So I ask for 'greek' hazing horror stories...Myths...Legends but I could never find the right place to post em.... and I also get quite a few submissions (such as the ones proclaiming how 'large' members, no pun intended, of certain frats are) that are more like commentary than a 'spin' greek name. So I decided to make a whole page devoted to that. Here ya go, chose your house from the pull down menu, type in your comment, myth, legend, story, etc, and add it. I'd suggest specifying what college you're talking about, but that's up to you. If the house you want to comment for is not in the list, then please select the 'TBD' option from the pull-down and just include the name of your house in the comment and I will update it as soon as I can...Enjoy

In case you didn't see it on the greek page, here are links to a couple of most amusing articles written ABOUT sorority chicks BY one of them herself.
Thanks again Hadley
No one's innocent: Even Sorority Girls
No one's innocent : Even sorority girls ... part II

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