TBD - ZTA at unc, sooo sooo sooo trashy and butch. its actually insulting if someone asks you if you are a carolina zeta.

TBD - sigma sigma sigma at unc, i guess they are alright but they tend to get alot of reject girls.

Delta Zeta - best sorority =] classy girls

Delta Zeta - ASU: rich, stuck up girls, who all they care about is themselves and buying expensive stuff. they all do coke together in a big circle, and tease guys 247. easy dz.

Pi Kappa Phi - hottest guys on campus

Lambda Phi Epsilon - suspended for selling drugs in the house

Lambda Chi - oops... these are the guys with the drugs in the house

Lambda Phi Epsilon - tackle football games cause problems

Sigma Nu - rich white guys

Delta Gamma - we kick ass

Sigma Alpha Mu - geeky but cool

Chi Omega - SLUTS !!!!!!

Chi Omega - GETTYSBURG COLLEGE -- HUGE SLUTS !! I hope you enjoy your chlamydia, ladies !

Pi Beta Phi - the best everywhere....

Pi Beta Phi - the pi phi at unc does really suck. i bet they take dudes.

Alpha Chi Omega - Alpha Chi Hicks - anywhere you go

Alpha Chi Omega - UNC - ugly fat girls

Alpha Delta Pi - UNC ADP all dogs and pigs

Pi Beta Phi - UNC -checked out their website - good looking, must have some jealousy coming at them

Kappa Kappa Gamma - UNC - checked them out too, yep, they're a dog house

Alpha Chi Omega - UNC - they look good on this website, suck at my school

Alpha Chi Omega - UNC - looks like an AXHO wrote the initial bitchy "reviews" of the other sororities

Kappa Kappa Gamma - 's are hot at mine! South Carolina... not so much.This website is freaking ridiculous! Every greek org is different at every campus... but kappa

Kappa Delta - AOT- Each to Each Other True

Delta Gamma - Slutty Ass Bitches

Sigma Delta Tau - USF: pretty much the fattest bitches on campus

Alpha Chi Omega - obviously the person above has NO idea what the are talking about. pi phi has ALL the fat girls at unc and alpha chi and adpi are the two of the hardest sororities to get into.

Pi Beta Phi - if you guys are talking about the pi phi's at unc then you are right they are FUCK ASS UGLY!

Alpha Chi Omega - can't keep a chapter going in any school at my state, BITCHY, FAT, and UGLY the Trifecta of a bad National

Kappa Kappa Gamma - Loser sorority at UF, CU, UCLA, UCI, Ohio Weslyan, the list keeps going

Sigma Chi - PI PHI at UNC is hot, my bro's there and says the "common" girls hate the Pi Phi's b/c they're rich and always make quota

Kappa Kappa Gamma - Trolls-R-Us at UF, USC, UCSB, UT

TBD - I have not seen a National GLO that does not have "bad" chapters, EVERY GLO has some WTF!!!!

Pi Beta Phi - your brother is wrong. they usually never make quota and they resort to snap bids. your brother must be lambda chi or some lame ass frat that enjoys mixing with pi phi's. because the awesome frats like pike and so on hate them.

Pi Beta Phi - and these girls are not rich at all. the rich sorority at carolina as EVERYONE AND THEIR MOM knows is tri delta so if you want to say shit i suggest you get your facts straight first. dumbfuck.

Pi Beta Phi - Oh, previous vicious poster against Pi Phi seems to have taken being dropped by them personally, I hope you are happy wherever you ended up. Gosh, what did they do to you? Take away the Pike you wanted?

Kappa Kappa Gamma - KKG - Coke whores with a Key

Alpha Chi Omega - A Chi O -" All ugly Ho's"

Sigma Chi - Call someone a "dumbfuck" b/c you disagree with them about another sorority. Shows you have a lot of class.....missing! I think I found one of the "common" girls.

Chi Omega - wake forest. that's all you need to know.

Kappa Kappa Gamma - adelphe

Delta Delta Delta - Este laethes

Delta Tau Delta - rthsrth

Kappa Alpha - Let's be serious, We suck dick

Kappa Alpha - Mike Smith, "And you know something else...I'm fuckin Marcee!"

Sigma Phi Epsilon - You're fucking my Marcee?! The Brothers of Sig Ep will destory you!

Pi Beta Phi - being dropped by pi phi at unc? pleeaase they pay bitches to be in their pledge class. ask anyone who is a sorority member at unc about pi phi and they will say the same thing.

Delta Zeta - ASU - We're the best and anyone who says otherwise is simply just jealous!

Sigma Tau Gamma - Douche Bags, Fags!

Lambda Chi - Dominate the fraternal world since 1909.

Sigma Chi - Yo, UNC "poster", it's amazing, you keep getting more "common", trashing the Pi Phi's at UNC and the reject, ugly, fat Kappas and stupid, coke whore Tri-Delts, trashy Zetas, and the druggy Chi-O's. This sure proves you're a winner! Proud of it?

TBD - ZTA is the best

Delta Zeta - fake barbies who make girls do coke on intiation with a dildo up there ass

Delta Gamma - Only the best @ IUP!

Alpha Phi - Hottest sorority at SDSU

Gamma Phi Beta - I want to screw half their chapter at University of San Diego. Damn they're fine!

Sigma Phi Epsilon - gay at OU

Sigma Phi Epsilon - if you didn't get a bid

Kappa Kappa Gamma - Katchy Katchy Gonorrhea

Alpha Chi Omega - axo and adpi are the best in cali. hands down. hott, classy, fun. yummm

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - penis

Alpha Epsilon Phi - party like rockstars. the hazings worth it

Alpha Gamma Delta - Only the hottest girls on Miami Universities campus!

Alpha Delta Pi - OBIC= Our Bond is closest.

Pi Beta Phi - To whoever said theyre good on any Michigan State, theyre huge and ugly

Kappa Alpha Theta - Amazing...hottest girls on my campus

Alpha Phi - All for free...big whores, bad fake tans. horrible bleach jobs.

Kappa Alpha Theta - MSU theyre the beautiful classy ones...the ones everyone wants to date. chi os are trashy whores, axo is cute but crazy, kappa is rich...looks are secondary, zeta, sigma kappa, and gamma phi are all mediocre and take pretty much anyone

Gamma Phi Beta - UCLA - did NOT have a meth lab, it was PHI KAPPA SIGMA. and all over san diego: USD & SDSU heyre the hottest girls ever

Alpha Delta Pi - SHADY PI whores

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - At UCSB Thetas run shit...gorgeous gorgeous girls

Sigma Chi - ya same at UCLA the thetas are ridiculously hot

Delta Gamma - daughters of god

Kappa Kappa Gamma - keys to the kingdom of god

Delta Tau Delta - Down to earth group of guys that party harder than anyother - RIP Russian Ball: University of Idaho

Delta Tau Delta - Fuck you Dan Valasek... If anyone finds him... kick him in the nuts. Thanks for ruining a 75 year party. RIP Russian Ball

Alpha Phi - duke-this sorority doesn't exist and if it does no one gives a shit

Kappa Alpha Theta - ugly, and fat at 4 schools that I have seen, maybe "hot" since a date with one is like being in hell; all national's have good-looking and ugly chapters. Pi Phis, Thetas, Kappas, generally large nationals and good reps, yet each has "dog houses", the othe

Kappa Alpha Theta - the other sororities generally are more "mixed bags". Most frats have some studs and TONS of duds. Talk about ugly and full of themselves, they give women grief for 5lbs and most frats have flabby slobs who are lucky to even have a girl talk to them.

Kappa Kappa Gamma - I'm a traveling consultant, and I know a lot of kappas at different schools and half the kappas I know rely on scholarships, student loans or work to get through. Not at all rich, they try to promote it.

Pi Beta Phi - Generally has a reputation for being sorta snobby, good-looking, blonde, kinda bitchy/some nice, and not the best GPA. Like they care what anyone thinks about them.

Delta Gamma - Good on the west coast, hot, blonde, peppy, wild, (DG - Drinking Girls or Delta Gramma)) and not too bright. I've seen some really sorry chapters elsewhere, "ya' can't spell DOG without DG.

Alpha Chi Omega - NOT the hottest on the west coast! or east coast! or south! or midwest! Some very good chapters, but not the best, ye ha!

Alpha Delta Pi - ALSO NOT the hottest on the west coast, or east coast, or midwest. Good in the south at a lot of school. Can be nice, sweet, but also homely. outside the south.

Delta Zeta - At Clarkson University--Simply the HOTTEST, smart, classy, best sorority to be in

Phi Sigma Sigma - At Clarkson University--Coke snorting hogs! Girls are seriously HUGE and have the WORST reputation on campus

Alpha Delta Phi - lame

Alpha Delta Pi - they're lame too!

Alpha Chi Omega - awww i love alpha chi's

Alpha Delta Pi - and adpi's

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - Sexual Assult Expected - at University of New Mexico

Sigma Phi Epsilon - the fucking best house in the god damn world, full of frat daddies gettin pussy by the truckload

Alpha Chi Omega - UCR- Asian, lots of drinking, sluts

Alpha Tau Omega - UCR- Big, Tough Guy Rep, Hazing

Delta Tau Delta - UCR: Fags, one of the worst fraternities on campus, losers of highschool, DICK TO DICK

Phi Gamma Delta - UCR: Big Party Frat, Doesn't care about brotherhood, internal problems, awkward to sober girls

Gamma Phi Beta - UCR: Some Hot, Some Ugly ... ALL SLUTTY

Kappa Kappa Gamma - UCR: Big Drinkers, some ugly some good looking, all DTF

Delta Gamma - UCR: Mostly unattractive, not like at other campuses, awkward

Alpha Epsilon Phi - UCR: Straight from israel

Alpha Epsilon Pi - UCR: Straight from israel not the one above

Lambda Chi - UCR: Good looking, metrosexual, small numbers, mostly good guys, lots of small events

Pi Beta Phi - UCR: Good looking sorrority, some stuck up girls, lots of nice girls

Sigma Kappa - UCR: Are you kidding me? ... fat

Sigma Phi Epsilon - UCR: awkward, big frat, most numbers, good athletics

Phi Kappa Psi - UCR: mostly business frat, not really exsistent

TBD - Hey, where's ZTA?

Lambda Chi - UCR: sexy mother fuckers

Lambda Chi - UCR: small dicks

Lambda Chi - UCR: jk..... VERY HOTTTT!!

Tau Kappa Epsilon - Phi Kappa Taus a bunch of fags. and furthermore so are kappa sigs

TBD - alpha sigma phi needed to be added

Kappa Alpha - Tennessee- Set a $20 bill halfway between two bums and let them fight for it

Kappa Sigma - Tennessee- Box slaying and Fingerblasting like there is no tomorrow

TBD - Pi Kappa Alpha- Tennessee- Get kicked off for doing pushups on broken glass and get staff infection sending 3 pledges to the hospital because that produces a REAL man

Phi Sigma Sigma - forever sphinx survival

Sigma Chi - soldiers for Christ

Alpha Delta Phi - You frat and sorority people need to join the service and go the army then you won't worry about blowing each other and fucking each other. If your parents only knew what kinds of cunts and shitheads you are.

Kappa Sigma - the best.

Tau Kappa Epsilon - Pace - Sucks balls. All look fucking retarded like they failed 2nd grade

Alpha Omicron Pi - Best sorority at UT-M!!!

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - Western Carolina- "It's not hazing, it's amazing" Do whatever, say whatever...never get caught.

Sigma Chi - Dayton - you have to meet the "wojo"

Delta Tau Delta - Only thing a pledge can eat is ravioli's. gross.

Delta Delta Delta - Encouraged to sleep with fraternity members. Tied up in initiation and lots of forced alcohol consumption

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - East Carolina-The best there ever is, the best there ever was, the best there ever will be!-Phi Alpha

Alpha Delta Phi - good head

Pi Beta Phi - Indiana University, Hot, Hot, Hot, tall, classic good looks and actually nice

Delta Delta Delta - Tri-delta, everyone else has!

Chi Omega - Chi Hoe!

Alpha Gamma Delta - GRANDMAS!!

Kappa Sigma - gets all the women, all the time.

Sigma Nu - Badass dudes. chill, throw the best parties- USC

Kappa Kappa Gamma - HUGE, FAT, UGLY, REJECTS - UCI

Chi Omega - CHO HO!!!!! Chi Ho, Chi Ho... it's off to fuck I go.... with an SAE or top of me and a Sigma Chi between my thighs... Chi Ho, Chi Ho, Chi Ho.... Chi Ho... it's off to bed I go... hey where's my buck you got your fuck Chi Ho Chi Ho.

Alpha Kappa Lambda - On initiation night all of the brothers would strip down to their bothers and slide down the steps of their house while all the girls at the initiation party would pour beer on them. All the bruises you got were called otter bites. It was funny.

Alpha Kappa Lambda - Here we go Otter... here we go!!!!!

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - phi alpha <3 fuck ya

Delta Delta Delta - (syracuse university)- sexy, classy, hot, really into theme parties. known as a premier sorority at SU

Kappa Kappa Gamma - rich and pretty, but also the biggest coke whores.

Alpha Epsilon Phi - If you're not a jew... we dont want you.

Sigma Delta Tau - they really never sleep... they always party and are actually pretty dumb.

Alpha Phi - the sorority has gone way way way downhill in the last couple of years

Kappa Alpha Theta - they like to "chill" and smoke weed

Pi Kappa Phi - why the fuck did i join this fraternity? i fucked up when i rushed

Alpha Chi Omega - so sexy, i would fuck the shit outta these girls... maybe even rape some

Delta Zeta - Virginia Tech - do lines of coke on initiation

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - Virginia Tech - eat each others doo doo and wack each other off onto their own faces

Kappa Kappa Gamma - katch-a katch-a gonnoreah

Alpha Phi - Alpha fat

Pi Beta Phi - nasty wildebeasts!

Kappa Kappa Gamma - nasty, nasty wildebeasts, Kappa Kappa Gamma= Greek for UGLY UGLY GIRLS

Kappa Alpha Theta - also part of the bitchy nasty wildebeast herd

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - phi alpha. 5 apples

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - Ohio Sigma. Run Campus.

Chi Omega - Makes pledges stay in a coffin with a dead owl

Alpha Delta Phi - Makes pledges lay on the ground and the Betas come over and circle areas of fat on them with a sharpie

Alpha Delta Pi - DIAMONDS ARE a girls BEST friend!

Delta Delta Delta - Este laethes Tri Delt Secret Password

Sigma Chi - Once hung nooses from their front porch

Kappa Sigma - how do u spell perfection k-a-p-p-a-s-i-g-m-a

TBD - pi kappa alpha

Alpha Gamma Delta - Love those alpha gams, squirrels for life!

Kappa Sigma - bad ass mother fuckers end of story

Delta Delta Delta - Ole Miss- girls are super hot but super bitches

Alpha Tau Omega - belmont - a bunch of wanna be state school faggots. you cant spell faggot without ATO

Alpha Gamma Delta - - belmont - a bunch of fat whores who will do anything to get some, Alpha grabba dick/donut

Lambda Phi Epsilon - pledges must suck an active's dick in order to cross

Kappa Delta - abused a cat on campus...ran over its tail

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - phi alpha, T.H.P.O., Nevada ALPHA runs shit. phi alpha brothers

Sigma Chi - have required tanning hours at asu

Kappa Sigma - DOWN SOUTH----get hazed blazed drunk and laid!!!!! the coolest guys on campus

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - USM- Cant spell faggot without ATO and fuck the KAPPA NIGS phi alpha

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - Drugs in the house

Lambda Chi - GHB in there house

Sigma Chi - elephant walk!

Pi Kappa Phi - bury pledges up to their neck in sand, and then piss on their heads

Tau Kappa Epsilon - FarmHouse isn't really greek

Kappa Sigma - hey kappa sig, give me one of your tots! Gosh! no way man, these are my tots! Gross!

Kappa Sigma - i ran out of room in my locker for my nunchuks

Kappa Sigma - TINA come get your dinner! stupid kappa sigs, i mean llamas

Kappa Sigma - are we sensing a theme yet?

Kappa Sigma - if only i could go back in time...

Kappa Sigma - and not join a GAY FRATERNITY LIKE KAPPA SIG!!!

Kappa Sigma - Kappa Sigma sucks more than 100 vacuum cleaners attached to the same hose

Lambda Chi - we're angry at the sigma chi's for being so shallow, but we're just as shallow

Delta Chi - no one likes us, even our other chapters or our nationals

Delta Delta Delta - Ole Miss- think theyre better than anyone and everyone

Kappa Kappa Gamma - Some attractive girls, some really ugly bitches. Not entertaining and all bitchy. Most frats ignore them because guys just don't like to deal with them. Like that everywhere I know of.

Beta Theta Pi - Only house worth going. -USC

Alpha Gamma Delta - Always Lovely and Classy

Alpha Delta Pi - Classy :)







Phi Kappa Psi - newest frat house and biggest at IUP

Alpha Delta Pi - USF - Shady Pi for sure

Alpha Epsilon Pi - Nothing but jews

Alpha Omicron Pi - USF - Maybe 2 pretty girls

Beta Theta Pi - USF - Wanna be Sigma Chi's

Chi Phi - USF - Apparently they exist

Chi Omega - USF - Fat, very fat

Delta Delta Delta - USF - Hottest sorority (hoes fa sho)

Delta Chi - They love World of Warcraft, Nintendo is apart of their ritual as stated above

Delta Gamma - USF - Love the nose candy.

