What Should This 2020 NFL Season Look Like For Fans

When it comes to the 2020 NFL season I freely admit I've changed my thoughts and views about what I think should happen. I can't say I've ever thought about canceling the season all together and part of that reason is that I honestly believed that of all the sports leagues, the NFL had time on their side. They had the most time to figure out protocols from training camp to actual games and I really believed that they'd manage to accomplish it. After all the NFL is a billion dollar organization so figuring out how to make sure a season happens should be priority number one. Well I don't know what they've been doing but determining how to navigate around COVID-19 to have a season hasn't been it. Even today they are still having meetings trying to get protocols in place and we are less than two months away from the start of the season. So what do I think should happen?

As I said, I've gone back and forth with my opinions about things concerning this pandemic and not just in terms of sports. But since we're talking about football, I'll stick to that for now. Again assuming there is a season and that's another discussion all together because player safety is more important than anything else and if the NFL can't figure out a way to insure their safety (in terms of COVID) then discussing fans is a moot point.

Most teams are now announcing what they plan on allowing in terms of fans at games and they vary. Some say none at all, (insert joke about no one being at those games normally) others are considering making fans sign a waiver, and still others are trying to figure out how to keep the players safe from the fans by eliminating the lowest rows of seats so that there is ample distance between them. This last idea was suggested to Las Vegas Raiders owner Mark Davis and he spoke out about his feelings on it.

"No one fan is more important to me than another, no matter if they paid for a $75,000 PSL or a $500 PSL," Davis told ESPN.com Sunday night. "They're all Raider fans to me."
When it was suggested that advertising be put on those first eight rows he said he'd rather have no fans at all,
"I'd rather have everybody pissed at me than just one person. I've got to make it up to them, and I will. This is all about safety and equity."
In a shocking turn of events I think I agree with Mark Davis on this one...mind you because they have sold out their seats there's nowhere to move those first eight rows, other teams may have that "luxury" but it seems the idea of putting up plexiglass was voted down league wide.

Where do I stand on this? I think it's going to suck to not have fans at the games but I see no way of ensuring fan safety in the current climate and with the current restrictions. Social distancing fans (keeping people 6' apart) would be almost impossible to enforce throughout the stadium. You'd have to rely on the fans policing themselves and that's just not going to happen. If there's a spike in cases in the city, no doubt they'll attempt to blame it on the NFL games whether it's the cause or not, and that just makes things worse for the NFL who doesn't need any more negative PR. At the same time we don't know what things will look like in two months so perhaps it's too early to draw lines in the sand, maybe we should wait. I'll personally be hoping for this pandemic to officially not be a pandemic anymore so we can get back to a new normal, whatever that looks like.

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