So its been a while since I've updated this page and that is mostly because mytwocents has been laying low...ok, well being banned will do that to you, but regardless, I thought it was time for a bit of new info. Just for the record, I reinvented myself again in the hopes of being able to 'compete' in the photoshop contests seeing as how I enjoy them so much. I mean fine, so I can't be "myself" but at least I can enjoy one aspect of fark. Now if there is one thing that I learned about fark, it is that you either have to watch what you say/post or you have to be part of the "click", otherwise you get I was overly careful as to what ever I did on there. I posted my photoshops and even had a link submitted (which isn't bad by fark member standards because not having links of theirs posted is one of the main complaints) and went about my day somewhat content with the whole situation....And then my theory about the fark moderators was confirmed because I was banned again. Yup, again, and this time I know I didn't do anything. And I haven't been allowed back as far as I know, so at this point I am convinced that the whole banning thing is completely unrelated to things members say/do/post but rather hallucinations or some serious mental disease suffered by the admins on Fark. For that, I recommend seeking medical attention as soon as to Mike, Jeff, Mme, Drew and the rest of em.. Our Lady of Bellefonte Hospital is located just a couple hours away from you in Ashland, I hear a road trip?!

Oh....and just in case anyone thinks that this is a figment of my imagination:

Chegosaurus whose work is featured on TSZ, is/was old school like me....and like me he was banned and he was even a paying member! interviewed Drew (mr. fark) and mytwocents made a guest appearance in the comments do you know how we can tell that the fark admins have nothing to do with the moderating of the site? All the comments are still there!

Oh and in case you haven't noticed (and I didn't until recently) go ahead and click on any link to fark that comes from anywhere on this site.... (They've blocked it) which I actually find and even a little

This page is really a dedication to my adoring fans. What fans you ask? Well, there was a time when the internet was truly a place for free speech and thus, there was a website that I enjoyed visiting on a regular basis. But now, the people who run this site that I speak of, FARK decided that I was, what they now refer to as an 'Attention Whore'. While I wouldn't completely disagree, I would say that I only 'threadjacked' 'threads' that were begging for it, or ones where my humor was appreciated.

Now so I'm told, the guy who basically does all the CGI for this site, decided that he had had enough of 'mytwocents' (Aka, me), and so, he blocked me from even getting to the site. Through all kinds of internet tricks he actually did make it difficult for me, but you see, when you're father is who my father is, you figure things out. So I went back to this site, and low and behold, after a short stint on this site where I attempted to reinvent myself, this time as 'SpinnerGirl' I was blocked, yet again. Do they know who I am? Well, I'm not real sure how they figured it out, perhaps there were just too many coincidences between 'SpinnerGirl' and 'Mytwocents' or maybe they just wanted to flex their 'fark' muscles and throw yet another loyal farker off their site.

Am I bitter? Well, yes, sure I am, I really enjoyed going to fark, I even won some 'photoshop' contests, and even had some submissions, but seriously, I mean, perhaps I may have deserved to get shit the first time around, but this time, I absolutely didn't, so I'm not going to beg to be allowed to go to their site, and I guess I will just have to live knowing that I was just too much for fark to handle.

Now there are some really cool people that visit fark, and they know who they are, for their protection (because you see, if the fark lords know they 'talk' to me, they might get blacklisted too) I won't list their names, but if you are one, and you would like to be listed here...please, let me know, and you can have your own tribute page to do with what you like here at the spin zone. Furthermore, I would like to invite any and all those people who have since been kicked off and banned from fark to please send me your info and let me know you're story, together we can make a difference. OK, I'm being a little obnoxious here, but I mean come on, I'm crying here for getting 'kicked off' a website. Sheesh, I really do have 'issues'.

In any case, I have saved the pages from the past fark threads that I, or 'mytwocents' took part in. Please note however, that any and all of my posts have since been deleted, and many references made by other farkers involving mytwocents, have been deleted as well, so really, you don't get to read the funny stuff I said, but I saved em anyway. I also have put all the 'scandalous' pictures that I had posted for difference reasons, at different times on fark, that inflamed the fark lords even more....I also ended up in many photoshops, which I thought was funny, so I've included them too. Enjoy!!

To see more pictures that were featured on fark, please see the 'what outfit should I wear in Vegas?' page, for starters.

FYI - The outfit vote page has just been updated (November 9) to reflect the current opinions of those who voted so far...;-)