Kappa Delta - USF - Only 20 or so girls worth a shit

Kappa Sigma - Half guido, half 39 years old

Lambda Chi - USF - kicked off for being a bunch of faggots

Sigma Chi - USF - "Hey guys we are totally fratty!!!" These guys try wayy too hard

Sigma Phi Epsilon - USF - Well balanced men for the male cheerleading squad. = they love cock.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - USF - Epitome of douche bag guidos.

Sigma Nu - USF - Half wiggers

Sigma Delta Tau - USF - the rich fat chicks

Zeta Beta Tau - USF - Fairly new = non exisistent

TBD - USF - Can't forget about the 40 year old softball players.... PIKE! These guys are horrrendous.

Phi Delta Theta - USF - Pledges run around naked at the bid party among other gay shit.


Phi Sigma Sigma - Awesome, classy ladies.

Phi Sigma Sigma - Awesome, classy ladies.

Tau Kappa Epsilon - FSU -has awesome President

Zeta Beta Tau - Usc- Zero Bitches There!

Delta Chi - USF - Like to blackball their pledges, isn't that hazing?

Alpha Delta Pi - USF - Hottest sorority, all are wild

Sigma Kappa - fucking hott new girls in vegas

Kappa Kappa Gamma - UCR - Kappa, yeah, nice if you like fat, ugly, really fugly girls,,,

Beta Theta Pi - bang mad bitches...everywhere

Delta Phi Epsilon - deephers...more like beefers

Sigma Phi Epsilon - gay fagbags

Alpha Delta Phi - There should be guys who are getting their very large dicks sucked by guys, who don't have very large dicks as a initation ritual

Alpha Delta Phi - There should be guys getting their very large dicks sucked at a glory hole or under the stall inside the men's restroom before they can join a fraternity

TBD - sucks

Delta Zeta - Easy DZ!

Delta Phi Epsilon - at FIU they run the campus. If you aren't DphiE then ur nothing

Kappa Delta - Classy KD Ladies at U Cincy. Love those girls, and damn they are fine!

Delta Phi Epsilon - AMAZING sisterhood!!! best sorority on campus. we run FIU.

Phi Sigma Sigma - phi syphilis syphilis. NASTIEST hoes on campus. bunch of chongas.

Pi Kappa Phi - bunch of babies

Sigma Phi Epsilon - go get some hair gel

Beta Theta Pi - nice guys

Tau Kappa Epsilon - they use their greek affiliation as an excuse to getting wasted. SUPER fun!! nice guys

Alpha Omicron Pi - nice girls :-)

Delta Phi Epsilon - super hot in florida!!!

Delta Zeta - ummm if we all really did coke... wouldnt you think there wouldnt be a DZ anymore? duh..

Delta Delta Delta - nasty at Univ of Miami, florida. not worth the time

Delta Phi Epsilon - The Omega Chapter at UM and the Alpha Gamma chapter at FIU are some of the hottest girls in miami fa sho

Alpha Gamma Delta - Alpha Gams don't haze. We treat our sisters with the honor, love, and respect they deserve.

Delta Phi Epsilon - skanky ass ho's at univ miami

Kappa Sigma - i'm a picker

Delta Phi Epsilon - total trash at every florida chapter

Alpha Delta Phi - definately the best sorority on campus at EKU, smokin hott AND classy

Sigma Pi - Best frat at EKU

Chi Omega - THE BEST!

Alpha Gamma Delta - IU...Bad Girls

Kappa Delta - Arete opheleo telos - Moral Excellence Accomplished our End.

Alpha Phi - Sluttiest girls ever.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - Phi Alpha = Brightness through obscurity

Delta Gamma - USF - do not drink, do not drink... hell no they...!!!

Phi Sigma Sigma - Sisterhood and service

Sigma Phi Epsilon - = holy friends for ever. May God protect us while we are apart

Delta Phi Epsilon - Hate us our love us we are the best in every campus. We are Dedication, Pride, and Excellence.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - Rowdy

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - best philanthorpies

Sigma Phi Epsilon - I'm a SigEp, You're not -Have a great day!

Sigma Phi Epsilon - The best fraternity -- check out their website


Pi Kappa Phi - UAB-Give their pledges a golden shower at initiation. Half of their pledges drop due to constant hazing and the fact that they are douchebags.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - USF- You will be addicted to coke by the time you get initiated.

Chi Phi - USF- Delbert Alvarado that tells you enough about them. Worst kicker ever

Chi Phi - The only good thing that ever came from Chi Phi was Carter Ashton Jenkins. Sigma Phi Epsilon!

Sigma Phi Epsilon - USF- sexiest guys on campus! Sound Mind. and Sound BODY.

Beta Theta Pi - USF- Naked Wednesday @ there house

Delta Chi - USF- Nerds, Losers and FAT kids...the rejects

Delta Delta Delta - USF- they're hot

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - USF- Their cool...sometimes but are still the Same Assholes Everywhere

Chi Omega - Laidback and funny...Cool to hang out. Don't you wanna go Chi-O?

Delta Chi - USF- all work at the pita pit

Sigma Phi Epsilon - USF- Some cocky motherfuckers cause all they talk about is how great they are

Alpha Chi Omega - Top houses at SDSU, UCR, and CSU Fullerton.

Delta Phi Epsilon - amazing at FIU !

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - Fratty As Fuck...Phi Alpha to all you other Cunts out there

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - The frattiest fucking bros there are,mad chicks all the cunt you can eat,Phi Alpha you all suck if your not in this frat!

Zeta Beta Tau - Zero Bitches Tonight,and always

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - Lemmiwinks is in SAE..enough said.

Alpha Delta Pi - beautiful, classy, smart girls. best sorority hands down.

Alpha Delta Pi - at UWF run the campus with style. FIRST FINEST FOREVER!<>pi love<>

Alpha Delta Phi - we live for each other :)

Alpha Delta Pi - actually.. WE live for each other =) sorry

Kappa Alpha Theta - on probation by nationals at Univ. of Alabama

Alpha Delta Pi - Diamond sisters are forever

Alpha Omicron Pi - Smoking hot girls with a kinda bad rep for sleeping around and drugs

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - Sexy Ass Engineers. Phi Alpha Mother Fuckers

Delta Gamma - USC hottest girls ever!

Phi Sigma Sigma - 3 girls f*cked the same pike...i guess their fans of STDs and sloppy seconds!!! FIU phi sigs..........NASTYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

Kappa Sigma - Christmas colors.......thats gay........real gay........

Delta Delta Delta - UM tri-delts are ugly, real ugly

Sigma Phi Epsilon - ^^^ hahaha Holy Friendships Forever! HaHAHAHAHAHA. WHO'S HOUSE!?!?!?! BITCHES!

TBD - fiu pikes strangle women and then rape them.

TBD - =pi kappa alpha

TBD - PIKE- AkA Pi Kappa Alpha- Calling for Brother Worthy. IS there a Brother Worthy High Master in the vicinity? Maybe with some salt? Dont worry, Im sure theres a sentinel or guard around for innitiation.

TBD - Guess they werent watching the door as i took your ritual book ;D. Salutations Brother

Delta Delta Delta - yeah univ of miami tri delts are not cute at all

Sigma Phi Epsilon - Keep Talking shit bitch. See how fast that cat dissapears. Hope you got that Phi Mentor Around

TBD - Make sure to cross your arms when you give a brother salutations ;) . Also, please look around FIU for the ritual of innitiation for pike

Tau Kappa Epsilon - in order to be in TKE at FIU u must have a retards haridue.

Phi Sigma Sigma - PHI SIG at FIU is the best sorrority on campus!!!!!!!!! we love our new phi sig babies!!!!!!!! LITP

Tau Kappa Epsilon - tkes are friggin fags at fiu

Delta Delta Delta - centre: most elite; hardest to get in to; highest return rate

Kappa Delta - just as many whores as any other sorority

Phi Sigma Sigma - LITP- Love in the pyramids

Alpha Omicron Pi - everyone knows that phisigs are total trash at FIU, half of your new members dont even want to be there. theres a reason why we got 54 nm's how many did phisig get?

Sigma Phi Epsilon - Texas Tech: Best fraternity here, best parties, sports, grades, coolest guys, most frat of course, pledgeship isn't too bad.

Delta Phi Epsilon - YITS- yours in true sisterhood

Phi Sigma Sigma - no one likes AOPi at FIU. you guys are all ugly PHISIG rejects so stop being jealous LITP

TBD - pikes need to stop talking smack before their ritual of initiation get published tomorrow morning

Delta Gamma - fedais.

Sigma Alpha Mu - i agree with that aopi, my brothers have fucked 98% of your chapter even the midget got some

Delta Gamma - UNF: Fat Asses. Huge. Biggest girls you've ever seen in your life. Have you heard of a gym?

TBD - Pike- AkA Pi Kappa Alpha- Heres to the 'Faithful and True'. Funny how their letters are the only ones not on this ;)


Tau Kappa Epsilon - publish that shit nigga

TBD - Brother Worthy High Master, do you think we should email them a copy to show them we are serious?

TBD - i think we should to show them that we are not playing around

Alpha Omicron Pi - hehehe i agree with you sammys i know the delta kappa chapt. of phisigs are sluts. theyre fake blond whores with fake tits that no one likes but everyone has fucked

Sigma Nu - crazy hazing

Kappa Kappa Gamma - CU chapter is appalled that people could viciously slander other chapters based on stereotypes. Please grow up! Being Greek is about becoming a better person by living the ideal of your chapter.


Kappa Delta - No hazing... we LOVE our sisters.

Alpha Delta Phi - ouuuuuu, maybe an auction is in order. Anyone should post and give the sign of fidelity. Maybe the conductor?

Sigma Chi - sigma-by (sexual)

Sigma Nu - pig rapist fucks

Chi Omega - Omega COWS

Sigma Alpha Mu - TKE stop typing the same shit over and over again. quit trying so hard no wonder you fuckers dont get laid

Sigma Phi Epsilon - at least pikes fuck diffrent girls the pikapps like to fuck other brothers x gf's

Sigma Phi Epsilon - im talking about the FIU chapter^^^^^^^

Sigma Alpha Mu - i've fucked a pikapps current gf

Delta Phi Epsilon - if you're not in dphie to hell to hell with you

Kappa Alpha Theta - KSU-classiest girls on campus. All are nice, most are pretty all are respectable. My GF is a Theta.

Tau Kappa Epsilon - i've fucked a pikappa current and ex gf!!!!!

Alpha Delta Phi - "we may not have much money, but we are HuNG down to the floor" ask your fucking gf

Sigma Alpha Mu - and im fucking a sig eps gf too.

TBD - = i'm going to kick your fucking as you stupid sigep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! come to MY HOUSE!!!!!!! and we'll see how shit is done

Sigma Phi Epsilon - hey pike! "do you know me?"

TBD - how about everyone man up and start giving names on who they fuck?

Sigma Phi Epsilon - youre fucking hard through the internet with that threat... considering you didnt even post your own letters like a BITCH

TBD - lol...nice grammar meathead

Sigma Phi Epsilon - Fuck Pike, Fuck Pi Kapp, Fuck Fiji, and FUCK EVERYONE ELSE. Sig Ep, you aint sig ep, you aint shit!

Sigma Phi Epsilon - lucky for me, when whoever the fuck has your ritual posts it, I can just have my brothers read it to me in Chapter. Dont need grammar for that. hahaha

Sigma Phi Epsilon - you know you're soft...go get your hair done

Tau Kappa Epsilon - great comment on the hair by the way

Pi Kappa Phi - tbdelta wants to know what brothers x's have been fuckin around with other brothers then post your real letters pussy and ill give you names

TBD - good one man. Go hide in your house like a bitch. Because thats all you faggots have, a house.

Sigma Phi Epsilon - stop talking smack before i publish your ritual of initiation too

Sigma Alpha Mu - stfu pikapp bitches

Sigma Phi Epsilon - Ill say it all day, Im a sigep and i fuck your girls

Sigma Alpha Mu - Can we really talk shit on this? Arent we a nationwide jewish fraternity? Y are we made up of pike rejects and a midget?

TBD - Im thinking of making a youtube video of our innitiation. That would come out nicely.

TBD - May our fidelity to the ideals of Pi Kappa Alpha be further confirmation of the tradition of the fraternity. "Once a Pike, Always a Pike". Hows my grammar now?

TBD - ..."once a rapist, always a rapist"

Sigma Phi Epsilon - I believe that PIKE at FIU should change the meaning of their letters from 'Faithful and True' to "Jocks and Rapists' everyone knows what pike has raped at least one girl in every sorority

Tau Kappa Epsilon - that is al sammy has, is a midget, and sadly he gets laid more than any other sammy

Pi Kappa Phi - i dont know why the fuck you are talking shit?! tke's dont get laid

Sigma Alpha Mu - and if you do get laid, its by that girl in red with the fake tits

Pi Kappa Phi - and im sure other frat guys have fucked her too. sorry to say it TKE but you have no girls, not even a midget. even your own sweetheart doesnt hang out with you. and the girls you hang wiht now, went through pikapp first. ALL DAY, EVERYDAY

Sigma Phi Epsilon - everyone shut the fuck up!!!!!!! SigEp. that's all you need to know or do. and trust me, that is all your girls do, after they get sundazed, go to tkefest, southern assmens ball, and when they leave the pike hous trashed they come begging for this

Sigma Phi Epsilon - go ahead pike bitches wear your letters today, i can still spot a rapist from a mile away

TBD - go ahead sigay, when those bitches leave this house we already took a try at them. so if you want our sloppy seconds you gots them. as a matter of fact all these freshies have already been piked at the house. have them.

TBD - PI KAPPA ALPHA we run FIU!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOS HOUSE?


Phi Sigma Sigma - Appropiated the Rugby drinking song "I Met A Whore In The Park" and replaced Rugger with Phi Kap. Fucking theieves.

TBD - i believe we have met before

TBD - perchance we have

TBD - ^^^^Pike Challenge

Alpha Phi - Sluts

Delta Upsilon - best fraternity on campus, hands down

Delta Gamma - UNF- large and in charge, literaly

Delta Gamma - UNF- large and in charge, literaly

Delta Delta Delta - Hot party girls

Delta Delta Delta - Hot party girls

Alpha Kappa Lambda - nnn

Sigma Phi Epsilon - Best on campus, and will remain that way

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - In a league of our own. Phi Alpha Brothers

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - In a league of our own. Phi Alpha Brothers

Delta Zeta - Bombshells

Delta Zeta - SDSU Got kicked off in the 90's for partying to hard

Delta Gamma - i wanna be a sailor LoL!

Delta Delta Delta -

Pi Beta Phi - "worra"

Pi Beta Phi - insecure, usually comes off as stuck up. ugllyyyy awkward dregs of rush

Pi Beta Phi - So weird, the guys HATE to mix with them

Pi Beta Phi - So weird, the guys HATE to mix with them

Chi Omega - Smartest, also are sweethearts of all the frats except 3!

Kappa Alpha Theta - Thetas = really strong or really weak chapters

Kappa Kappa Gamma - insecure, middle class girl=high class wannabe, like Pi Phi, Theta and Tri-Delt

Pi Kappa Phi - Legit

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - Bond of Everlasting Brotherhood; Brightness from Obscurity

Chi Omega - Drink a BEER, drink a beer! Drink a beer like a Chi O can! If you can't drink a Beer like a Chi O can, then you shouldn't have a god damn beer in your hand... drink a BEER!

Alpha Delta Phi - delta sigma phi

Chi Omega - Chi Hoes :)

Theta Xi - chyea

TBD - ZTA===what does the crown mean.

Pi Beta Phi - DePauw: hot fun girls that like to go out usually friendly with guys

Delta Gamma - hot damn delta gam!! - depaul

Kappa Sigma - cool

Delta Gamma - stuck up bitches at uci

Kappa Kappa Gamma - -UCI crazy ugly bitches, the most bottom tiered sorority

Phi Delta Theta - Enjoys Swallowing SAE's Man Juice

Phi Delta Theta - Enjoys Swallowing SAE's Man Juice

Sigma Phi Epsilon - Sig Eps think they are the shit, but they are really just a bunch of tools that really aren't that sweet

Delta Zeta - NV- Mascot is a turtle- cuz once they're on their backs...they're fucked

TBD - PSDABFM. Pikes Suck Dick And Butt-Fuck Men

TBD - PSDABFM. Pikes Suck Dick And Butt-Fuck Men

Pi Kappa Phi - the truth!

Alpha Phi - UCLA - always been one of the best houses on campus. Filled with debutantes and socialites in training.

Sigma Chi - all the fags everyone hated in high school

Sigma Kappa - Gorgeous Blondes.. real down to earth and sweet girls

Alpha Omicron Pi - at BSC don't even like each other, fuck sister's exes right after they break up

TBD - Alpha xi delta= truth friedship justice

TBD - truth friendship justice

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - Quality fraternity...phi alpha

Alpha Delta Phi - this website is pathetic. i hope yall realize that you sound like a bunch of idiots. this is just as bad and pointless as juicycampus was. grow up, respect each other as greeks and stop ruining a national fraternities/sororities reputation.

Delta Zeta - UNCC-- The most stuck up girls ever..daddys credit card needed

Pi Beta Phi - Awsome sorority at Tech

Alpha Delta Pi - amazing!!!!

Sigma Phi Epsilon - SigEp All The Mother fucking Time

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - best fraternity ever... phi alpha

Chi Omega - Classy and fabulous.. you can't go wrong!

Alpha Delta Phi - Stuck up cheaters who can't settle for being second or third best..!

Kappa Kappa Gamma - STUCK UP BITCHES

Chi Omega - WSU- Beautiful, wild and crazy. Know how to have fun and are always down to party! HOT.

Chi Omega - UCLA- Kappa, Theta, Chi Omega! Best houses on the row~

Chi Omega - UCLA- Kappa, Theta, Chi Omega! Best houses on the row~

Delta Delta Delta - at UCI this sorority is amazing! everyone wants to be like them, and 90% of them are HOT HOT HOT. Classy yet know how to party.

Kappa Delta - classiest ladies ever at Albion College and every where! classy and sassy :)

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - enlightenment through obscurity

Delta Delta Delta - UCSD - Cant get action? Tri Delta.

Delta Delta Delta - UCSD - Cant get action? Tri Delta.

Delta Upsilon - Too good to be kept secret!! ily:]

Kappa Delta - Probbaly the hottest girls on campus. Every campus.

Kappa Delta - Probbaly the hottest girls on campus. Every campus.

Beta Theta Pi - Stuck up TOOLS

Alpha Gamma Delta - Amazing...Enough Said.

Pi Kappa Phi - Are tards!

Alpha Chi Omega - Waste of Time

Pi Kappa Phi - Are tards!

Alpha Delta Pi - secret handshake: rub your cunt all over the other person's face

Chi Phi - F*ck them

Tau Kappa Epsilon - Pikes at FIU BLOW....They Haze you till you cry...And tell you to MAN UP!!

Sigma Phi Epsilon - YEAH! I WAS A PLEDGE ONCE! F*** PIKE

Alpha Delta Phi - Smartest and Sweetest girls on campus

Sigma Phi Epsilon - cole sullivan loves the cock

Alpha Delta Pi - secret handshake: rub your cunt all over the other person's face

Sigma Delta Tau - USF-We are some of the nicest most diverse girls around. none of us are FAT(just b/c our letters look like eat doesnt mean thats all we do), mean, haze, crued, easy or slutty, dumb, or super rich stuck up brats. We love sisterhood and each other. <3!

Alpha Sigma Tau - UTPA - New York is a whore... just ask the baseball team.

Delta Zeta - Barbie-wannabes... they all look the same, act the same, think the same, fuck the same

Kappa Sigma - UTPA - drug up their bitches cuz thats the only way they get any

Kappa Sigma - Got kicked off Southern miss's campus for hazing little sis's

Alpha Omicron Pi - awesome girls!

Phi Gamma Delta - FSB

Delta Tau Delta - all of you that really take the time and do this are fucking faggots

Delta Tau Delta - including myself obviously since im wasting my time with this shit

Pi Kappa Phi - Fuck a sigma chi. those pussy fag bitchs "how high does the eagle fly fags"

Alpha Delta Pi - UVM - the freaks that go through rush end up at adpi

Kappa Sigma - UVM - the "pizza hut" house at uvm. fun parties, lots of weed, shitty sketchy guys.

Sigma Phi Epsilon - UVM - people either love them or hate them. sick house, too cocky for their own good, not that good looking, date a lot of pi phis

Delta Tau Delta - UVM - new frat. not chartered. no house. all seniors and freshs, super gay but rocked greek sync

Delta Delta Delta - UVM - the preppy sorority that you never see at parties? like seriously... they really confuse me. uvm does not condone hazing, but i know that new membs are on social probation

Tau Kappa Epsilon - if you can't go greek, go teke!

Sigma Phi Epsilon - UVM - think they're a hot shit society, good parties occasionally but hard to get into. very small currently there are like 26 actives, "traditional" frat at a hippie school.

Chi Omega - McNeese Chi Omegas is where its at! Elegant ladies who know how to keep i classy

Alpha Gamma Delta - The hottest girls.

Kappa Alpha Theta - UCSD- hottest, smartest, and most real girls

Pi Kappa Phi - Josh Fragale do not try to rush us we don't want you.

Pi Kappa Phi - Josh Fragale do not try to rush us we don't want you.

Pi Kappa Phi - Josh Fragale do not try to rush us we don't want you.

Delta Gamma - At UND are the hottest bitches around:)

Kappa Alpha - HBU- Complete assholes. I wish I didn't know that they all have tiny dicks. I have eye-witnessed them almost doing each other. They make each other take an oath not to tell people outside of KA that they cheat on their girlfriends CONSTANTLY.

Kappa Sigma - runs the town at PITT

Alpha Chi Omega - UNCG- biggest bitches in the quad. for real.


Delta Zeta - the best sorority around. period!

Delta Zeta - dz's keep it classy and are the best sorority there is!

Pi Kappa Phi - BALLERS!

Sigma Chi - dicksuckers

Chi Omega - At UofL Chi O has the best girls and we win the triple crown every year: best in grades, intramural champs, and most service hours!

TBD - Pike are the nicest guys at UofL and rock intramurals, great parties!

Chi Omega - Genuine, classy, beautiful, and sweet. Especially at UofL!

Phi Kappa Sigma - BEST OF THE BEST OF THE BEST!!!!!!

Alpha Delta Phi - The loser's of Southern Miss

Alpha Chi Omega - the classiest

Chi Phi - scarlet blue scarlet blue we are chi phi who are you

Kappa Kappa Gamma - This website makes me sad. We all have positive and negatives about us & we are just tearing each other down. We are ALL greek TOGETHER. Please lets all be Classy & put positives about each other!

Delta Gamma - hot DAMN, delta gam!

Phi Sigma Sigma - cant get my sisters to stop fucking all the Kappa Sigmas

Sigma Phi Epsilon - We are the best frat here at TCU! We have the best activities! I almost know 1/4 of my pledge brothers.

Alpha Chi Omega - tends to be a well kept secret. diverse, with some randoms, but mostly smart and pretty girls. alpha chi's are keepers.

Alpha Chi Omega - Best Sorority!! hands down. classy and respectable. best sisters!

Sigma Phi Epsilon - Faithful and true...PKA | phi phi kappa alpha: friendship love and truth ;) pike faggots. you are a disgrace to the greek system. rush greek legends and be jealous of us faggots

Sigma Pi - Were the best fraternity at Lynchburg College. The school kicks frats off campus quick; especially those that actually have fun while keeping up with other areas.

TBD - ZTA= hold my crown while i go down

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - Phi Alpha = from the ashes

Sigma Phi Epsilon - Were sexual and fun. SPE IS NUMBER ONE!!

Kappa Kappa Gamma - Kappa at LUChas the most gorgeous girl in the world.

Alpha Delta Phi - UVM: Extremely ANTI-hazing, the most fun-loving, gorgeous girls on campus!

Delta Chi - Best of the Best....Fuck Sig Ep

Chi Omega - classy but know how to have a good time

Delta Zeta - ASU- best girls in the world!!!! love love love my DZ's for life. Classy, fun, amazing group of girls! <3

Tau Kappa Epsilon - fat bald white kids in new york. sit around and jerk each other off in the corner of the bar

Delta Gamma - No hazing? Yeah right, These sluts do naked aerobics, fuck their anchorman, and have a naked run. Seriously these bitches need to get the cock out of their mouths and "Do Good"

Chi Omega - These Mormon bitches walk around like they're all inocent and pure but really they're closet drinking sluts who get fucked up at every formal or date night.

Alpha Phi - adrian college: They're like turtles... they're both fucked when they on their backs

Delta Zeta - Best sorority! Keep it classy and have gorgeous ladies!

Alpha Gamma Delta - Alpha Grab a Doughnut

Kappa Kappa Gamma - Each sorority/fraternity is different on every campus, but the core values are the same. At UCI, the Kappas are indeed classy, study hard, and have a great time. Don't let rumors (which are false) be the deciding factor of how you define a chapter.

Alpha Chi Omega - super hot, super classy!

Alpha Chi Omega - super hot, super classy!

Alpha Sigma Tau - Best at UCA!

Pi Kappa Phi - Lord Leandros is True and Friendly

Alpha Delta Phi - YUMMT

Chi Omega - The best sorority in Missisippi by far. Every Chi O I've met is gorgeous and so fun. I wish I could be one.

Kappa Kappa Gamma - asians?

Sigma Phi Epsilon - ILSTU: Rage Hard, no homos, no cock sucking at initiation, just a lot of raging and hazing

Chi Omega - This site is embarrassing and stupid. Sororities and Frats are different everywhere so the ppl are different. Troy University: no coffins, that's weird and we're all different. We're based on Christian values but know how to have fun. Give it a rest.

Phi Delta Theta - best house on campus, great parties, sweethearts u of akron

Kappa Kappa Gamma - dinner and a movie kind of girls, don't expect to be invited in after the first date

Sigma Nu - Texas tech: fuck fat girls


Alpha Delta Pi - WSU - real women with a sense of humor. best girls on campus!

Phi Kappa Psi - alnjejl UlSlI pay day loans 3120 payday cash 5797

Phi Kappa Psi - mdcqjemy InGWXf :-O 8794

Kappa Alpha - Some of the nicest guys I've ever met! They aren't racist, they're just a bunch of southern gentlemen!

Pi Kappa Phi - The only fraternity that matters, we fuck shit up

Alpha Delta Pi - AHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Alpha Chi Omega - Ah-ga-thee-ah Kah-ris O-fe-li-ah - Goodness/virtue, kindness/refinement, assistance/benefit

Alpha Delta Phi - lamest fattest cunts everywhere who should all have been aborted

Sigma Tau Gamma - @ East Carolina University back after 10 years, and on the rise- Great Chapter

Alpha Delta Phi - East Carolina University's best revived Chapter- gone for 10 years but coming back strong

Sigma Tau Gamma - Outstanding Chapter at East Carolina University

Alpha Chi Omega - It depresses me that people feel the need to promote their sorority/fraternity and slam others. This is not the point of going Greek, at least on my campus.

Kappa Kappa Gamma - South Carolina - Krispy Kreme Guzzlers

Chi Omega - Married a CMU Chi Omega - would never let our daughter be one

Chi Omega - Known as the smart/classy house. They're the girls you marry, get a good screw from the other houses then bring a chi o home to mom

Chi Omega - Top Girls, Top Grades, Top House

Kappa Kappa Gamma - UNC - think upper class - have money and keep it classy. pretty random mix of girls

Alpha Chi Omega - UF - Classy girls, don't do any of this nonsense.

Alpha Delta Phi - not strong on a single college campus

Delta Phi Epsilon - Best Sisterhood I've seen @ FIU All the girls are different and pretty.

Chi Omega - yummmmm owl blood :)

Delta Gamma - DG Nationals would never stand for hazing of any form. Until you become a member of the specific Greek organization of which you are speaking about, then your word is of no value.

Delta Zeta - ASU- 2010 pledge class is sexy! I see that bad rep. going away real fast.

Chi Omega - Best Women's Fraternity ever. They're LEGIT.

Kappa Kappa Gamma - Awesome fun girls!

Alpha Delta Pi - Defining "BADASSERY" Since 1851! ADPi 'Til I Die! <3

Kappa Kappa Gamma - According to this site everyone is either huge and ugly or the best. This is all clearly ridiculous and if you listen to any of it you're clearly very uneducated. All sororities party girls, smart girls, fun girls, and quiet girls.

Alpha Delta Phi - hot girls, nice to hang out with, freak in the sheets. ;)

Delta Zeta - The EZ DZ!

Delta Delta Delta - make their pledges sit naked on a sheet of newspaper while they watch porn...if the paper gets wet, they sign their panties and bring them to one of the frats...i quit this shit for a reason.

Kappa Kappa Gamma - UofA - the best. wham bam kappa gam. kappa klassy.

Delta Delta Delta - Tri-Delt... everyone else has

Theta Xi - bunch of faggots

Pi Kappa Phi - We run shit. period.

Sigma Phi Epsilon - :)

Alpha Gamma Delta - my fav gam song: take me out to the frat house, take me out to the bar. buy me a coke with lots of rum, if you do i'll swallow your cum!

Alpha Gamma Delta - Alpha Omicron- Best personality, best sisters, best sorority! <3

Kappa Alpha Theta - Half are sweet, half are stuck up snobby bitches who suck off the entire Pike house.

Delta Delta Delta - UCSD- chapter movin up in greek community. girls from newest pledge class are cute and know how to party ;)

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - sexy awesome exciting

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - SEXY AWESOME EPIC

Kappa Kappa Gamma - Rich, mostly stupid, get places in life because there daddys have connections, and are usually closet sluts.

Sigma Chi - BUNCH OF FAGS!!!!!! Seriously the elephant walk and cookie cake? Gay ass shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alpha Delta Phi - OΥΔΕΝ ΔΙΑΣΠΑΣΕΙ ΗΜΑΣ Muther Fucker

Tau Kappa Epsilon - Double penetrate each other's assholes

Sigma Phi Epsilon - Faithful and true...PKA | phi phi kappa alpha: friendship love and truth ;) pike faggots. you are a disgrace to the greek system. rush greek legends and be jealous of us faggots

Lambda Chi - LCA PTP

Delta Gamma - Akron- Classiest girls on campus, zero tolerance for hazing

Sigma Tau Gamma - had someone wear a pumpkin oh his head. Fucking hilarious!

Alpha Chi Omega - Stetson, They just tried to recruit me for spring, but I had to refuse. Don't want to be associated with Alpha Cow Omega

Alpha Chi Omega - UWF- classy not trashy! LITB you wish you could be an Alpha Chi you jealous hags!!!

Chi Omega - Ole Mis- top sorority on campus. classiest girls

Delta Zeta - UTC- Best. Absolutely classy.

Chi Omega - I find this site to be hilarious. Never did the coffin thing, but interesting to read about.

Alpha Delta Pi - OBIC = our bond is closest

Pi Kappa Phi - Susquehanna - only been on campus not even a year, hasn't even chartered yet, but has better rep on campus than TKE or Theta Chi. Out recruited, out partied, out classed, and out matched. The only thing left is Greek Week. See you there TKE

Delta Zeta - hide their ugly girls in kitchen and deny them the right to vote

Alpha Chi Omega - Cal Poly SLO- Classy and fun, the girls you bring home.

Delta Kappa Epsilon - get ready for the tunnels

Alpha Delta Pi - <>First. Finest. Forever. <>

Chi Omega - this website is reeeediculous. chi o = best sorority

Tau Kappa Epsilon - UCR: will be colonized with help of UCSB to eventually take over top house FIJI and or ATO the new KA of ucr will be tekes! West coast!

Phi Gamma Delta - UCR: too house along with suspended ato ..TKE to be colonized soon!

Chi Omega - amazing <3

Delta Zeta - Certainly the BEST! Sweetest down to earth girls at NGCSU and we are accepting to anyone!! <3

Kappa Sigma - 's are gayer than a pile of nakeg guys having sex with each other.

Sigma Alpha Mu - Syracuse - I love my biceps more than my brothers

Sigma Delta Tau - Why doesn't this page load on my blackberry?

Kappa Alpha Theta - Go Chi Corner or Go HOME!!!!!!

Pi Beta Phi - top house! tier one status: pi phi, kappa, tri delt!beautiful, classy, smart, and fun girls at tx tech!

TBD - Triangle- RIT - Make their pledges shove carrots up their asses and run around.

Kappa Kappa Gamma - UCR- Keepin it Kappa Klassy

Kappa Kappa Gamma - USC- hottest bitches to run shit

Delta Gamma - Nothing goes down faster than an anchor!

Kappa Sigma - Chill guys who know how to party. Real dudes that get girls

Lambda Chi - ZTAs are bitches!!! They prick each other in the forehead with their pins during initiation

Kappa Kappa Gamma - Killa Killa Gorillaz

Alpha Delta Pi - HOTNESS!!!!! WOOT

TBD - Zeta Tau Alpha is the best sorority at FMU! only the best get crowned!

Delta Chi - Spoiled, rich, white kids who think they're smart and sophisticated but are actually just entitled virgins who are mildly racist

Alpha Chi Omega - "Who?" -syracuse university

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - Phi Alpha= Brotherhood above all else; Meaning of ∑AE is enlightenment above obscurity

Tau Kappa Epsilon - As a fraternity gentlemam, I find a lot of the comments on here entertaining. The fact is... Going Greek is the best thing to do while in college.

Alpha Delta Phi - WJC- Fat girls who couldn't get into any other chapter.

Delta Tau Delta - weed

Sigma Phi Epsilon - Univ. Montana- Highest GPA on campus and not a single rape charge against them

Sigma Nu - Univ. Montana- Being kicked off campus for serving alcohol to underage girlsand letting sigma chi's rape them

Delta Phi Epsilon - Best and classiest girls

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - Brand their guys

Pi Kappa Phi - SWAG

Chi Omega - Every guy wishes he had one...

Delta Gamma - WLU hot damn delta gamm we dont haze

Kappa Sigma - @BoiseState: Suspended, on top of that letters stolen off of house. TKE's taking over.

Alpha Omicron Pi - ASU- New to campus and already one of the top sororities on campus. Have an amazing sisterhood, and are doing great things for the greek and general community!

Alpha Omicron Pi - ASU- New to campus and already one of the top sororities on campus. Have an amazing sisterhood, and are doing great things for the greek and general community!

TBD - Southern Miss- Pi Kappa Alpha many many closet homosexuals

Chi Omega - Classiest girls AROUND! Love all my Chi O ladies!

Theta Xi - Cuteeeeeeeeee

Sigma Phi Epsilon - Faithful and true...PKA | phi phi kappa alpha: friendship love and truth ;) pike faggots. you are a disgrace to the greek system. rush greek legends and be jealous of us faggots

Alpha Delta Phi - Beautiful Girls on Campus!

Delta Gamma - Nothing goes down faster than an anchor

Phi Gamma Delta - Sucks at every college. Rim Jobs and flesh lights!!! total douches

Sigma Chi - "suck dick until they die, EX"

Alpha Delta Pi - At University of North Carolina at Charlotte, are amazing they are they gorgeous, sweet, diverse, and smart

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - Phi Alpha - Cal Mu Mafia

Alpha Chi Omega - ZH, been to nationals, met girls from all over to talk about new memb ed; real strong women nationally, litb <3

Phi Sigma Sigma - George Elmers a boss

Gamma Phi Beta - sigep<3 food <333333

Lambda Phi Epsilon - eats cats and dogs


Delta Delta Delta - they made me fuck 2 guys in my assole and posted the video online Michigan U

Alpha Tau Omega - I was raped from multiple guys in ATO in the basement and never told anyone, I was pregnant and was forced to have an abortion. I wish fraternities never exist.

Delta Delta Delta - BBPB! best nationally, no denying it

Alpha Tau Omega - Best fraternaty men around

Alpha Delta Pi - classy, beautiful, fun girls!! half the stuff on this page isn't even true!! (but this is) TOP HOUSE WOOOHHH!!!

Kappa Delta - never met a more wonderful set of ladies! truthful, loyal, kind, and sexy as fuck!

Alpha Delta Phi - Classy but definitely different wherever you go! South they are a definitely a top group, but that is also where they were founded! But definitely the First. Finest. Forever!

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - Zac Gordon "Get her pregnant, she's your problem"

Gamma Phi Beta - UCR HOT HOT!

Alpha Delta Pi - ADPi is the best by far! L&L to all the sisters!

Alpha Delta Phi - Best Girls Ever. So Sweet, Beautiful, Nice, Charming, and Funny. The First and the Best!

Sigma Phi Epsilon - Talk shit and can't back it up. Being in a frat means NOTHING to normal people. Its sad that you have to pay for friends and connections. Stop being dbags because its easy to shut you up.

Tau Kappa Epsilon - sandler

Delta Delta Delta - UofArkansas- top house, "pretty" girls

Chi Omega - "top house" but bitches

Kappa Kappa Gamma - Kappa's the colors of a Kotex box - dark blue, light blue. Kappa's the colors of a Kotex box - you could be one too! 'Round every Kappa's neck, lies a golden key. On top of every Kappa pledge, lies an SAE!

Kappa Kappa Gamma - Here's to the Kappa Kappa Gammas with their little rusted key. What the damn thing opens is a mystery to me.

Kappa Alpha Theta - Oh the Kappa Alpha Thetas with their little paper kite. Wish they'd fly right out of my sight.

Delta Gamma - Anchors to DG - sail 'em off to sea!

Alpha Phi - Who gives a damn about the phony Alpha Phis?

Chi Omega - I'd rather be a Chi O 'til the day that I die!!!

TBD - This is the gayest website possible, and is just people hating on greek life because they're all GDI's and realize how much better greek life actually is.

Delta Chi - Best of the best. You'd be lucky to be one!

Delta Chi - Stuck up elitists. Boring, waspy losers.

Delta Gamma - Mizzou: hot sexy bitches who like to party

Tau Kappa Epsilon - TKE accept gays, Doesnt mean we are gay, If you can't go Greek, Go TKE? Na, if you want to be apart of the LARGEST network in the world GO TKE (SUNY OLD WESTBURY COLONY!)

Pi Beta Phi - Classy, Sassy, Sexy

Tau Kappa Epsilon - TKE's are huge dicks that roofie girls.

Pi Beta Phi - worra

Pi Beta Phi - WORRA

Delta Delta Delta - Ib the south- sweet, southern, many are Christians- a few 'dark delts' too

Delta Delta Delta - in the south- sweet, southern, Christian. A few 'dark delts' too

Alpha Delta Phi - Beautiful, classy and smart. Love them!

Phi Kappa Psi - urwtcn easy payday loans OtEEC 7356 XLoyN

Alpha Delta Phi - stupid

Kappa Alpha - Before you go greek . . . Know who the gods are!!

Alpha Delta Phi - heyyy

Sigma Phi Epsilon - Virtue. Diligence. Brotherly Love. Priorities are in line at Sig Ep.

Chi Omega - This.Site.Is.Ridiculous. Aren't we supposed to be classy? Get over it, everyone. TAMUC Chi-O's have a great and close chapter. FYI.

Kappa Kappa Gamma - Should of Kappa Gamma Beta for can't get a boyfriend. Passive agressive, low self-esteem, treacherous drunks with no sense of real sisterhood and morality.

Kappa Alpha - Racist and prejudice rednecks! Hateful and mean, kicked 3 gays and 1 black out in one semester!

Kappa Alpha - New nickname: "GAY A"

Kappa Alpha - Robert E. Lee dick suckin fags

Chi Omega - The coffin bit is true - there have been lawsuits to prove it.

Delta Phi Epsilon - Dphie, gotta love those girls Rowans chapter is full of unique pretty girls.

Delta Gamma - doing good everywhere we go! everyone wishes they were a DELTA GAM

Alpha Chi Omega - We believe in greek unity. There is not a single fraternity or sorority that is better than the next. We are lucky and blessed to be unified in the strong bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood. Be respectful and love your fellow greeks.

Sigma Phi Epsilon - George Mason University Pig Gig and Bone Dance, two events you can't miss, well unless your not invited!

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - DDHHT- Phi Alpha Pledge Class '07 (the last REAL class of True Gentlemen at KSU)

Sigma Phi Epsilon - Alex Fulkerson is a lowlife, no good, shit talking, cock soucking moron. The rest of em are ok if you like douches...KANSAS BETA

Chi Omega - chi ho, chi ho, it's off to bed we go. with a phidelt to undo my belt and an sae between my knees chi ho, chi ho, chi ho, chi ho. chi ho, it's off to bed we go. with a fiji boy inside of me and a sigma nu i'll do him too, chi ho, chi ho, chi ho, chi ho

Phi Kappa Psi - kuhzgp payday loans CwKTlu payday loan 5261 payday loans FAiwz

Kappa Delta - thunder thigh drunks who love to terrorize anyone and everyone with their wild party girl ways

Kappa Delta - WKU-Fat, Stuck Up Facially challenged princesses with entitlement issues. Love to binge drink, and run up daddy's credit cards

Alpha Delta Phi - This is the most inane site on the entire web

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - Same Assholes Everywhere

Kappa Sigma - Kappa Sign me up

Delta Delta Delta - UCSD: Takes the girls rejected from other sororities

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - Got KD girls doing coke off my dick FSU PHI ALPHA

Sigma Phi Epsilon - Cheese

Chi Omega - they are all desperate for attention and text each other at parties. they can't get a hint when they are wanted to leave. stupidest ugliest bitches ive ever met.

TBD - tri-sigma. why haven't you? we all know they are the sluttiest..

Kappa Alpha - no one likes them. reeeeeefers.

Pi Kappa Phi - will fuck anything with a vagina...

TBD - delta sigma phi. best house on campus. <3

Alpha Chi Omega - hottest girls in texas, hands down!

Delta Delta Delta - Best girls all around. Texas TriDelts are by far the classiest girls in existance. Sweet, smart and down to earth.

Chi Omega - At initiation you are placed into a coffin,the lid is closed and then opened and you are now born a Chi O

Chi Omega - ladies, this is not the forum to talk about our secret practices

Chi Omega - have a secret dialogue where the first letters of each sentence spell out "watch." "Where are you going? Arkansas? To do what? Cheer. Have fun!"

Alpha Phi - ENVY THE IVY!

Kappa Alpha Theta - you mean Jappa Alpha Theta

Alpha Chi Omega - best at villanova by FAR

TBD - ZTA Zeta Tau Alpha "Zeta" means Let Us Be United in Love and during initiation they dig the crown's points into the pledge's head so they can be reminded what happens to them if they spill secrets

Sigma Kappa - haze haze HAZE on the hush hush HUSH

Alpha Delta Pi - AZ- Sexy Smart Rich. Be. Jelly.

Delta Zeta - SEXY

Alpha Delta Pi - Alabama Dog Pound

Sigma Kappa - hazers wear blazers! they're really fratty. rich. hot. but not classy bc we know that they haze. dont rush.

Sigma Kappa - sluts! stuck up girls that think they're hot stuff.

Phi Sigma Sigma - no sense of sisterhood, backstabbers, bad National, never a girls first choice

Beta Theta Pi - Only frat at UBC with hot guys

Sigma Chi - Known as mediocre in most campuses.

Kappa Kappa Gamma - Girls who party with Betas

Kappa Sigma - Ugliest but nicest guys on campus.

Pi Beta Phi - at my school we are the party girls, but we are classy. everyone saves $ in their social budgets to swap with us. we can maintain grades and still have a great time! we are also known on campus as the best sisterhood and the realest girls you will meet :)

TBD - Delta Omicron Chi- beat their sisters with large, wooden battles, about 3 feet long.

Chi Omega - Ladies, RESPECT the letters!! Don't say anything that shouldn't be said. Snaps to all the BEAUTIFUL WOMEN in CHI OMEGA!!!!!!! <3

Chi Omega - Best in Texas!

Delta Delta Delta - Stetson University - LOVE anal encourages their pledges to have anal sex with at least one guy in every fraternity before initiation

Sigma Tau Gamma - PSU - 21 cup champs

Chi Omega - Chi O till I die o

Chi Omega - At Purdue we were ranked by our boob size as pledges.

Sigma Tau Gamma - biggest penises on the planet!

Delta Zeta - sexiest smartest bitches you'll EVER meet ..... ASU <3

Kappa Kappa Gamma - FATTIES FO SURE

Pi Beta Phi - At UNR these girls are classy, real, and gorgeous. Have a well diversified house, but all are beautiful and smart!

Delta Delta Delta - prettiest girls at USF and also very friendly

Gamma Phi Beta - Sweet, cute, wonderful and full of girls involved all over campus. Keeping it classy and real. Some girls are drop dead gorgeous!

Alpha Delta Pi - Clemson- Classy and Gorgeous

Alpha Delta Phi - People need to stop thinking that ADPhi is a sorority. Pi and Phi are not the same letter, for those who failed to learn the Greek alphabet.

Phi Kappa Psi - fnmhxkx aVNTN tIxOQF 330

Alpha Chi Omega - hg

Pi Kappa Phi - EY 401 we run this shit at Georgia College. Best Frat ever

Alpha Delta Phi - We do NOT haze. and we do NOT joke about hazing.

TBD - Pi Kappa Alpha..Gentlemen in the streets, Beasts in the sheets

Sigma Tau Gamma - Their dicks taste like blueberrys!

Chi Omega - Damn I want to go back to college! Graduated in'93. I could do it all over again. We had the best house and everyone knew it. I never got in a coffin by the way. Hahaha silly rumors!

Sigma Pi - Won't drink beer with any old man, but they will drink beer with a Sigma Pi.

Sigma Pi - Our brotherhood is tighter than your little sister!

Kappa Delta - prettier than the ZTAs on campus... still racist though

Alpha Delta Pi - Beautiful girls on the INSIDE and OUT

Delta Zeta - Whoever said they were happy in their letters, never had a chance to wear these. ΔΖ Best sorority ever!

Delta Zeta - Top sorority in the state of Texas.

Delta Zeta - ASU the best sorority they have...they are the sweetest girls on hard and study harder

Alpha Phi - ASU the biggest sluts you will meet....they suck every guys cock and run trains with sisters....even fuck sisters boyfriends.

Delta Tau Delta - w&j: dudes touching dudes. lots of candle watching

Alpha Tau Omega - w&j: ATZero. random kids, get drunk off two beers...

Phi Delta Theta - w&j: sweaty hicks, cut from the jv football team, but the do love america

Phi Kappa Psi - w&j: laxbros and hick wrestlers. interesting combo but it works

Phi Gamma Delta - w&j: mostly football players, party hard, haze hard, study hard (not so much)

Beta Theta Pi - w&j: swimmers, water polo players, very open to homosexual lifestyles, party hard

Kappa Kappa Gamma - whores

Sigma Pi - The worst fraternity on campus at Morehead State. They don't even have a house anymore and hardly anyone knows who they are anymore.

Gamma Phi Beta - BEST sorority on campus at Morehead State. These ladies are real, classy girls and they're beautiful. Delta Gamma is fat and look like guidettes. DZ's aren't cute at all. Chi O's are sluts and Kappa Deltas are ugly.

Delta Delta Delta - hazing

Alpha Chi Omega - WWU-Recruit well. Some hot, some not so much. Top house, but they aren't very much fun

Alpha Tau Omega - Arkansas State - real gentlemen.

Delta Gamma - Florida State Univ. They all have to dye their hair brown!!! No originality allowed!

Alpha Delta Phi - Potsmoking u of ok losers: SEP geeds shower elephant walk style hot n' cold LAMBDA wanna be when SAE might be 1

Alpha Phi - UCLA- best sorority. period. sexy, fun, and talented as hell.

Phi Sigma Sigma - Hotties.. Rush Phi Sig!!!!!!

Alpha Gamma Delta - Alpha grab a doughnut

Delta Gamma - Dick grabbers

Pi Kappa Phi - You all are just pawns in our world of chess!

Kappa Kappa Gamma - Awesome girls at all campuses!

Delta Phi Epsilon - DPhiE runs shit in Philadelphia. If you're not in DPhiE the hell, the hell with you!

Alpha Sigma Tau - Complete bitches. Recently got charges pressed against them for brutally attacking girls in other sororities. Can't spell NASTY without AST!

Kappa Kappa Gamma - loveeeee kappa

Delta Upsilon - UH- non hazing and non secret. wrecks all the intramurals and one of the highest gpa of any frat on campus. just cuz we dont make pledges grab our dicks doesnt mean we arent a real fraternity.

Alpha Phi - WWU- Tons of horse girls (equestrian majors), some seriously hot girls, though. They like to party.

Chi Omega - WWU- A lot of athletes & super hot girls. There are some super religious girls, but they are my favorite house to party with.

Kappa Sigma - Knows that they suck so they try to rip off everyone else!

Chi Omega - Best sorority on most campuses!

Alpha Epsilon Phi - genuine!

Kappa Delta - only pretty enough to get shit faced with and fuck otherwise they are whiney useless sluts

Kappa Delta - best, down to earth girls

Kappa Sigma - Best choice I ever made, was being a founding father of Kappa Sigma colony.

Kappa Kappa Gamma - South Carolina: 1-800 ill suck yo big black cock

Kappa Kappa Gamma - South Carolina: 1-800 ill suck yo big black cock

TBD - What does the crown mean, you ask? It means you're the best! ZTA zlam

Delta Gamma - amazing

Alpha Delta Pi - L&L!! There's nothing better than an ADPi

Sigma Chi - best house at all universities

Pi Kappa Phi - All other fraternities wish they were like Pi Kappa Phi. Do you have your own Philanthropy?

Beta Theta Pi - Betas rule

Sigma Phi Epsilon - WCU: jerk each other off, suck off big brother

Sigma Phi Epsilon - WCU: jerk each other off, suck off big brother

Alpha Phi - Classy, sexy, HOOOOOOTTTT

Zeta Beta Tau - bla!

TBD - why isn't Phi Kappa Tau mentioned on here at all??

Sigma Phi Epsilon - SigEp is as ideal as fraternities get

TBD - ZTA- knock: 2 short 1 long password: arista (said only in wisper) the Alpha in ZTA stands for the password, arista

Alpha Delta Pi - password is aldephi and have to take a shot during initiation

Alpha Delta Pi - fsu- classiest of them all.

Delta Zeta - u of south carolina- had to tongue f my big sister and let her finger f me

Alpha Delta Phi - SHSU- we were forced to sleep with 5 girls by the end of bid week or they would send out a video of us masterbating

Alpha Delta Phi - rare as a diamond, pretty as a pearl, it's good to be an ADpi girl :)

Alpha Omicron Pi - Best sorority on campus at GVSU. I now wish I did not go EK. These girls are what every chapter strives to be, great rep and very classy.

Sigma Kappa - known to contract STDs and have blown out vaginas at GVSU.

Phi Gamma Delta - So rather than ridiculing any Greek Organization, The Greek Community at Colorado School of Mines consists of a solid group of men and women who actually incorporate strong values into others' lives. No hazing. No crazy parties. Real, down to earth.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - Sexual Assult Expected

Alpha Omicron Pi - Arkansas State- BEST sorority on campus!! Total package- Gorgeous, Smart, && Fun. By far the sweetest and have the strongest sisterhood!!

Tau Kappa Epsilon - MSU-if you can go greek go TKE

Alpha Delta Pi - MSU- Hot but stuck up

Delta Chi - MSU- legit dudes

Delta Zeta - MSU- fun as hell

Gamma Phi Beta - MSU- hot but not fun

Sigma Kappa - MSU- Hot and easy love love love

Alpha Kappa Lambda - MSU- Have my respect hard!

Kappa Sigma - MSU- Hated by many I dont know why.....the just are

Sigma Phi Epsilon - MSU-Non hazing pussies who the fuck is going to respect you with no pledgeship?

Kappa Alpha - True men of honer and pride

Theta Xi - MSU- Theta Xi date a guy

Alpha Chi Omega - MSU- Beautiful sweet hearts.

Phi Gamma Delta - MSU- Their TMF is a Total Fag Move

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - Delta State: Some of the nicest guys I've ever met, but soon they'll be just like the other chapters...

Sigma Pi - We are Sig Pi Rangers!

Delta Zeta - pretty partiers.

Alpha Phi - SUU- Smartest, prettiest, girls on campus

Delta Gamma - WWU- Bottom house. Definitely not the same caliber as Chi O or Alpha Chi....but they seem nice.

Sigma Phi Epsilon - LOSERS got CAUGHT!! - -

Alpha Delta Pi - Seriously the hottest and nicest bitches on Campus. such cool girls

Alpha Phi - Coolest, hottest, classiest girls! You definitely wanna party with them

Kappa Sigma - The most bad ass fraternity in all the land!

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - Auburn - All of the True Gentlemen - Phi Alpha brothers

Sigma Phi Epsilon - Doesn't haze because they have pussies where their balls should be and have small brains.

Alpha Delta Phi - ASU - Arizona Dog Pound.

Sigma Pi - UCSC - Top House, dopest brothers, no hazing, unlike coke head theta chi's

Pi Beta Phi - UCSD: Pi Phi's are so boring looking and most are ugly, I guess they initiate mostly blondes to make themselves look better, but trust me they're yucki. I've spoke to some. Low class, unintelligent, Coke whores. embarrassing to be one.

Sigma Phi Epsilon - Drake - SigEp = best fraternity here. Hard to get into. Best parties, best athletics, best grades, hottest girlfriends.

Sigma Phi Epsilon - hands down best frat

Alpha Phi - UCLA: hot, sexy, classy, smart, and talented. if i wasn't already an a phi i would kill to be one.

Alpha Phi - THE hottest and most fun girls. They know how to party and look good doing it!

Alpha Gamma Delta - The best girls on campus. Best GPA's, everyones friend, everyone loves them.


Pi Beta Phi - UK- is da shittttt times 3. fo real doe

Alpha Omicron Pi - FAT UGLY BITCHES WHO COULDNt GEt in ANYWHERE ELSE at MIami uNiversity of oHio

Pi Beta Phi - UVM- the girls you want to marry

Delta Zeta - Love Kappa Sigma; AEKDZ!

Phi Gamma Delta - known to have a room for shooting porn at FIU

Kappa Delta - Cute girls

Pi Kappa Phi - always nice to everyone!

Sigma Phi Epsilon - Funnnn...

Delta Phi Epsilon - FIU -- Fake, make-up pancake faces. Their new members talk about how they would've known the truth because if they had they would have chosen anothe organization.

Phi Sigma Sigma - FIU -- Fake, pageant girls with no sense of sisterhood. Left one of their own sisters half-naked, drunk, and passed out on her mother's doorstep & didn't even bother to knock. Pretty on the outside, and disgusting on the inside!!

Alpha Omicron Pi - FIU-- The "sporty" sorority. 50/50 with both nice girls & bitchy girls.

TBD - Sigma Sigma Sigma -- FIU -- Nice girls, but take some weird people. Overlooked.

TBD - Alpha Xi Delta -- Smart girls. Good grades. HEAVY drinkers. Cheat *EVERY* homecoming.

TBD - Phi Mu -- Sweet girls. Caring and nice. Great girls!! (& I'm not a Phi Mu btw)

Sigma Kappa - FIU -- VERY down-to-earth girls

Alpha Delta Pi - BEST SO-RAWR-ITY AT UK =]

Sigma Chi - USF - i remember when i was the definition of a faggot, i mean a sig chi

Alpha Tau Omega - Since 1865

Phi Gamma Delta - This is just ridiculous, every chapter is different but I'd like to think that the greek system produces finer people than this.

Kappa Alpha Theta - Ole Miss- REJECTS!

Alpha Chi Omega - Best kept secret on campus! LITB

Pi Beta Phi - inspiration for "Phi Beta Pink' Victoria Secret fundraising - hot girls

Sigma Delta Tau - USF - Wonderful ladies. <3

Pi Beta Phi - model for Victoria Secret's "Phi Beta Pink"

Delta Tau Delta - I love these guys! They respect all the girls that walk into there house. They know how to have a good time. USM

Delta Kappa Epsilon - coolest and best looking guys on campus at any chapter you visit

Pi Kappa Phi - This website is pathetic. I am appalled at the things written on here about any organization and any chapter. The person who owns this website is probably a GDI.

Phi Sigma Sigma - URI- best sorority on this campus by farrrr.

Phi Sigma Sigma - LITP <3

Pi Beta Phi - beautiful and classy!!!

Delta Delta Delta - (WSU) Best sorority EVER! Classy, smart, funny, pretty, outgoing... we ARE the party. Never dealt with hazing- we love our sisters too much to humiliate them because of our own insecurities.

Phi Kappa Psi - mqitmqhy payday loan BThtC payday loans %-[[[ paydayuk 8331

Phi Kappa Psi - Cal Poly. Best brotherhood out there. Period

TBD - This is really an ignorant board and ignorant idea for a board

Delta Delta Delta - haha nastiest whores at UCI, but yea, they're all fucking

Sigma Phi Epsilon - dont haze, and pretty chill, and i'm not even in the fraternity-uci

TBD - UCI-why is PIKE(Pi Kappa Alpha) not here? anyways, they're steroid using bros, who i swear have the shittiest luck with women....even soroity chicks

Phi Gamma Delta - UCI- boring, forgotten fraternity

Delta Delta Delta - Biggest partiers at the UO, those biatches are hot and CRAZY!

Alpha Phi - really, really sweet girls. they love all of the other sororites too :)

Delta Zeta - Best decision of my life!! Classy, fun, down to earth and know how to have a great time while getting the grades!


Chi Omega - wonderful :)

Alpha Delta Pi - Oklahoma State - Sluttiest bitches ever. Drink and party every night.

TBD - ASU True gentlemen with larger than average genitals

Phi Gamma Delta - UWO - Best FRATERNITY EVER!!! High class ballers who will fuck you up then pick you back up again!!!! Craziest and BESTT parties FIJI. Wins. EVERYTHING.

Sigma Delta Tau - Last name ever, first name grΣΔΤest

Alpha Gamma Delta - They are amazing, beautiful, wonderful, lovely, intelligent women! Classy! I would only date an AGD.

Alpha Gamma Delta - They are amazing, beautiful, wonderful, lovely, intelligent women! Classy! I would only date an AGD.

Sigma Phi Epsilon - Anyway haha

Alpha Epsilon Pi - Makes pledges have sex with an old horny lady

Alpha Omicron Pi - sweet girls, sexy as fuck. chill to party with. if a girls gonna pledge, go AOII

Delta Phi Epsilon - Some of the most down to earth sorority girls I have ever met (Widener U.)

Beta Theta Pi - Alabama- Good guys with sick house that has a hidden balcony

Alpha Epsilon Pi - Go AEPi, or go suck other guys off

TBD - why is ZTA not on here..

Sigma Kappa - UW- Used to be Sigma Kattle, but have improved greatly and they have pretty hot girls now!

Pi Beta Phi - Classiest most respected girls on campus! Down to earth, pretty, fun and EVERY frat loves them.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - UCLA - studs.

Kappa Kappa Gamma - UCSD-blonde, very loud, & outgoing

Alpha Chi Omega - UCSD-diverse group of girls who are a little more tomboyish

Pi Beta Phi - UCSD-insecure bunch of blonde chicks with pounds of make-up. their favorite past times include partying and starving themselves.

Delta Delta Delta - UCSD-cute girls with great personalities. these girls are a lot of fun!

Delta Gamma - nothing goes down faster than an anchor...

Alpha Delta Pi - Baylor - will take girls months after rush via email

Delta Delta Delta - Baylor - great sorority. nice, christian, SMART girls

Pi Beta Phi - Craziest girls at mu!!!!

Alpha Epsilon Pi - smokes through pounds every week

Alpha Epsilon Pi - -CU- smokes through pounds every week

Delta Delta Delta - (ttu) tech they are the most fun, hot, and classy girls. They are ranked as number one, hands down!!

Kappa Sigma - one of the best houses at usc, always hookin up with top sororities like dg, theta, kappa and pi phi

Kappa Alpha Theta - OLE MISS-- Pledge Class this year is great! Really turning things around for theta!

Zeta Beta Tau - UCF - Zillions, Billions, Trillions

Alpha Delta Phi - SHSU ΑΧΩ : prettiest and classiest girls on the hill hands down!

Alpha Omicron Pi - USF - Classy, beautiful ladies.

Delta Zeta - UGA - keeping it classy like always with the prettiest girls and the best rep!

Alpha Chi Omega - drinking water

Lambda Chi - -UCLA-not the best looking guys around... some brothers seem like theyre in the closet

Delta Delta Delta - queen bees. no one can even come close. DPHIE TILL THE DEATH OF ME<3

Delta Phi Epsilon - best sorority to ever exist. DELTA PHI EPSILON BITCHESSS<3

Alpha Delta Phi - This is really amazing information you shared here...

Delta Zeta - dont haze but talk alot of shit. can be fake depends on the girl. CSU.

Sigma Pi - UCSC - We suck. Ful of chumps and queers

Lambda Chi - has big dicks

Alpha Delta Pi - The beauty of violets, The strength of lions, The brilliance of diamonds, The love and loyalty of sisters. WE LIVE FOR EACH OTHER! *First*Finest*Forever* Since 1851

Alpha Gamma Delta - the only legitimately NICE sorority girls.

Alpha Delta Phi - wait, seriously? the fat house of WSU. everyone knows. 80 pound thighs

Alpha Delta Pi - wait, seriously? the fat house of WSU. everyone knows. 80 pound thighs

Sigma Phi Epsilon - UNK, Kearney- We don't haze, and we stand true to our 3 principles: Virtue, Diligence, and Brotherly Love. Go Greek!

Sigma Tau Gamma - Best fucking frat in the world

Delta Chi - Only takes tall white guys. Racist, rude and think they're better than everyone else

Delta Delta Delta - UCF - Pretty chill girls. In pledge class some slutty girls, but older members usually not.

Alpha Tau Omega - UF - killed a goat after a party a couples years back, broke its neck

Theta Xi - THE BEST!

Alpha Delta Phi - at UNCW are the BEST girls on campus. Smart, beautiful, classy, genuine and funny but they still know how to have a good lots for their philanthropy and support the rest of their greek community. A true example of sisterhood.

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TBD - We love to circle jerk.

Sigma Chi - Best Fraternity Ever! i can't wait to call these fine men my brothers

Sigma Phi Epsilon - UTA - Think they are great at throwing parties yet they spike punch and push girls downstairs.

Alpha Chi Omega - A Chi Blow

Zeta Beta Tau - Tough as Rocks, Bitches love to suck our cocks..JWU

Alpha Delta Phi - BEST EVER. DUH.

Alpha Delta Phi - At Coastal Carolina University: Classy, Not Trashy. Definitely the best sorority you can get in here!

Chi Omega - best sorority. party girls

Alpha Phi - slutty "alpha free"

Kappa Delta - Are the Best in the orth

Alpha Delta Pi - WSU Fattest sorority on campus

Alpha Delta Pi - UTexas- Classy girls. Well rounded. Focused on GPA during the day, but know how to party at night! <>Pi Love Sistas<>

Pi Beta Phi - UTexas- A little stuck up. Only concerned about material things. But they are ok girls. Very pretty.

Alpha Gamma Delta - Sister lovin'. All day Errr day.

Delta Gamma - hot hot hot

Theta Xi - Theta High

Kappa Kappa Gamma - secret word: glorangle

Kappa Kappa Gamma - Yes, we are the Best! Be jealous.

Pi Beta Phi - Amazing girls! best one at purdue for sure. everyone frat wants to mix with pi phis

Pi Beta Phi - This site was created to talk about and share stories from your own house, not bring down others. Tell your own stories, but please don't rip on others for no reason. I will never regret my decision of becoming a Pi Phi.

Delta Delta Delta - Can you please Fuck the Dumb out of me!!!

Alpha Delta Phi - These girls are the nicest girls on campus at washington state university, they are known as the sporty pretty ones. They also know how to party ;)

Pi Beta Phi - Biggest group of bitches ive ever met-Kansas State

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Alpha Tau Omega - Best fraternity of them all

Alpha Omicron Pi - WKU - Best sorority on campus. Super sweet, gorgeous girls. So classy but know how to party!

Kappa Alpha - SMU ... Brothers from another mother !

Delta Zeta - ECU - hottest sorority on campus!

Alpha Phi - Sluts, nuff said

Alpha Delta Phi - here's to you, and here's to me, fuck all the rest, OBIC!

Sigma Chi - lets get drunk

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - make pledges drive to all so cal houses in one night and take a picture in front of the houses.

Sigma Chi - I can't wait to call these fine men my brothers

Gamma Phi Beta - Love love love the Oklahoma state girls!

Theta Xi - bunch of gays

Theta Xi - lamest frat in louisiana

TBD - PHI MU the best in the sun belt and SEC

Theta Xi - UNCP - Date-A-Guy. Theta GAY

Phi Gamma Delta - hot mother fuckers at SMU

Sigma Kappa - TSU- Sigma Klassy, amazing girls

Sigma Nu - truly honorable gentlemen who throw the best parties. Rhodes College

Alpha Delta Pi - At ASU the ADPi's are gorgeous, fun, and smart!

Kappa Sigma - People hate us because they know we are the best

Sigma Phi Epsilon - Clarkson university gay fraternity!!!! don't join!!!!!!

Kappa Alpha - Southern Gentlemen.

Kappa Alpha Theta - Belmont: The chapter was just installed a few weeks ago. too soon to tell what the reputation is but the girls are classy and nice and beautiful... Just as a theta should be!

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Alpha Delta Phi - People need to learn their letters... ADPi is a sorority; ADPhi is a fraternity. You all deserve laps for being a bunch of GDI's

Alpha Delta Phi - Alpha Delts are starting to take over, they have colonies popping up all over and within the next few years are going to dominate Greek life

Delta Tau Delta - The delts are the smartest, nicest, most original guys I know. They are truly gentlemen. <3

Alpha Phi - gmu-literally the best girls on campus, no competition whatsoever

Delta Phi Epsilon - Drunk & "Ph"uck Everything

Kappa Alpha Theta - Worst sorority ever. Total Bitches

Alpha Chi Omega - Beautiful girls

Alpha Phi - If it burns when you pee, it's an Alpha Phi --Texas Tech

Kappa Delta - University of Idaho: stongest sisterhood out there, beautiful, sexy and classy women that know how to party <3 AOT

Delta Chi - -UofI- rages harder than anyone else bar none, dont fuck with em!

Sigma Chi - Valdosta State University Founding Father Status what's up?!!?

Kappa Sigma - Suck Dick

Alpha Delta Phi - Best sorority ever!!!!!! FAU<3

Alpha Delta Pi - BEST SORORITY EVER!!!!!! FAU-Boca<3

Tau Kappa Epsilon - Greatest Fraternity Ever. Semen in the eye Sigma Chi.

Tau Kappa Epsilon - Vulture

Tau Kappa Epsilon - Kawkakawka

Kappa Alpha - Very nice group of guys. Well mannered, Cute and my sorority loves them.

Sigma Chi - Cool

Alpha Delta Phi - beautifully classy at tech

Sigma Delta Tau - Reallllly hott girls

Phi Kappa Sigma - douche fuckers all around. especially TCU

Alpha Delta Pi - getting kicked off campus for dirty rushing and have been denying it for months. Shady fucking Pi....

Chi Omega - Classy and Fabulous since 1895

Kappa Sigma - CSUS- Too Legit to Quit.

Alpha Chi Omega - Sac State- Super chill, fun ladies

Kappa Sigma - Sac State- Too Legit to Quit

Pi Kappa Phi - Make our girls sit on a washing machine and circle the parts that jiggle

Chi Omega - UT, One of a kind, beautiful, gorgeous, fun, and great girls.

Phi Kappa Psi - Purdue - bunch of bitches

Gamma Phi Beta - Purdue - Fatasses

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - This shitty list goes on forever and is fucking retarded

Tau Kappa Epsilon - too cool

Phi Sigma Sigma - the sluttiest and bitchiest girls you will ever meet. they really hate each other and just pretend their sisterhood is real.

Phi Sigma Sigma - Nobody likes them on campus and that's because they're all super ugly and fat inside and outside. They hate each other and talk so much shit about each other, steal each other's boyfriends, etc. They're disgusting.

Delta Gamma - best girls out there, classiest sluts who are down to earth and know how to have fun

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Sigma Delta Tau - clicky, but at the end of the day, they're hot

Lambda Chi - kicked of at sc for hazing but they dont haze because they dont have pledges sucks to be them

Alpha Delta Phi - WSU: were making a strong come back. love my sister <> diamonds are forever!

Phi Gamma Delta - Cutest girls eva!!

Gamma Phi Beta - no hazing we love each other:)

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - Bunch of hard asses who try to start shit, but then get there ass beat.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - UT- Nobody likes them, except 5 aopis.

Pi Beta Phi - UT- they suck here, forreal. Pie Burgers and fries. fat bitches

Beta Theta Pi - UT-President came out, he is dating a pledge. Beta date a guy

Kappa Alpha - Southern Gentlemen for God and the ladies -Ole Miss by damn

Sigma Phi Epsilon - THE BEST GUYS I KNOW! LOVE THEM! vdbl

Delta Upsilon - WSU-Really laid back, throw fucking amazing parties, smart and well rounded. Oh yeah, they're a bunch of stoners too, but good looking ones.

Delta Gamma - hope they dont haze

Chi Omega - Classiest Ladies!

Pi Beta Phi - Northern AZ- Best on campus. Super nice, gorgeous girls. The best grades, looks, personality and always the best pledges

Pi Kappa Phi - Arlington TX- Not douche bags. True and Friendly. aka the Frat Castle

Pi Kappa Phi - Men of CLASS. End of story.

Alpha Phi - TTU- greatest girls:)

Alpha Sigma Tau - Awesome girls... Know how to party hard!!!

Sigma Alpha Mu - Stole Sig Ep's house

Kappa Kappa Gamma - Classy and beautiful

Alpha Delta Phi - The first sorority ever founded, without us, there would be no greek life for women. First. Finest. Forever. 1851 <>

Delta Gamma - Everything I have read on here about Delta Gamma is absolutely ridiculous. I don't know a single DG that's ever been hazed. You're probably just the losers who didn't get bids. Sincerely, your favorite Dream Girl.

Delta Zeta - I've been initiated for a few months now, and I never thought I'd join a sorority, but my sisters are all so sweet and caring. They're amazing :)

Sigma Nu - Hot Guys, Love to Party, Get the girls and the Jobs

Sigma Nu - Great hot guys, love to party, get the job and the trophy wife

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - actives enjoys dick in and around their asses

Alpha Omicron Pi - Zeta Pi Chapter of UAB: By far the best on campus. We're the best looking, most involved, sweetest, and most fun to party with!! (Just ask the Pi Kapps) Alpha Love!!!

Delta Delta Delta - UNR: These girls get DoOoOown

Delta Kappa Epsilon - fucking nb

Alpha Chi Omega - youre WHOLE ritual is online pdf format....just google that shit.

Sigma Nu - Sigma Nu is the best frat at Duke

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - alTHe smallest two alpha mu pledges play russian roulette, the loser being offered as a sacrifice to Noble Devotie.

Phi Gamma Delta - XO's the hottest girls on campus. Party hard, always have the best new girls.

Alpha Chi Omega - no longer top house, lost a shit ton of legacies this year, yikes

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - We sacrifice a pledge to noble DeVotie through a game of russian roulette in the basement.

Delta Chi - UNA-Started off nerdy but became the Rugby Fraternity. Pike and ATO learned the hard way not to mess with riggers

Phi Gamma Delta - Awesome parties, fiji foot! Rowan

Delta Zeta - BEST DECISION OF MY LIFEEEE. <3 the girls, love the parties, love the grades.

Sigma Phi Epsilon - Fraternities are different by campus not just letters. Suck a dick GDIs

Kappa Alpha Theta - mean to pledges

Kappa Delta - Kneeling Down, Always On Top

Chi Omega - Bama Chi O's are best on campus. All of us KA's love them because they are just so real and down to earth.

Alpha Delta Phi - UofWash: the girls next door that you bring home to mom

Alpha Phi - Newly colonized at Florida State. Making a great name for themselves. Classy, fun girls!

Delta Delta Delta - LSU- one of the classiest sororities on the row. i always have fun with these girls- most fun exchange of the year and their bus trips are always a blast

Delta Delta Delta - LSU- one of the classiest sororities on the row. i always have fun with these girls- most fun exchange of the year and their bus trips are always a blast

Delta Chi - Got their charter pulled for throwing pool balls at their blindfolded pledges...dicks

Kappa Kappa Gamma - I'm so proud to be in a sorority that I didn't have to change myself for. I hope every sorority girl feels this way. <3

Alpha Gamma Delta - chill as fuck. complete mix of all girls

Chi Omega - Awesome girls, pretty solid rep

Kappa Delta - Washington State University: SO FUN! Know how to party and look good doing it

Kappa Alpha - Transy - Men of Character don't hit women...

Alpha Delta Phi - Always have COB because theyre the grossest ones on campus

Pi Kappa Phi - At RIT: Probably the biggest bunch of cocky assholes you will ever meet they cheat on their girlfriends, are abusive to girls and piss every other fraternity and sorority off by stealing events and just being awful. Cant wait to watch them crash and burn.

Alpha Delta Phi - WSU--super nice women that love to have a good time. Very involved in academics and philanthropy.

Kappa Kappa Gamma - We all think we're the best. And we all are the best. I'm glad we all chose the right houses for us. Just be glad you're in the sorority you are in and be happy for others who are happy in a different one.

Chi Omega - Stay calm and Chi O on.--Best of the best! Duh.

Alpha Chi Omega - I hate how secret initiation rituals are on here for any house, just because you dropped and everyone in your house hated you does not give you the right to put secret practices on here. This site should be shut down.

Kappa Delta - House truly made up of individuals

Delta Gamma - USF - by far the top house. These girls are beautiful and smart along with classy but still know how to have a good time. Dream Girls <3

Sigma Chi - USF - hottest fraternity at Usf. These guys are true gentlemen who rage harder than anyone else.

Pi Beta Phi - Down to earth, real girls. We know how to party but we always keep it classy. And we have lots of pan love and rarely talk shit about other greek organizations.

Kappa Alpha Theta - Sweetest girls you ever will meet. Love The Lord with everything in them. Incredible house on most every campus. Boom boom!

Delta Delta Delta - If you can't get any, tri delts

Delta Delta Delta - alcohol and heroin is their fav

Alpha Delta Phi - had to let a brother take my anal virginity to complete ritual

Delta Delta Delta - hottest girls at WSU hands down!

Phi Kappa Sigma - the greatest.

Kappa Sigma - Number one, second to none.

Zeta Beta Tau - UCLA- ATHLETES. If you're a football player, or just jacked in general join this house

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - Creighton- These boys are the best! Love them!

Delta Zeta - UF - social climbers! sleep with as much top tier fraternity men in hopes of becoming top tier. no happening.

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Alpha Delta Pi - UF - Alpha Delta Party! these are the girls you marry. beauty and brains and wealth.

Sigma Chi - UF - Machi is top

Alpha Phi - UTexas- get std with every one of them

Kappa Kappa Gamma - Every frat and sorority has its own personality and it changes depending on the school. It's not the Greek system's fault that you don't know yourself well enough to choose what's right for you. Dont punish others for choosing what's right for them.

Delta Upsilon - OSU-real chill

Delta Zeta - greatest group of girls ever♥

Sigma Chi - Sigma Sigma Sigma (Tri Sigma) Drexel University - New girls on campus. Hot fun girls that everyone wants to party with.

Zeta Beta Tau - USF - Zero Bitches There

Sigma Nu - USF - On the rise, still a bunch of geeds. Pledge process is too easy.

Sigma Phi Epsilon - USF - Sigma Phi Rufilin; Date-rape drugs frequent at parties. Elephant walks for pledges.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - USF - Meatheads; not really good for much else besides heavy lifting.

Delta Gamma - USF - Nothing goes down faster than an anchor.

Chi Omega - USF - Whales. Disgrace to the letters. Needs to just merge their chapter with AOPi

Alpha Omicron Pi - USF - The only thing bigger than an AOPi at USF is the Chi O-moo-gas. DISGUSTING!

Alpha Delta Pi - USF - Definitely Shady Pi. Sexy though.

Alpha Chi Omega - MSU- This website is disgusting. This is not the point of going Greek. No matter the letters, we are all Greek together. <3 I think there needs to be some serious reality checks, we are a community. Love you all, fellow Greeks!!

Alpha Chi Omega - this website is disgusting. no matter the letters, we're all greek together <3

Sigma Tau Gamma - has to do a 1000 piece puzzle in a dark room with strope light. too bad the pledges can and we have the strongest chapter on campus.

Sigma Pi - Know how to win.

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Phi Kappa Psi - MNSU Mankato party hard.

Pi Beta Phi - The coffin thing is definitely not true... Thats just weird.

Kappa Delta - really full of themselves. Try to play themselves off as tomboys, but really they're just in love with eachother.

Kappa Alpha Theta - UW-Thetas are really nice, smart, down to earth girls. The kind of girls that had a lot of guy friends in high school and didn't put up with girl drama.

Phi Gamma Delta - joined to thetas at the hip. at least one couple gets married per- PC

Gamma Phi Beta - "Gamma Phi Beta--wanna be a Theta"

Phi Kappa Psi - uzraxk

Sigma Kappa - hottest girls at umass by far

Kappa Sigma - Valdosta- elephant walk

Tau Kappa Epsilon - At valdosta they're the worst. date rape.

Alpha Tau Omega - Duquesne University: Great group of guys who get shit down during the week and have fun during the weekend. Hottest guys at school


Pi Kappa Phi - UVA-Wise Pi Kappa Fines ;)

Chi Omega - Best girls in the worl. Largest women's organization in the US! You know you want to be a chi o!!!!!

Alpha Chi Omega - CMU - The classiest and most down to earth girls you will ever meet

Alpha Gamma Delta - WE ARE FAT!

Gamma Phi Beta - def the best. so hot, sexy, but classy at the same time. all the boys love gphi

Delta Chi - Delta Chodes

Delta Chi - Delta Chodes (133 VSU)

Phi Sigma Sigma - Pace University - Ugly fat bitchy girls who don't know how to party. The Phi Sigs on this campus are so fake!

Alpha Omicron Pi - USFFattest Bitches on Campus

Delta Delta Delta - All of them are ugly in cali

Kappa Kappa Gamma - UC Merced, keep it klassy and are the hottest girls on kampus

Delta Gamma - UC Merced all anchors, huge HUGE anchors

Delta Delta Delta - UC Merced if your gf can't, "try delta"

Alpha Gamma Delta - Alpha Slams

Kappa Alpha Theta - Alphi Xi has arrived! University of Oregon (:

Phi Gamma Delta - UC Berkeley - Elephant Walk

Kappa Alpha Theta - best house at emory....f*** a tridelt, date a kappa, marry a theta

Phi Sigma Sigma - i love my sisters! but i still have a lot of friends from many other sororities and none of the negative stuff these people are saying about the sororities or frats is true... people get a life n stop saying crap about each other. grow up...

Kappa Delta - Best at UNF

Alpha Chi Omega - a top house - gorgeous girls, lots of class

Alpha Tau Omega - Tennessee: Rah Rue Raega Alpha Tau Omega SUCKS


Kappa Alpha Theta - KSU-smartest, classiest, and down to earth girls ever! Great house!

Pi Beta Phi - UCI - Great girls. Classy, pretty, and know how to party.

Sigma Tau Gamma - Cleveland State - Only Fraternity on campus with a house. Fucks girls from all the local sororities even though they were started by the Delta Shits and TKE's. Basically the coolest motherfuckers on campus

Tau Kappa Epsilon - Cleveland State - The Gay Fraternity on campus (literally) , marched in Cleveland Pride parade

Alpha Tau Omega - Murray State University: next door to the sororities :)

Delta Delta Delta - Okstate-Loves Gingers.

Sigma Chi - Enjoy gang raping Lambdies

Alpha Tau Omega - Can't spell FAGGOT without ATO

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Alpha Kappa Delta Phi - =)

Delta Delta Delta - Biggest SLUTS at Florida State University. Almost all are blonde and think they are hot shit. As it's known "If you haven't...Tri Delt"

Alpha Kappa Delta Phi - prettiest girls on campus

Tau Kappa Epsilon - WoW is all I have to say (world of warcraft)

Phi Gamma Delta - UWO- Top house, hands down

Theta Xi - pussy assholes who like to talk shit with no reasoning.

Alpha Delta Phi - Blindfolds their pledges and makes them wear nothing but a toga during initiation.

Alpha Chi Omega - UF - Getting there, but not there yet, and might not ever break out of middle tier. Half the girls are beautiful and classy, half are duds.

Alpha Delta Pi - UF - Alpha Dog Pound recently, but their older pledge classes are incredibly pretty. Very classy, too. Psycho-Christian, though.

Delta Phi Epsilon - UF - potheads and cokewhores. Sad, but true.

Kappa Alpha Theta - UF - recent pledge classes are smokin' hot. Their universal addition to drugs is sad, though - too many great girls end up being smoked out losers.

Delta Gamma - UF - "Top house" technically, but hugely bitchy. Known to trash other houses, scream profanity across crowded bars, and generally needs to clean their act up. Hands-down the hottest girls on campus, though.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - who thinks of the rights and feelings of others rather than their own

TBD - Baylor - NoZe Brotherhood - We make our Neophytes steal, kill, fight, starve, gorge, consume copious amounts of alcohol, get tattoos, and anything else we can think of. We them to rush greek organizations so we can have infiltrators.

Alpha Gamma Delta - Always Goes Down! You know that's right!

Alpha Delta Phi - In 1851, we invented the sorority. You're welcome.

Alpha Delta Phi - BEST girls handsdown. Pretty, smart, classy, and know how to party. They don't haze, so they're basically perfect<3

Delta Gamma - DG is the best there is!

Delta Delta Delta - great girls! They know how to have fun with class

Delta Delta Delta - Knox College- they don't discriminate, if you have the potential your skin color does not matter =]

Kappa Sigma - We make our pledges grow out mustaches, looks hilarius

Alpha Delta Pi - girls who pretend they're going to commit suicide in order to get back with their ex boyfriends

Alpha Delta Pi - have bushy eyebrows that look like caterpillars

Kappa Sigma - @CSUS There all stupid.

Kappa Sigma - Kappa Sigma @CSUS There all stupid

Alpha Delta Pi - i love my sisters <>

Alpha Delta Phi - 80 pounds thighs

Phi Sigma Sigma - Worst sisterhood. Desperate to make quota, so they hand out bids like candy, but have a "vote of confidence" to kick out women they don't like after the fact. Actives have up and quit during initiation ceremonies because of the treatment of some pledges.

Delta Phi Epsilon - FAU DISGUSTINGGG, SO Ugly and think they're hot shit because they get the most dicks in their ass

Alpha Delta Phi - they are ungle

Chi Omega - Best sorority, not filled with fakers and always there for eachother.

Tau Kappa Epsilon - San Marcos run shit biggest cocks on campus!!!!

Phi Kappa Psi - wvswerc bsAAD payday loans %-[[[ :-O

Alpha Delta Pi - Best Sorority on Akron's Campus. You wish you could be in ADPi

Phi Delta Theta - NMSU- best fraternity on campus we may be up and comming but were def the best not like those douche bag SAE bitches

Sigma Kappa - MSU - classy, down to earth, & sexy as hell

Alpha Chi Omega - Love taking it deep in their asses, unless you have a small dill

Delta Zeta - best sorority there is!

Phi Gamma Delta - FUCKS SHIT UP AT SMU

Lambda Chi - Pledges must Chew on used jock straps while sitting naked in gravel

Pi Kappa Phi - Pledges beat off and cum on a picture of their mother/ or drink one gallon of own urine with one of their loads in it

Alpha Omicron Pi - VCU-seeexy ladies(:

Phi Delta Theta - SDSU- Cute, Nice, Smart, and super Cool. Love them <3

Pi Kappa Phi - NJ u get hazed the shit out of. shit is truly no joke but so wirth it. definitly best fraternity in this state. best frat house and best group of guys. most likely fucked ur bitch before she was with u. i guarantee it. shit i prob fucked ur girl.

Alpha Delta Pi - SU - Girl are way cuter than the TriDelta bitches, the ZTA sluts, and who cares about that other sorority...

Sigma Kappa - Bestt Sorority At SIUC , Amazing, sweet, down to earth, beautiful , fucking awesome girls

Alpha Epsilon Phi - WashU - started off small, definitely working its way up the tiers!

Alpha Phi - WashU - lovely girls, the "hippie" sorority, can be promiscuous but all so sweet!

Alpha Omicron Pi - WashU - newest sorority on campus, most are not particularly cute or well-dressed, often awkward, but SO nice!

Chi Omega - WashU - solidly middle tier, outgoing, 50% of the music/theater girls on campus so they always recruit well!

Kappa Kappa Gamma - WashU - hands down prettiest sorority on campus, but snobby, crazy, "kappa klassy" used as a sarcastic joke.

Pi Beta Phi - WashU - party srat, mostly hot girls, has slightly trashy rep but still top-tier!

Delta Gamma - WashU - the other 50% of campus's talent a lot of dancers, known for being the nicest girls here, mixed bag in terms of looks, moving up quickly!

Kappa Sigma - you get to fuck in their bathroom..

Sigma Kappa - WMU- best sorority. best sisters, <3 one heart one way!

Gamma Phi Beta - beautiful and classy

Theta Xi - WCU - Best ever. Colonized and Chapter soon!

Theta Xi - WCU - Best ever. Colonized and Chapter soon!

Kappa Alpha Theta - prettiest, classiest, smartest, most genuine girls. everyone wants to be a theta

Sigma Kappa - EMU great bunch of girls. Strict "no hazing" policy. Absolutely NO hazing goes on.

Alpha Delta Pi - OBIC Our blood is covenant

Kappa Kappa Gamma - password is Sophia-wisdom

Pi Kappa Phi - Born on a moutain top, raised in a cave, fucking and fighting is what I crave, I drink my beer from a gasoline can, I'm a mean mother fucker, I'm a Pi Kapp man

Pi Beta Phi - UCF classiest girls on campus!!

Pi Beta Phi - pi beta phi FOREVER!

Alpha Gamma Delta - RPI - dear pi phis, i didnt realize it was a competition? cause we always win.

Sigma Kappa - super classy and amazing girls who support all greek members! one heart one way <3

Delta Phi Epsilon - sober sisters suck but they know how to party!!!

Kappa Alpha Theta -

Sigma Tau Gamma -

Beta Theta Pi - Top tier

TBD - Theta Phi Alpha- No hazing, we're spoiled instead! Also, love how there's nothing bad to say about us :)

Delta Gamma - We don't haze. We don't joke about hazing. And we are classy to the bone. Also, we believe in Greek friendliness which is more than many of the people who put these rude comments about not just DG, but all Greek letter organizations

Zeta Beta Tau - Kinda weird, but nice enough

Pi Kappa Phi - Tthat golden showers thing, totlly true.

Sigma Kappa - #HMD -Imbellic Society!!!!!

Alpha Delta Pi - UTM: STONERS! Get the last picks during recruitment!!

Alpha Tau Omega - UTM: finest boys on campus... mmmmmmm hotties

Sigma Kappa - greatest house ever! i love my sisters! <3 wooooo

Kappa Kappa Gamma - UNT-classiest girls on campus, smart and just happens to be beautiful :)

Kappa Kappa Gamma - UNT- BEST sorority on campus!

Kappa Sigma - Midwestern State. Theta Hammered (Theta Gamma) chapter baby

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - SAE = Same Assholes Everywhere

Zeta Beta Tau - Zero Bitches Tonight

Delta Kappa Epsilon - You get pissed on and they kick the shit out of you. You better eat that frog.

Pi Beta Phi - Really pretty, classy girls. Hard to get in but actually really nice

Alpha Gamma Delta - One of the newer houses at ASU. Lovely, down- to- earth -girls.definatly on the rise.

Delta Zeta - Texas State DZ is the sluttest DZ's of them all

Alpha Delta Phi - at WVWC mak all their pledges lose weight and force them not to eat. always wearing their "funeral" best. All sluty bitches or super nerdy bookworms.

Alpha Gamma Delta - FAT WHORES. Sleep around with boys when they are super drunk... all these gils are super easy and only drunk frat boys fuck these fat cows. disgusting.

Pi Kappa Phi - #TFTC

Alpha Delta Pi - ADPi has very high standards and values to uphold. No one is perfect but We Live For Eachother and to uphold one another to that high standard. Pi Love!

Delta Zeta - Classy and successful.

Chi Phi - Should not be called a Frat at ECU..full of nerds and fags

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Chi Omega - best!

Delta Chi - SLO, pull bitches and rage

Pi Kappa Phi - Best Gentlemen Ever!!!!!

Sigma Pi -

Alpha Delta Phi -

Delta Gamma - Delta Gamma means Desmoi Geros "Bond of Honor"

Sigma Kappa - The girls who love to be your friend. The ones that you want to end up with in the end because they are real down to earth.

Chi Omega - greatest

Gamma Phi Beta - Midwestern State - Classy girls, a sorority I would let my little sister join.

Sigma Phi Epsilon - idk about other states, but in CO we get money and fuck bitches like a true cocksman

Alpha Delta Pi - OBIC= Our Beer is Coldest ;]

Kappa Kappa Gamma - UCR- hot! enought said

Chi Omega - GMU- ideal partners for all occasions. They were discrete, desirable, tactful, polite, and fun..Every mom dreamed of her son coming home with a Chi Omega, a woman's woman

Kappa Kappa Gamma - hot ass girls but a bitchy attitude

Kappa Kappa Gamma - Constantly self-ranking and embarrassing self-promotion as "klassy" and the best. Far from it. Nationally they are going downhill really fast.

Kappa Kappa Gamma - Going downhill nationally, self-promotion as 'klassy' and the 'best'. Far from it. Generally a bunch of fat, ugly legacies, with a couple hotties who are bitches.

Kappa Kappa Gamma - Soooo tired of 'keep it klassy' and self-promotion as the 'best'. kkg is far from it. In fact they are going downhill nationally, noticing a lot of fat, ugly, boring legacies, with a couple hotties who are bitches.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - ~ ~ ~<===3

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - ~ ~ ~<===3

Delta Phi Epsilon - The best at KSU. Top tier for sure.

Alpha Gamma Delta - Party animals with $$$$$$$

TBD - alpha xi delta- classiest ladies on campus!

Delta Gamma - Oregon State (Beta Upsilon) are not only some of the hottest sorority girls on campus but also classiest (aka no bj's on the first date)

Delta Gamma - Delta Gamma means Desmoi Geros "Bond of Honor"

Delta Gamma - Tau Delta Eta on their crest means Tolme Dunamis Heyschia “Courage, Strength, Peace”

Delta Gamma - Their password is fides meaning faith

Kappa Alpha Theta - SMU- Amazing chapter- really hard to get into- double and triple legacies only

Delta Zeta - USM- Kicked off Campus for Hazing

TBD - Sigma Sigma Sigma- USM- Kicked off Campus Because a girl killed herself in the chapter room.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - at NIU - GAYYYYY!

Delta Delta Delta - I fucked one last night

Alpha Delta Pi - TTU-ate a pie

Delta Gamma - Their Letters mean Desmoi Geros, which translates to Bond of Honor. Tau Delta Eta on their coat of arms and pin mean Courage, Strength and Peace. Their password is fides which means faith.

Kappa Kappa Gamma - I got head from a kappa named Gillian on the roof of balls and after she threw up on my dick. Good night! What a classy sorority.

Kappa Kappa Gamma - I got head from a kappa named Gillian on the roof of balls and after she threw up on my dick. Good night! What a classy sorority.

Chi Omega - Got a sextape! At UTC

Phi Kappa Psi - kpzmlk :-O

Sigma Delta Tau -

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - Washington and Lee Southern Assholes Exclusively. President of my class threw his male lover through the window of the other guy's house Pi Kappa Phi

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Alpha Chi Omega - classy, beautiful, and well put together

Alpha Tau Omega - UWF- They have the pledges suck their dicks until they cum in their mouths, pretty sick shit

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Alpha Omicron Pi - Oklahoma State - Bunch of insane(in the head) pledges. Haven't met a normal one yet..

Alpha Omicron Pi - Oklahoma State - Bunch of insane(in the head) pledges. Haven't met a normal one yet..

Delta Zeta - UNO, LA- <3 DZ best sorority (: I love my sisters!

Delta Delta Delta - UofI- sluttiest ugliest pledge class

Sigma Chi - UofI-make it snow

Delta Zeta - SDSU

Kappa Alpha Theta - REALLY mean! Catty with their pledges. Fake classiness. Very sad, Theta is usually great!

Kappa Alpha Theta - cuts pledges the night before initiation

Sigma Pi - Too frat to handle

Sigma Kappa - what else would you want to be UTK

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Phi Kappa Psi - wkkahvwk online loans with no credit check bMarK apply for fast cash 3217 loans without credit check >:]] - Sorry (well not really) but GPhi is the best are you kidding me? They're not even just the best on one campus, they're the best sorority and not for nothing, they're also the reason that every other org can even USE the word 'sorority'.

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Alpha Gamma Delta - SHU drunks

Delta Phi Epsilon - SHU drunken sluts

Alpha Sigma Tau - SHU for the misfits interested in Greek life

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Alpha Sigma Tau - Beautiful, successful, funny girls. They know whats right and they keep their head up. Number one at CMU!!!!

Kappa Kappa Gamma - Never whatsoever could I have chosen something better

Gamma Phi Beta - Sorry (well not really) but GPhi is the best are you kidding me? They're not even just the best on one campus, they're the best sorority and not for nothing, they're also the reason that every other org can even USE the word 'sorority'.

Alpha Delta Phi - best girls, smart, classy, beautiful, what more could you want :)

Alpha Tau Omega - ClemsonSC ATO's .....Definitely best fraternity on campus.....Nicest...Best looking, Most fun!

Chi Omega - I was not put in a coffin nor did anything have to do with dead owls, remember that every chapter is a little bit different.

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Alpha Gamma Delta - uhhhhhhh....

Alpha Phi - hottest girls

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Psi Upsilon - Union college, known for branding themselves

Kappa Delta - Kennesaw State - amazing beautiful classy girls who live in AOT<3

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Alpha Gamma Delta -

Pi Beta Phi - UNM- The sweetiest and prettiest girls! Wish I rushed and went Pi Phi!

Alpha Omicron Pi - Probably the most down-to-earth sorority girls on campus. If you want a stereotypical movie sorority, then don't go here, but if you want a group of fun and classy girls, this is one of the top to go to.

Phi Kappa Sigma - Water boards pledges

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Alpha Delta Phi - tries too hard to go by the book. literally ends up making everyone's lives miserable. and we have to "work on" our sister hood at all times.

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Phi Delta Theta - rich white guys

TBD - it would be great to see the greek chapters support each other rather than show anomosity toward each other.

Pi Beta Phi - Best girls around. Most diverse, pretty, down to earth, swept the row for a reason.

Kappa Kappa Gamma - Every chapter of Greek Organizations are different. My KKG Chapter taught acceptance and fair treatment of all whether GDI, Other Greeks or Sisters.

Alpha Omicron Pi - AOPI stands for sisters come first, to her own be true

TBD - ZTA 5 POINT CROWN: Justice, Peace, Law, Truth, and Wisdom

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Kappa Alpha Theta - Uci - trashy, rude, always the first to throw up/pass out at a party. Beat.

Delta Delta Delta - -W&M, if all else fails, Tri-a-Delt

Alpha Delta Phi - fakest bitches on every campus

Alpha Delta Pi - Carolina - Sexy, smart, and sweet...First, finest, and forever! <> OBIC <>

Kappa Alpha Theta - they always forget they have like 10 houses in the whole country!


Kappa Delta - SNAKE ON SHIELD: TEMPTATION (ROSE ABOVE TEMPTATION) i would know i am an ex kd loll worst in the world


Chi Omega - LSU- love them so much. Have great sisterhood and are all really sweet

Alpha Delta Phi - Only certain people are "good enough" for them...they're "perfect" & "obsessed".

Phi Sigma Sigma - Ask them to remove the veil

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Delta Gamma - UNF- best chapter on campus without a doubt. In every aspect, they are the best. Classy, intelligent, fun, bring home to mom, sweet, and amazing sisterhood, and exclusive. I wish I was a DG.

Delta Delta Delta - Uci- top house. Prettiest, sweetest, most fun girls. Everyone wants to be a tri delt

Phi Sigma Sigma - Ask them to remove the veil

Alpha Delta Phi - wanna hear some bout VT ADPi's pledges are made to do?

Delta Gamma - moving up quickly in alabama roll tide dg

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Gamma Phi Beta - lol to who ever said GAMMA PHI has 10 chapters in the country. they're actually the THIRD LARGEST SORORITY INTERNATIONALLY

TBD - Sigma Sigma Sigma- High Point University- One of the best on campus. Classy girls, smart, and way fun. Gorgeous too!

Alpha Delta Pi - if you have orange colored skin, you'd fit in perfectly!

Sigma Chi - the top house at UCSD, but arrogant as fuhhhhk

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Alpha Tau Omega - UCO-Stole ADPi's Lion

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Sigma Chi - the top house at UCSD, but arrogant as fuhhhhk

Gamma Phi Beta - These girls would make perfect housewives.

Alpha Phi - Has anal with Beta boys every weekend

Kappa Kappa Gamma - Clamidiya passed around this house

Gamma Phi Beta - When you find the right one, pin her.

Gamma Phi Beta - 180 nationwide houses AND the FIRST sorority....nationally renowned, classier than you since 1874, also hotter girls than you could imagine in over half their chapters. (coming from a clc hubby;)

Alpha Omicron Pi - Classy, great sisterhood

Alpha Tau Omega - Arkansas State_ Fratastic Scrubs. count on a party every weekend.

Alpha Chi Omega - Sweet, pretty, smart, all around amazing women!

Gamma Phi Beta - gamma phi does it beta

Alpha Phi - UO: gives head to beta on their roof. #picdocumentation

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Alpha Delta Pi - Methodist University Alpha Delta Pi - All around great girls, classy, genuine and knows when to have fun appropriately!! SHOUT OUT to the hottest ladies Hope, Brittney, Kendra, Stephanie, Heather and Jessie

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Delta Zeta - UNO- <3 DZ best sorority (: I love my sisters!

Kappa Delta - HOTTEST EVER

Chi Omega - Yay coffins

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TBD - Zeta Tau Alpha: Only the best get crowned! Smart, fun, and super involved on campus. ZLAM!

Theta Xi - haha. GAY.

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Alpha Delta Phi - first sorority and are top house around the country.

Alpha Sigma Tau - You can't spell NASTY without AST

Delta Delta Delta - Biggest sluts on campus hands down. Over at the house one night drunk brother wips his dick at 3 tri deltas and they all get on their knees. Can't make this up.

Chi Omega - hottest at virginia tech

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - UKENTUCKY one of the best houses in the nation hands down

Delta Delta Delta - I quit because my sisters yelled at me for like an hour before initiation, then make me strip and told me I was fat. it was awful.

Lambda Chi - Real gentlemen right here

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Pi Kappa Phi - Alabama- New house is insane and really good group of memm

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Alpha Delta Pi - First. Finest. Forever. <3

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Delta Gamma - UNF Coolest, Prettiest and Hottest at UNF

Alpha Delta Phi - Best Sorority!!! hands down. classy

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Delta Zeta - at UCA they have the best rep here on campus. Classy and hot. They like to have fun but they're known as "the closet drinkers".

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Alpha Delta Pi - secret handshake is two fingers on pulse of sister

Alpha Delta Pi - wear white robes during phase one of initiation, then wear a blue diamond-shaped piece that goes over your head.

Alpha Delta Phi - secret password is 'adelphae'; do a shot during initiation which represents the blood of your sisters; 'our blood is covenant'; mix biblical stuff with cultlike things about your lips withering off

Alpha Delta Pi - The girls you wanna marry

Kappa Delta - Pepperoni nipples all around

Chi Omega - Inflate their membership numbers by keeping deceased alums on the national roster

Delta Zeta - First international sorority

Pi Kappa Phi - Best fraternity at WIU!

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Alpha Omicron Pi - 50/50 for looks on my campus...half are cows/men, the other half are some of the hottest girls

Alpha Omicron Pi - Best ever!

Chi Omega - hands down classiest girls on campus. wife material

Phi Kappa Psi - kuhuwhv cigarettes 7215 pallmall cigarettes 1562 lucky strike cigarettes 0897 - FAU extremely beautiful women friendly new class

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Delta Phi Epsilon - Genuinely classy and smart girls that also know how to have a good time!

Alpha Sigma Tau - Smartest girls on campus, too bad the chapter at CBU closed

Chi Omega - Beauty queens and daddy's girls, the sisters at UU have money in the bank

TBD - ZTA - most socially active on campus

Kappa Delta - Definitely ladies who lunch, helpful and friendly...get to know these girls

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - @UW have a HUGE weed problem, haze pledges by making them consider how to empty Drumheller Fountain, and are know for the jerks with whom "sexual assault expected"

Chi Omega - dead owl on face in coffin for initiation!! born again a chi o!


Delta Phi Epsilon - The sorority everyone wishes they were in

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Delta Delta Delta - PSU Chapter required girls to line up naked and allow boys to draw with markers on their naked bodies to show them where they needed to lose weight. It was known for easy sluts. PSU closed the chapter for violations of school code.

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Chi Omega - Watch out ;)

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Phi Kappa Psi - zdopmu apply for instant loans >:-OOO no credit check payday loans 3227 everest cash advance :-O - top house at CSU Chico

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TBD - ΔΨ- You work for them. No one says anything because they make things disappear.

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Alpha Chi Omega - expelled at our campus last year ..glad theyre gone..

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Alpha Delta Phi - lkdjljsdgpop'g

Alpha Delta Phi - k85

Delta Zeta - UCF- up and coming hotties!!

Kappa Delta - WSU - Ohio , no hazing. We love our sisters. Plus our campus' Greek community is super supportive of one another.

Alpha Delta Pi - taking over the greek system

Sigma Kappa - Cal poly slo: dirty rushing, kept insisting to choose them even before pref night. Needless to say I joined gamma phi beta :)

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Alpha Delta Phi - Password is adelphae which means sisterhood

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Alpha Delta Phi - Ole Miss- girls are sluty, sleep with many other men and don't care about their class. Lower level those girls

Alpha Delta Phi - Ole Miss- girls are sluty, sleep with many other men and don't care about their class. Lower level those girls

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Alpha Chi Omega - Wear white bra, underwear and socks and then lick each others pussy.

Chi Omega - Sweetest girls I've ever met, they be keepin it classy. Date a Chi O!

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Alpha Delta Pi - ADPi is honestly the best. WLFEO <> PLAM

Alpha Delta Pi - ADPi doesn't haze... and I can tell you that our secret handshake does not include touching anything but each otthers hands..-MU

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Alpha Chi Omega - Stetson, to the girl who called us "alpha cow omega," we know who you are. You're not going to be associated anywhere haha

Alpha Chi Omega - Stetson, to the girl who called us "alpha cow omega," we know who you are. You're not going to be associated anywhere haha

Delta Gamma - I've never met a DG who was anything but kind. Amazing sisterhood, devoted to their philanthropy, and as classy as they come. Great girls!

Delta Tau Delta - SIT: drugs girls at parties, also diddled a kid in a parking lot back in '09

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Lambda Chi - Lambda Chi Alpha- best brotherhood there is. Pull as much pussy as they want. "The best of all the rest cause I'm a Lambda Chi!" -ETSU

Lambda Chi - Lambda Chi Alpha- best brotherhood there is. Pull as much pussy as they want. "The best of all the rest cause I'm a Lambda Chi!" -ETSU

Chi Omega - UCD - classiest girls ever. they always got your back and are the best sisters ever. Haters gonna hate hate hate

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Sigma Chi - University of Arkansas - Tri-Delts are by far the best house on campus. Other sororities want to call them sluts because their name, "Tri Delt, everyone else has," when the truth is that everyone would love to hook up with a white hot Delta but can't!!!

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - Arkansas - Chi Os are fun but slutty and obnoxious. They are the ugly girls who couldn't get in Tri-Delt or Pi Phi.

Kappa Sigma - Tri-Delts are the best on campus at Arkansas - HANDS DOWN!!! Sorry Chi-O - y'all r fun but average:-(

Sigma Chi - Tri-Deltas are #1 by a long shot at Arkansas. Pi Phis are good but bitchy, Kappas are boring, Chi-Os are fat & ugly but fun to drink beer with.

Chi Omega - The coffin stuff is true. I was a Chi-O but turned in my pin cuz the initiation was satanic.

Kappa Kappa Gamma - KKG means "seek the beautiful and the good".

Kappa Kappa Gamma - Yep, it's true, KKG means "seek the beautiful and the good". Lame, huh?!?! I was so disappointed.

Chi Omega - OMG!!! Ur right about the coffin:-) Sooooo creepy but I love my sorority:-)

Phi Delta Theta - Even though they're not one of the "top" houses at Arkansas, I love the Zetas. My gf is a Zeta and she's the coolest!!!

Pi Beta Phi - You know you all wish you had gotten a Pi Phi bid!!! The only reason Chi O is the biggest sorority is because they take anyone with a pulse!!!!!!

Chi Omega - Puhleeeze!!! Chi-O does NOT take anyone but we do believe in giving people a chance. Have a heart you Pi Bitchy Phi!!!

Chi Phi - Fuck Pi Phi!!! We do get in a coffin because Chi O is so fucking awesome I was glad to be reborn a Chi O!!

Chi Omega - I know, right?!?! Everyone gives us such shit about the coffin but it is AMAZING!!! Some of the Christian bitches in our chapter quit bc of it but fuck them!!!

Kappa Alpha Theta - Most awesome sorority ever!!!!!

Alpha Gamma Delta - Nastiest, ugliest, freaks at Arkansas State - Alpha Gamma Delta is Greek for Trollville!!!

Chi Phi - Hey you dumb Chi O cunt, get your Greek letters right before you start saying shit about you bitches getting in a coffin! Chi Phi does NOT roll that way you sick tricks!!!

Kappa Delta - @ UCF definitely the fuckin finest girls

Chi Omega - Hott boys

Pi Beta Phi - UCSD - party girls, going downhill

Kappa Kappa Gamma - UCSD - hit or miss. some really sweet girls, others are total bitches

Delta Delta Delta - UCSD - pretty, down to earth, up-and-coming (moving up the ranks)

Sigma Kappa - UCSD - had some fugly girls, improving

Kappa Alpha Theta - UCSD - used to be irrelavant but improved their PR. pretty blondes

Delta Gamma - UCSD - persians, top house

Chi Omega - UCSD - if you can't get into top tier, go chi-o

Alpha Epsilon Phi - UCSD - jewish, small chapter - very sweet and fun girls. underrated

Alpha Chi Omega - UCSD - fun girls, diverse

Lambda Chi - Hands down hottest guys

Alpha Delta Phi - UCF top sorority by far

Sigma Kappa - down to earth, sweet, classy, smart,. over looked.


Alpha Kappa Delta Phi - kdphi spread them thighs. enough said.

Alpha Delta Phi - I heard they circle areas of imperfection on their pledges with a sharpie. also heard they make their girls watch a porno while squatting over newspaper and know..first gets punished.

Alpha Kappa Delta Phi - ^ that was meant for akdphi. YEAH SOPIS!

Delta Phi Epsilon - Dont haze, throw awesome parties, and are HOTTTT!

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - runs shit at SSU. Phi alpha

Kappa Alpha Theta - oklahoma - best house on campus!

Kappa Kappa Gamma - Takes Theta and Tri Delt's rejects

Gamma Gamma Delta - WHO?

Kappa Alpha Theta - Classiest girls by far at OU

Chi Omega - hottest in amherst

Kappa Kappa Gamma -

Kappa Alpha - most racist assholes on campus, but still the best. gotta love the south.

Sigma Kappa - UTC-BEST sorority on campus!! They are beautiful, intelligent, down to earth and real!!!

Alpha Tau Omega - best guys around campus. the most involved. have the hottest girlfriends.

Alpha Tau Omega - ATO has the highest GPA and the frattiest guys. RHO TAU!!

Alpha Delta Phi - hottttttttt

Alpha Delta Pi - Adpi is the sorority to be in. If you can't be an adpi, don't even bother.

Kappa Kappa Gamma - solid mid tier sorority ANYWHERE. Known as visa visa mastercard at UF though

Pi Kappa Phi - The rest of you are just pawns on our chessboards

Lambda Chi - Theta Delta chapter is on suspension for throwing an "Anal Beads" theme was a closed event.

Delta Gamma - Are the nicest, prettiest girls and know how to have a good time!!!

Gamma Phi Beta - FOUNDED UPON A ROCK......WTF.

Kappa Sigma - NWO

Alpha Phi - slutty lil bitches

Kappa Kappa Gamma - I really enjoy listening to y'all discuss our ritual. You know nothing, and never will :)

Delta Zeta - sluts everywhere

Phi Gamma Delta - ken barbie dolls

TBD - Zeta Tau Alpha tries to be the smartest and known... they aren't even on this list. HA.

Theta Xi - WSU best Party room on campus bitches

Alpha Delta Pi - 80 pound thighs...nuff said

Alpha Gamma Delta - surrounded by sisterhood

Alpha Delta Pi - sweet and always classy :) obic unc dubb

Alpha Kappa Lambda - Purdue - Known for being very attractive and enjoy long walks on the beach

Tau Kappa Epsilon - (UF) No hazing, no random cop inspections (26 feet from UPD ordinance), events w/ sororirties paid for by us, limos, memories, best brotherhood,crazy fat chicks chased out of house with a sword, enough said. THE BEST

Sigma Nu - UF - PC '10 runnin shit.

Pi Beta Phi - Bitchy whores. Fat house. They like to get blackout drunk and break tables, poop in closets, suck anything with a halfway acceptable boner, and leave their new members in a fraternity house, blacked out on the bathroom floor, puking their guts out.

Alpha Delta Pi - Oh so cool :)

Sigma Kappa - UNLV hot party girls!

Alpha Delta Phi - the girls are actually real, cool, and amazing.

Alpha Delta Pi - FREAKING AMAZING!!!!!

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - we get shit done at sc beta! holla!

Lambda Phi Epsilon - Get wasted. Get high off weed. Gangrape lambda lil sis.

Pi Kappa Phi - Beta Gamma lives on- fuck the national office!

Alpha Delta Pi - O.B.I.C. - Open Bond In Commitment

Pi Beta Phi - They are sweet , nice and pretty at UGA...but we have gorgeous girls in any sorority at UGA. Georgia has the hottest girls around!

Pi Beta Phi - UCSD - Really socially awkward girls that pretend to be cool. Ugly compared to DG.

Delta Delta Delta - UCSD - Complete reject sorority with beat looking girls.

Sigma Kappa - this site is fucking stupid. grow up.

Chi Omega - The Classy Chi O's biggests and best in the world! :)

TBD - you should be ashamed of yourself for disrespecting the rest of the greek community. we're all in this together.


Alpha Omicron Pi - These girls are so hot and smart. Overall, they are the best sorority on campus.

Kappa Kappa Gamma - Back stabbing pigs at Emory

Kappa Delta - THE BEST GIRLS IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!

Kappa Delta - fine as hell

Lambda Chi - best part house :)

Sigma Phi Epsilon - Greatest guys, best at sports, best to hang out with. Just all around awesome. ~ A Fan

Sigma Phi Epsilon - Holy Friendship Forever...yeah right...MIZPAH mother fuckers

Sigma Phi Epsilon - No gay

Chi Omega - These girls are the best! know how to party and have fun..gorgeous girls

Sigma Chi - bunch of gay ass elephant walking queers who steal other houses stuff

Delta Upsilon - Genuine good guys. Never have beef with anyone. Throw the sickest parties!

Delta Phi Epsilon - I'm pledging and nothing bad's happened... yet....

Chi Omega - everyone wants to be a chi omega everyone knows were red hot!!

Delta Zeta - Best sorority ever <3 LITF

Sigma Phi Epsilon - crazy hazing

Sigma Kappa - At K-State: Wonderful, nice, smart, beautiful girls. One of the best houses on campus.

Sigma Kappa - K-State Sigma Kappa has been the hot house to join this year! I'm a Tri-Delt and I am so jealous of their awesome recruitment this year!

Kappa Alpha Theta - Auburn- up and coming... way to go girls. XO love!

Sigma Kappa - Those girls are awesome!

Sigma Kappa - One of the Best Houses with some of the Best Girls ever. Try not to be too jealous of us :)

Sigma Kappa - Nice girls in this house!

Alpha Delta Pi - Mistakes being classy with being completely dull and boring

Delta Zeta - Talks the most shit about other sororities on campus. Can't get girls to rush their way without doing so.

Chi Omega - Why can't we all just support greek life in general? How about I <3 Pan and I <3 IFC.

Alpha Delta Phi - wear white underwear and slips ,no make-up ,sign documents with red ink and all ceremonies are done in candle light

Alpha Delta Pi - wear white underwear and slips ,no make-up ,sign documents with red ink and all ceremonies are done in candle light

Alpha Delta Pi - you wear white robes over white underwear for hazing tolorated you do have an 'alphie the lion hunt"

Chi Omega - in initation you are put into a coffin and re-born a Chi O

Alpha Delta Pi - you are expected to stand up when an sorority officer enters the room

Alpha Delta Phi - Before you become a sister you are given an evaluation on what everyone thinks of you and it really is a bitch session of what they don't like about you and you can't answer back....lame to put down people who want to be part of your organization...

Alpha Delta Pi - Before you become a sister you are given an evaluation on what everyone thinks of you and it really is a bitch session of what they don't like about you and you can't answer back....lame to put down people who want to be part of your organization...

Alpha Delta Pi - We are a really strong house in the South but not up North

Delta Delta Delta - At formal rush you are asked what your father does for a living and if you are bided you must fill out financial papers on your parents income.

Alpha Delta Pi - We sign our corespondence with Our Bond Is Closest.

Alpha Delta Pi - You have to have recomendation letters to verify your character of person before you can recieve a bid.

Alpha Omicron Pi - BGSU fat but nice

Chi Omega - BGSU weird and put girls in coffin

Delta Gamma - BGSU pretty and kind they do good

Alpha Delta Phi - BGSU rude and haze

Kappa Kappa Gamma - BGSU coke addicts and dirty rush

Delta Tau Delta - BGSU handsome prestigious

Sigma Kappa - BGSU very gross ugly girls

Delta Chi - BGSU Athletic and do not haze

Pi Beta Phi - BGSU Sweet girls, social probation on campus

Delta Zeta - BGSU Nice girls who always put on contest for philanthropies

Phi Gamma Delta - BGSU made pledges run up and down stairs and party all the time

Kappa Delta - BGSU sexy classy girls do not haze, most girls on campus and know how to party

Gamma Phi Beta - BGSU quite girls but kind

Alpha Phi - BGSU sexy, athletic girls, down to earth, good at recruiting

Kappa Sigma - BGSU responsible guys who are good at everything we do

Kappa Alpha - BGSU southern morals gentlemen

Alpha Chi Omega - BGSU one of best sororities on campus sooooo pretty

Delta Gamma - get on your knees, we are DGs

Lambda Chi - way good at spelling

Chi Omega - U of U: faggot ass Mormon bitches who pretend like theyre virgins but fuck every Pike!!! They are all chubby and lesbian, biggest dykes on campus...always getting fingered and fucked while on their period at Chi O formals...ew....

Alpha Chi Omega - U of U: Seriously the fattest ugliest cunts on campus!!! Like they take EVERY REJECT!! They have acne, dry pussies and stretched out buttholes! They wet the bed at frat houses and fill their house with GDI's. Drop it low...sluts.

Delta Gamma - U of U: oh shit where do i begin....anorexic whores who suck dick in the chapter room! they snort lines off eachother vaginas during I-Week and I've even seen an anchor brand on a pledge's tit!

Pi Beta Phi - Half the house are cows, the other half are dogs...all ugly!...these bitches suck dick until they faint, drink bartons and whiskey until they puke all over sigma chi's dicks! NASTY SLUTS!

Kappa Kappa Gamma - U of U: bottom of the barrel, shit these girls are bad! if they're not fat, they look like leppars! serious coke and eat each other out to feel good about themselves! they fuck all GDI's.

Kappa Sigma - U of U: Kappa cigarette? They smoke and blow it into Pi Phi's vaginas! Fat, Mexican and all hideous!

Sigma Chi - U of U dumbest fucks of the bunch! Closet drinking Mormon fucks who can't handle their alcohol and do steroids! They suck pikes dick during I-week and will always be second best to Kappa Sig...Not

Delta Zeta - Fake ass ugly cunts who can't even give a good blowjob! Seriously get off the row and come back when you can suck the boys dicks better! MOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - During I-week they give their pledges butthole plugs they have to hold in their ass all week! If it's taken out they have to put one more in! Their president has STD's and shares it with every girl on the row. One time he ate a bloody tampon!

Alpha Delta Pi - Beautiful, intelligent, FABULOUS girls

Kappa Delta - LRU = dumb bitches with too much time on their hands

Theta Xi - bunch of players...

Chi Omega - cocky bitches that don't even know the names of their own sisters!

Alpha Chi Omega - prettiest and classiest girls at UNF

Kappa Kappa Gamma - BGSU-The Alpha Xi Delta's, FIJI's & Alpha Omicron Pi's on BGSU's campus all did fundraisers for one of our sister's who has cancer. THANK YOU & that is what the Greek Community is ALL about! :)

Alpha Delta Phi - Sexiest girls at Mo State with the best grades. Even balance.

Delta Zeta - Bomb Ass, Classy, Down to earth girl. DO NOT haze!! gifts not hits. LOVE LOVE DZ. The best sorority everywhereeeee, and isnt jealous and judgemental of any other organization because they know ALL Greeks are the BEST. No matter what your letters :) <3

Alpha Chi Omega - The greatest girls in all of 50 states.

Alpha Chi Omega - best kept secret on campus

Kappa Delta - Beautiful Classy Ladies. Love and AOT<3


Alpha Delta Phi - ΠΚΑ runs shit COAST TO COAST. You wish yall had that SLAG

Delta Gamma - <3

Chi Omega - most beautiful girls in the world <3

Chi Omega - Wishes they were Delta Gammas and could salute.

Alpha Chi Omega - Dumbest cunts around. They need to lose about 2000 within their whole house! Real Women? more like real manly.

TBD - If you have to talk bad about other aren't the best. Only the best get crowned. ZTA

Phi Kappa Sigma - we love ZTA! prettiest and most chill girls on campus.. GMU

Sigma Chi - CSUN...conquer

Delta Zeta - MOREHEAD STATE- Basically we are a BIG DEAL!

Kappa Kappa Gamma - UCR Kappa's are seriously klassy. We are the biggest on campus, and everyone wishes they were a kappa <3

Kappa Kappa Gamma - K-A-P-P-P-A, KAPPA GAMMA'S NUMBER 1!!

Kappa Kappa Gamma - UCR KAPPA'S are the best! we are the prettiest, klassiest, and the biggest chapter on campus! the girls hate us because the boys want to marry us!

Alpha Chi Omega - the beautiful and classy women at UNF

Alpha Delta Pi - @UWF the ADPi's are the bitchiest fakest sluts on campus. If you go ADPi at UWF you don't have friends and everyone hates you. You loose everyone's respect once you wear ADPi's letters around campus.

Delta Delta Delta - UCSD - down-to-earth girls reppin' it up!

Delta Delta Delta - UCSB: UGLY TROGS. WORST SORORITY EVER! REJECTS....can't get a date, definitely TRI DELT

Kappa Kappa Gamma - wow this was pointless.. ypu cant decide if were classy or dogs. here's a hint were great and anyone who slanders another house just sucks

Phi Delta Theta - the best there is at FAU.... ask any sorority girl, they'll agree.

Sigma Phi Epsilon - its funny how everyone wants to know the secrets of the best fraternity huh? dumb fucks. PI KAPPA ALPHA shut the fuk up. you house isn't shit anywhere. you are all a bunch of fag bitches. your parties are wak. keep talking shit........ you've been warned.

Phi Kappa Psi - lsu phi psi is the shit

Delta Zeta - easy DZ, enough said!

Delta Gamma - DG is one of the largest and most prestigous sororities in the nation. There is strict "zero tolerance" hazing policy, we value our new members not degrade them! "DO GOOD"<3

Gamma Phi Beta - def cake it up with their makeup and think they're the ish, maybe they forgot they only have like 10 chapters in the whole fuckin country and no one cares about them!!


Delta Chi - gay frat! and the ones who aren't are cheaters. :(

Sigma Phi Epsilon - sigma phi everyone. that's all that needs to be said.

Kappa Delta - kampus dogs

Alpha Delta Pi - BEST GIRLS EVER!!!!

Kappa Delta - ETSU-Has the best girls <3 AOT

Sigma Phi Epsilon - UNO, Omaha-- Don't haze, sweet parties, WE ROCK

Alpha Chi Omega - UVM - best sorority. hands down. classy, shit together, know how to party

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